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Taking a 1 Year Old to a Baseball Game

Hi Moms! My hubby and I are taking our 1 year old son (yeah!!) to his first Tigers game this weekend for his birthday. Just wondering...should we take a stroller, get a backpack carrier(which we were going to do anyways for other future events) or just carry him? The problem is he is 26 pounds and between the two of us it can be exhausting. I am planning on doing more walking around than sitting, depending on how his day is going obviously. Any other advice besides the sunscreen, ,hat, etc. would be great as well. Thanks! H.


Easter Egg Hunts

Does anyone know of any upcoming Easter Egg hunts for little guys (18 months...


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2Year B-day Party in January

I know this is super early but I am a planner. My son turns 2 on NYD and my second is due on Jan. 11th. I don't think I want to have a bunch of kids in my house and have to clean the house when I am about to deliver. Does anyone know of a indoor place to celebrate my son's 2nd birthday? I am thinking maybe 30 people keep it small - no energy. I don't want to do an indoor swimming or anything - kinda like a McDonald's playland but just a bit more upscale?? Any ideas would be helpful! Thank you!


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First Birthday T-shirt

I am looking for a first birthday t-shirt for my daughter. I need it by Saturday, so I don't think I will have time to order anything. I have tried Babies R Us in Plano already and they did not have anything. Thanks for the help!


Driving to Florida

We are going on our first family vacation to Florida and unfortunately we...