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Updated on May 18, 2012
S.T. asks from Park Ridge, NJ
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Hi Ladies,

Well I just had a baby boy 6 weeks ago. I received some gifts that I would like return.
So today I went to Babies R Us to return the items. Almost all the items were Kola baby items (that is Babies R Us trade name) I had a monthly picture frame that just wanted to exchange being it was scratched and cracked, 2 bibs, and a overall short and shirt oufit. All of these items were Kola baby items. I also wanted to return this tub side seater thing as my bathroom is to small and the toilet is to close to tub for this thing to fit. That was not Kola baby. I use to be able to go to Babies R US with out receipts and return items with no problems what so ever you just needed to show your driver's license. I was not able to return any of the items except for the picture frame because that came off my registry. They also scanned the tub seater and told me I couldn't return to store because that was an online only item. So, I came home with everything. Now what I am suppose to do? How do you return something that someone gave you as a gift and didn't give you a receipt??? These girls working the customer service counter were also very rude and obnoxious. I typed Toys R US an email so I will wait for a response if I get one! So just a piece of mind always save your receipt or get a gift receipt if you plan on shopping at Babies R US. And the funny thing... I told them I just returned a few things a couple of weeks ago without a receipt and was given store merchandise credit. The response was the "new" policy took effect today about not being able to return without receipts and they are starting to cut back on it.. meaning no receipt no return. I should have gotten the manager but I was so aggravted.

Just wanted to vent!!!!!

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answers from New York on

I would try a different Babies R Us in the New Jersey area. If that doesn't work, complain, complain, complain! It is not your fault that you received gifts that were not on your registry, gifts that you cannot use, gifts that have not been opened. There has to be an exception to women who receive gifts at their baby shower, not everyone includes a receipt when they give a gift.

Babies R Us is evil by the way. Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to go there.



answers from New York on

Good to know! BTW, Toys R US does the same thing. I went in there about a year ago to return a gift, and they would not take it back because I didn't have a receipt. I asked how it was my fault that the gift giver didn't give me a gift receipt...and the only answer I got was that Toys R Us gives everyone a gift receipt whether they want it or not, so there's no reason why anybody should be trying to return something without a receipt. Assanine, right?

Anyways, you should either have a yard sale or donate the items to a crisis center for woman that are pregnant. That's what I did. I still think Mamasource should try to organize a trade off or something where mommies can gety together with items they no longer need and give them to other mommies who might need them. I think that'd be kinda neat, and so helpful to some poeple who maybe can't afford to get alot of the things their baby needs....especially now when things are getting so tough for everyone!

Congrats on the baby!



answers from New York on

Wow. I just had a very similar experience, and I am looking to vent myself.
I received gifts for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I just wanted to change the size, AND I had a gift receipt for most items. The person who gave the gift cut the price off and in doing so took off some of the barcodes, although the top of the tag showing Babies R' Us and the manufacturer tags were on it. They claimed they couldn't scan it, however the items were still on the shelves, and most of them in her correct size. Then they said I could not exchange bathing suits. The woman was so unbelievably rude and obnoxious. She starts telling me that you can't because of hygiene. Now I know you can't exchange underwear, but I have never heard of not being able to exchange a bathing suit. She was telling me it was the same as underwear. Yeah $3 item, $30 item. Underwear cannot be tried on in a fitting room, bathing suits can. So similar. When she tries a bathing suit on, I keep her underwear on, and when I purchase bathing suits, they are always washed before they are worn in case not everyone is as considerate. Who on earth would spend that kind of money purchasing items that cannot be exchanged for a growing child. Especially since their sizing is not very consistent, and she is different sizes in different bathing suits. When I told her that I have exchanged bathing suits before, she gave me a weird look as if it was unheard of, and then starting telling me that bathing suits can never be exchanged because of hygene. Well, here is the ironic part. I was already really heated because when I walked into the store, my 3 year old daughter told me she needed to go pee pee. I took her to the bathroom. NO TOITLET PAPER. NOT ONE SHREAD OF ANY PAPER (TIOLET PAPER, TISSUE, PAPER TOWEL, NOT EVEN A SEAT COVER) IN THE WHOLE BATHROOM. After checking each stall, I was going to go to the car to get my tissues I left there, but my daughter informed me that the pee pee was about to come out. I had to hold her over the toilet bowl so she did not touch the seats with pee all over it. Now it was time to wash our hands, and I am sure you can guess the situation with the soap. Yup! NONE! So, when she told me of her store's concern with hygiene, I told her to take a trip over to her bathroom since to me it appeared that hygiene was not so much a concern to them.
When I returned home irate from this experience, I checked online for the company's return policy and the list of items with return restrictions, and just as I expected, bathing suits was not one of the items listed as restricted. I am so disgusted. I am going back there tomorrow to speak with a manager with the return policy in my hand to discuss with him this policy, the incorrect information given to me by the idiot employee, the customer service received by the rude employee, and the unsanitary conditions of their bathrooms. I normally would have spoken to a manager right away, however just like you, I was too aggravated. In fact, when I read your post, it sounded exactly how I feel. I am also planning on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Consumer Affairs.
My only solace is knowing that ultimately, it is their loss. I will never buy thing from that company again. I wouldn't buy a bottle of water from them in a draught. And when people ask me what to get my daughter for her birthday. My new response will be "Nothing from Babies R Us or Toys R Us". They need to educate their employees on customer service and treat their customers a little better, because when I did a web search for their return policy, the results included the return policy page of their website and page after page of reviews and message boards of complaints pertaining to their return policy. Maybe they will get the picture.
Thanks for the post so that I could vent as well.

