Registering for a Baby Shower

Updated on April 10, 2007
A.O. asks from Streamwood, IL
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The registering for my baby shower is still ahead of me and I'm absolutely panicky. I realized that there is only one store Babies'r'us that dominates the market. Are there any other big stores for babies only? I've heard that Target has a very stringent return policy and is not customer friendly with returns and exchanges. What else is there? Please advise.

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When I was pregnant the first time I registered at Target, Babies R Us, and Baby Depot. Baby Depot is located inside the Burlington Coat Factory stores (but it is also on the internet).


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Hi A.,

I can't think of any other store that has a large selection of baby items for a shower. I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with my shopping experiences with Babies R Us. (I never got to have my shower since my twins came 9 weeks early--we never bothered to reschedule the shower date.) Anyway... I still received many items from my list from Babies R Us. I was very happy with their return/exchange policy, and I usually received friendly service from the workers there. When I did get out of the house the first few months, I could be found at Babies R Us or Walmart. Yes.... I agree with the strict return policy at Target, I have had problems in the past there.

Congratulations with your pregnancy. Babies are a lot of work, but well worth it!

Take care,




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I would not recommend target's registry to anyone. Two of my sister in law's registered there for their showers. Items that were purchased were not updated and they got multiples of several items. One item, was purchased by one person and a week later by another in the same town. I bought the same item 3 days after that but in a town that was an hour away from the first one so it seems to be an all over problem with them. You can register at JcPenney's, I think. I know that they do bridal registries. You can also look for online stores to register with.



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I never had a problem with Target, as long as the item is on your list they will take it back no problem. I prefered them for the small stuff. I registered here and Babies R Us and Toys R Us. Burlington Coat Factory also has a large selection. Meyers and Walmart are getting larger also.



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I'd stay away from Target. Their return policy is terrible and we had the HARDEST time. Even if things were purchased off the registry, we NEEDED a gift receipt to return them. We received duplicates on more than one item, too. Not to mention that although it looks easy to do online, a LOT of their items are only available "online" and the shipping charges that are incurred are insanely expensive.

Babies R Us was a great experience. They have everything. We did go to Baby Depot in Burlington Coat Factory, but the stores we went to (Vernon Hills and the Arlington Heights one) were very disorganized and messy.

Good luck and congratulations!


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