3 Month Old Not Sleeping

Updated on October 19, 2009
E.R. asks from East Bernard, TX
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HELP! My 3 month old who used to be such a happy little baby is now constantly unhappy due to lack of sleep. I have no problem putting him to sleep but once asleep he only sleeps for about 30-45 minutes before jolting awake even madder than before he fell alseep. Seems like I have tried EVERYTHING I need help PLEASE.

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answers from Austin on

Are you swaddling him? If not, this may solve the problem. I also suggest you join the appropriate group at www.babycenter.com

There is lots of advice and sharing that is helpful for mmothers.

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answers from College Station on

He may be teething and the pain could be what is waking him up...

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answers from San Antonio on

might be ear infection



answers from Austin on

my experience with this is that the baby is learning to sleep on her own and is just shifting into different sleep patterns. Before 3 months the baby seems to still be working on telling day from night and getting into distinct sleep patterns. So I found that routine helped a lot. Like, shifting toward 2 naps during the day and a distinct bedtime pattern. Cluster feeding beginning at 4pm (feed every 1.5-2 hours) helps as well. But, overall, it seems like the baby is just learning to sleep longer stretcher at nights. So just try to make sure the baby has made the majority of food during the day and gradually he can go for longer stretches without eating at night. I'm a fan of "Health Sleep Habits, Happy Child". good luck. It takes a while for better sleep.



answers from Austin on

You’ve gotten some great responses already. I just want to add that it is very possible your transition to work (and another soon to child care) is the cause to your child’s change in sleep patterns. Also, keep in mind sleep cycles are about 45 minutes long, so it could also be you child is at the moment having difficulties moving from one stage of sleep to another. Sometimes a soft pat on the back will soothe a child back to sleep and on to the next stage. Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child has some really great information on sleep patterns. Best of luck!



answers from Houston on

Hello, I recommend "Healthly Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. It has saved our lives. My son has been sleeping throught the night since 3.5 months old. He is happy and we are happy! It has a lot of great advice for all types of situations.

Good Luck!



answers from Waco on

Hi E.,
your little one is most likely a little hungry...I would try a little cereal in his bottle or increasing his intake- it may be that he needs to eat more frequently- not sure how often you are feeding him- but if he eats every 3 or 3.5 hrs and takes 4-5 oz- try feeding him an ounce or two inbetween these feedings- his little tummy is about the size of your little finger nail and he can't hold too much- but some little boys need more nourishment ....or you can try changing his formula- I think he is just not satisfied with what he is getting. If you are breast feeding- try supplementing with a bottle inbetween feedings- or at feeding times- just be sure he is satisfied, has burped and has no gas so he will be comfortable- and if it continues- discuss it with your pedi.
good luck and blessings



answers from Austin on

Is he in his own bed now or still in your room? My daughter stopped sleeping right at 3 months because she was done with her co-sleeper. So the next night I put her in her room and she slept great. She was getting too big for the co-sleeper and that is how she was telling me. Also, she was taking a paci and every time it fell out she woke herself up. When I took the paci away she did she didn't have anything to wake her up. When she was face up she woke up all the tiime. She was a stomach sleeper and slept best that way. I kept a good eye on her making sure she could turn her head side to side well while on her stomach and that there was nothing around (blankets etc.) for her to get tangled up in. If your baby does sleep on his stomach make sure his head doesn't stay the same way all the time. Otherwise he will get torticollis which is like a "crick" in his next.
Happy sleeping!



answers from Austin on

You might check into acid reflux. It's extremely common and can definitely keep your child from sleeping. I also second the recommendation on Elizabeth Pantley's book The No Cry Sleep Solution. LOTS of great stuff in there.



answers from Houston on

Did this disruption begin after you went back to work? If you had a good schedule before you started, it could just be the change that is causing the problem. I also agree with the previous poster about disruptions during milestones and growth spurts.

3 months is a common age for a growth spurt...you'll see a couple more in the first year.

The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley is a good guide to get you through this and upcoming sleep challenges.

Keep in mind that he'll have to make some additional adjustments after he starts in daycare. Give him some weeks and give yourself as much rest as you can. Do you have the flexibility to do a couple of short days in daycare? It can help both of you adjust a little better!



answers from Houston on

Sometimes when they are having a growth spurt or are learning something new they will not sleep very well. If he starting to smile or cooing alot more he will want to stay awake and practice. Sounds silly, but that is what I have always heard.

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