PS I agree with Valerie. Also try the Better Business Bureau. You can do it online through their website, When I had a problem with my old mobile phone company and they would not help me, I reported them to the BBB, and I had a manager call me a couple of days later and he resolved my issue. I am about to go ahead and do this as well.
And Carrie, are you kidding me? I thought the point of a gift receipt was to be able to allow the recipient to exchange the gift if necessary, without having to advertise the amount you spent of the gift, and not to screw you out of money. Is that even legal?
Well, my daughter had almost 30 kids at her birthday party , which means she gets invited to a party every other week. I wouldn't want to give her friends parents the same aggravation I am having, so I will not be purchasing birthday gifts from Babies R Us or Toys R Us. So they can keep the money for these items, but they will not get a dime of business from me again.



answers from New York on

I checked the return policy on-line and found this:


* If the original payment was made with a credit or debit card, we can look up your purchase using our register system and credit your account.
* If the item was purchased from a baby registry, we can look up the purchase using our baby registry system and issue a merchandise credit.
* A driver's license or other valid identification is required to process all returns without a receipt.
* We reserve the right to decline returns without a receipt.

I would complain to the store manager, then the district manager, then corporate.. Send any letters by certified mail with a return receipt requested.

I think it's awful for businesses to treat their customers like this. To me, it's not the $$ it's the inconvenience and disrespectful way they treat their customers. You might even want to write a letter to the editor, or call your local TV station's consumer reporter.



answers from Oklahoma City on

FYI -- Found out the other day that "Gift" receipt at Babies R Us will only give you the lowest price....NOT necessarily the price that was paid for the item. This is why they always push to give a "Gift" receipt....they make more money that way. I actually went back on a less busy day, with the original receipt, and talked with the manager to confirm this. At first he denied this was true and apologized. Just then the Asst. Manager who told me this a few days prior walked by and I asked her and then the Manager said "Oh, I must have misunderstood your question. You do only get the value the item is today, not the value that was paid for the item with the Gift Receipt." He did NOT misunderstand...he LIED!! I told them I will never shop there again and I am spreading the word. If you must shop there, keep your original receipt or give your original receipt to the recipient of the gift so if they return it they get the FULL VALUE of what was paid....the Gift receipt will NOT always give you the full value of what was paid.



answers from New York on

My sister who had a baby about 4 months ago, has not had the same problem. In fact becasue she was registereed at Babies R Us they let her return everything she needed to return. If she hadn't been registereed there I think she would have had a different experience, but she really has had no problems. I would go back in again and try it with a different person. Explain that you were registered and that you got doubles of the things. For the items that are definately from Babies R Us, I think they will take them back. For items that aren't as clear, I can understand them not wanting to take potentially someone eles'e merchandise back. As for the on-line purchase, you should be able to go on-line and find out how to return it. My sister got a few gifts that were bought on-line and had to return one. They wouldn't take it back at the store, but the on-line website perople were great about taking it back.




answers from New York on

If I'm returning a gift without a gift receipt or the original receipt, can I do the following? Buy the merchandise that you need to return, and get an original receipt and a gift receipt. Then return the merchandise with the original receipt and use the gift receipt to return the ones that you were planning to return. Is that possible?

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