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Updated on March 08, 2007
M.A. asks from Leesburg, OH
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need information on behavior modification techniques...what exactly is behavior modification if its cause and effect... say if my child eats supper at 5:30 and than at 7:30 has a snack and gets ready for bed from 8 -8:30 than throws a fit from 8:30 to 11:00 or 12 and we dont give in to her demands and we punish her by taking away tv gameboy pc for her behavior than isnt that the cause and effect so she loses those privileges for the next night and than if she does good the next night than she gets her tv back from 6-8 and we tell her she did really good and we are proud of how she stayed in her room ect and not give in to her demands I mean its impossible to keep a 9 yr old in bed when she is getting up 100 times demanding things tell her no and than a raging fit for awhile and she realizes that demand isnt working and she comes up with a new demand and continues until she is exhausted and wears herself out 3-4 hrs later.. anyone have this problem and how do they handle the behavior issue?

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So What Happened?

we have tried the ignoring her too in middle of conversations didnt help and we will try the holding her when she is angry just to see if it will help her with her behavior maybe help her calm down enough and realize she will not get her way tho I always felt before that is wrong to be held forcibly against your will but as long as no harm is being done than I guess have to go to that to see if it will help her calm herself.. thanks

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I have two under 4, so no pro from a personal experience perspective.

However, I did work on an education degree for most of my bachelor's degree program before settling into another field of study. Teachers are trained in effective discipline and techniques to maintain control of the classrooms they teach. I would highly recommend asking your children's teachers for suggestions - particularly since they work with the age group of your children daily.

One of my children is special needs and I know that can often scare people from offering help because there is a particular understanding about the specifics of disorders that they may not understand. Therefore, this might not be the venue to best generate a response to this question.

There are a number of websites relating to specific disorders and a majority of them have live chat rooms and message boards. I would highly suggest looking into that for your specific children's needs. One I saw recently recommended on his website was I briefly breezed through it and it looked to have a lot of information on it.

In addition to the above, I have a friend who recommends the book "1, 2, 3 Magic" for behaviors. Haven't read it myself or used it, so I can't personally attest to it. However, she was struggling and did see a significant change from her two boys. Thought it was worth mentioning.

Best wishes,



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I don't know if you have tried this yet, but when she is screaming and throwing a fit or interrupting, try ignoring her. Sounds awful but they actually said to do it in a parenting class I took and it really works! If she is hurting herself or other people try holding her, not hard like it hurts but so that she can't hurt anyone. She is just trying to get your attention, if she does something gently and asks for attention, make sure she understands that she WILL get your attention that way but if she throws a fit she won't. It does work!



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My best advise is stick to your disipline. Children act this way at this age because they get a response out of it.
Although it sounds to me like she might have something wrong with her. Not phsycially but maybe she has mentally wrong with her. My son has autism and acts the same way with me when it comes to bedtime. he throws the worst tantrums before bedtime and refuses to go to sleep until he passes out from exshaustion. I would take her to a behavior specalist to see maybe there might be something you are missing.

From what i can tell you are doing what ever you can and i can tell you are worn out from this. Best thing to do until then is stick to what you are doing and don't let up, no matter what she does, stick to what you said to her, and don't let up.

Good luck dear



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There are so many different things that you can do. Can you please describe what issues you are having? There is so many different interventions that you can do with a child but it helps to know where the problem is.. at school or at home? Reward charts are a great incentive.

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