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Updated on November 17, 2008
J.S. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
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Ok, this is my first child and I am not sure what to do with my daughter. She is almost 21 months old and is showing alot of interest in the potty. She sits on the big potty but has not went on it. I have her still in diapers and am wondering what I do now! Do I put her in pull ups while I am at home? Is it too early? I do not want to push her and so far we have not. Sometimes she is telling pee or poop, but I really do not know if it is when she needs to go. I am sorry, just need some direction on what way to go. Diapers are not an issue but I do not want to jump the gun either! Help me you wonderful moms!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all very much! It really helped learning what everyone else has done in the past. I am not going to push. She wakes up in the morning wet, so I do not think she is quite ready yet, but I will take her lead!

Thanks again and I really appriciate all the input!

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It is not too young, though many people will tell you that it is. My daughter was completely potty trained at 22 months, and it only took 4 days. We never used pull ups, and we did pee and poo, day and night, all at the same time. It is less confusing that way. If she wakes up dry from her naps, and in the morning, then she is ready. IF she is getting a bottle or cup at bed time and waking up wet, try putting her to bed without a drink for a few nights and see if she is dry that way. I went to, and paid for the downloadable book, which is how i learned to do it. It was extremely worth it, but it does take absolute commitment before you start, no changing your mind once you begin, it only makes it harder the next time.



answers from Pocatello on

Just tkae things slow, don't start buying pull ups yet, they are expencive. I started trying to potty train my first daughter too early, at baout 18 months old I started the process, and even though I tried really hard not to push her into it or anything it wasn't a good idea. She was not really potty trained unitl she was 2 1/2, and even then she had acccidents until she was 4. With my second daughter I did not even start to try to potty train her unitl she was 2 1/2, and it was SO much easier! She potty trained really quickly because she was ready for it, physically and mentally. She is now 3 and she has virtually no accidents at all. If I could do it all over again I would have waited longer before trying to potty train my first.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Give her time. Many kids show interest in the potty around this age, but aren't really ready to potty train. Follow her lead. If she wants to sit on the potty, let her. If she does something while sitting there, be happy but not over the top (it could scare her - "how can I live up to that again?"). If she's consistantly going on the potty and staying dry in between, you may want to talk about big girl underwear. Just follow her.

There is a chance that she'll get over this fascination with the toilet and not be ready to train for another year. Be ready for that. But if you don't force the issue, it'll go much easier when she is ready.



answers from Denver on

I would take a potty chair and let her check it out first. Just put it out in the area she plays in and let her get used to it. I would use pull ups at home and have her sit on the potty every hour or so. My daughter potty trained at about the same age.



answers from Denver on

I'd try "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day" by Azrin. 21 months is not too early. We did it with our oldest with no problems. Night dryness followed very soon after.



answers from Denver on

It is fabulous she has interest. Encourage the interest but don't expect too much. Pullups were my life saver during potty training, another step towards them being a big kid and giving them the idea how to pull up and down pants.
Don't push her, just encourage her excitement.

With my daughter who like yours showed interest young, I got her a fun potty seat and new stool. I got a sticker chart and we started earning stickers everytime she went on the potty. I just started setting her on the potty every hour and a half, just asking her to try. Sometimes she went, other times not. Rule number one is never ask a child if they have to go, because most of the time they will say no even if they have to! :)

During this process if I put underwear on however for whatever reason she peed them and it was stressful for me and her and lot's of laundry to be done. Your daughter may be different and ready completely now. I kept Pullups on until we were done with the whole potty thing. If I were you I would really play it up, praised her and a sticker was earned. For every 30 stickers she got to pick out a new stuffed care bear. Just let it be her choice right now.

They need to wake up dry most of the time especially naps (night time can take longer), understand the urge, know when to get to the potty and pull up pants and down. Just be patient.

My daughter did have some regression at 3 when her brother came along but we got back on track! Hang in there, it is awesome she is interested!!!! Just let her take her time. For both of my kids close them being 3 we were completely rid of diapers/ pullups in underwear and no accidents! :)



answers from Denver on

My daughter started showing interest at 20 mos or so: flushing the toilet, "producing" something in the toilet every now and again, reading the books with me, watching me, etc. However it took a full year of doing this (and she stayed in a diaper the entire time) before she finally announced that she indeed was ready to start using the potty. That day was June 2, 2007 and she has not had an accident and has not used a diaper since that day. I'm not saying this to brag, but to say, its takes a long time to get familiar with how the potty works.

I liken potty training to a marathon. There is a ton of training involved before actually running the marathon. I wouldn't push and let her take the lead. When she's ready when will tell you.

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