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F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Ladies -

I've received a stroller I don't want. No receipt. I've got the box but it looks a little worse for the wear (my little one got to it). The stroller is sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and Toys R Us. Could I return it to any of these stores? What is your experience with their customer service departments? Would I get store credit?

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answers from Dothan on

If all else fails, don't get bummed...put it up for sale online, you won't get the full price but @ least you will get something.

I agree to try TRU, you should get a store credit...can you ask the person that purchased it for you if they got a 'gift receipt'? Most stores give these out for just this very reason. (I realize that this might be a 'tricky' thing to ask).

FYI ALL Targets are Gestapo!!!!

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answers from New York on

I have had nothing but good luck with all 3 of the above stores returning merchandise with or without receipts. Even with damaged boxes, that has happened at all 3 believe it or not! I guess with 3 kids, it happens! And BTW, there is NOTHING unethical about that! I can't believe people would say that. Unethical is if you used it and then pretended you didn't. The box is a non-issue. They can either rebox it or they will donate items to charity, which is a tax write off for them, and is part of the business model for all of these large chains, which do tons of charitable contributions to offset taxes. It's a win-win.

You MAY be able to look at the SKU etc and figure out which store it is, to avoid schlepping around.

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answers from Washington DC on

I received a stroller from Babies R Us that I had to return because it was the wrong one. I think if you don't need it, why not try it and tell them that it was a gift. They'll either tell you yes or not and you can move on from there. If you can't return it or sell it, why not donate it and write it off on your taxes? There's nothing unethical about returning a gift where the box is the only thing damaged. I see "repackaged" items in Target all the time.

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answers from Toledo on

I have found that Target and Toys R Us are usually pretty good about returns with no receipt. I would try Target first. Just don't reveal that you are not sure where it actually come from. Just mention that is was a gift and they didn't provide a gift receipt. Good Luck!

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answers from Madison on

Well I personally am going to say that this is not ethical. Especially if you opened it. I would just sell it at a garage sale or consignment sale. That would be the better way to go about this.

If you go into a store and without being honest try to return an item (as if you bought it at that location) it is in no way shape or form are being wrong, dishonest, untrue and well naughty....

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answers from Dayton on

Another vote to not waste time at Toys R Us.
As Sharie G. stated they won't take it back if they cannot trace it back to a rewards member. I am currently totting around a tiny (therefore worthless) train table MADE by TRU w/ Christmas wrapping paper still on it-but they won't take it back until my IL's come up w/ a receipt.
You could sell it online if all else fails...
PS. You should be able to find each store's return policy on their websites.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Toysrus won't take it back or exchange it without a receipt or gift receipt. If you know who bought it then they can look them up to see if they used their toysrus rewards card and give you a store gift card that way for what ever the current price is for it. I know this because my son took back a hotwheels track and I had to go through all this BS so he could pick something out he wanted and we had no gift or regular receipt! Target should take it without a receipt and give you a store gift card but only for what ever the current price is on the item. I do not know what BB&B policy is for returns.


ETA: the hot wheels track was obviously from TRUs cause it said it was exclusive to them!!

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answers from Charlotte on

Start with TRU, then BB&B. They can tell you if the item was purchased there. Both are good at taking back merchandise, especially BB&B, if it's theirs. You will not necessarily get full price for it without the receipt - if there's a sale going on, you'll only get that. And they may only give you store credit.

Don't go in and ASK. TELL them you want to return it. Act confident - that helps.

Good luck!

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answers from Springfield on

If you think it was also sold at Walmart, I'd try them. They take back just about anything without a receipt.

I see absolutely nothing unethical about trying to return this. You're not going to use it, and the store (if they take it back) is just going to sell it and still get their money. How is that unethical?

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Give the stores a call and ask what their policies are. You're asking a reasonable question, so don't be timid. Be sure to say it was a gift with no receipt and you're not sure where it came from. Tell them the box is a little banged up. Remember, it never hurts to ask!

If they say they'll take it, ask whether they refund as credit or cash. The three you mention are all reputable stores and they like to keep their customers coming back. But the rules usually come from higher up, and they have to abide by them. And the attitudes are their own!

If you don't get a "yes" answer from any of the stores, call your local pregnancy center. Ours takes donations of baby equipment, baby clothing, and maternity clothing for their clients.


answers from Houston on

I recently turned an item without a receipt to Target. They tracked the purchase through the SKU number. Since I originally purchased with cash, the return was a store gift card. Other stores may track sales through the SKU numbers so be prepared. I have been treated well at Target which is why I am a repeat customer. Why spend money in a place which treats you poorly? At any rate good luck.



answers from Denver on

Stay away from Target - they will let you return ONE item a year without a receipt- and make you show your license - so that would be my last resort. If it's sold at Walmart take it there - or better yet - see if Kohls sells it - they take ANYTHING and EVERYTHING without a receipt. I ordered my sister a baby gift last year and they sent her 3 kids winter coats (???) so took them to the store and they gave her like $100 credit for them - not a bad haul for the $12.99 baby jumper I had



answers from Boston on

I've had better luck with TRU. It's been years since I had baby stuff but they were always my one-stop shop for returning gifts that I couldn't use. They issue store credit.

My Target treats people returning items like criminals. I would try TRU first, especially if they have a large baby section and do baby registries.



answers from Minneapolis on

Don't even try. These days the stores expect a receipt or at the very least, to be able to track it down via a credit card that the purchase can be attributed toward. You wouldn't want anyone assuming it was "hot" which might happen since you probably can't prove it was purchased on a credit card and have no gift receipt in hand. Besides, do you know where the person got it from? They may have bought it from a closeout store like Big Lots or a garage sale.

I guess I'd just suck it up and keep it as a backup or donate it to someone who will like it. There are always second hand/consignment shops where you might get some money for it. Or sell it on ebay, craigslist, or a garage sale. But don't expect to get full price for it...even if it's still in the box.



answers from Chicago on

As long as Target sells it, they will let you return. I have not had a problem returning more than one item without a receipt. Without one though, you will get a store gift card. Their policy used to be to give you the last sale price of the item but the last thing I returned, ended up not needing it, they gave me full current price.



answers from New York on

Maybe save yourself the returns headache and sell the stroller? If its NIB you can get a nice return! Or donate it for full retail price!

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