20-Month Old Has Diarrhea and Horrible Diaper Rash

Updated on January 12, 2012
D.D. asks from Allen, TX
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My twenty-month old has had diarrhea for about 3 weeks now. I have taken her to the pediatrician and all of the parasite stool tests came back normal. Almost all of the rest of our family (me, dad, and big sis, but not big brother) have been having similar issues as well, so I don't think it's just a baby thing. She is fine otherwise; good appetite, active, no fever, etc. The dr. told us to keep her on liquids for 24 hours, then a BRAT diet. We tried the liquids but she was starving and cried non-stop for food, so we gave her only bananas, rice, applesauce and pedialyte for over 2 days with no change. Her diapers are really smelly (sorry if that's TMI!). I try to change her as soon as she goes but her poor bottom is getting raw. She cried and tried to pull her diaper off last night. I have been recently putting neosporin on the sores. So, I would appreciate any suggestions about both her tummy problems and how to deal with the diaper rash too. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

for the diaper rash.....DR. SMITHS DIAPER OINTMENT. It is at Walmart; about 7 dollars a container, in a square simple box but is by far the only thing that would help my girls. They blistered when teething and this helped...it is amazing.

Buy two so you always have one.....love this stuff.

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answers from Dallas on

Ask you doctor about giving your baby, and your family pro and prebiotics to get your stomachs the good bacteria they need. Probiotics are the good bacteria. Prebiotics are the food probiotics like......the result is making that stomach healthier and balanced. The gut is important for immunity, so all in all this is very good for you anytime, but especially when the stomach has been upset.
I take both for my stomach and immunity, as does my family, but I don't know how much for a baby. I think it will help.



answers from Dallas on

One of my daughters had a very similar problem for a long time. First, you may have to remove the applesauce from the BRAT diet, because the citrus in the fruit is irritating the bottoms with the diarrhea. Then you need to consider and discuss with your doctor whether she might actually be constipated instead of having D. We thought my daughter had D a lot for months and the diaper rash problem got so bad there were sores and she screamed when we tried to clean her. Finally finally after much discussion with several doctors, we are told that she really is constipated and that what we thought was D was actually leakage around the blockage. Now if the rest of you are having that problem of the D, then your daughter may really have D. Or it could be that she had D, and got the bad diaper rash & it hurt, so she started holding it in and that's what caused the constipation. If it's constipation, then miralax helped a great deal. When we battled the diaper rash, we left the diaper off as much as possible - difficult in your situation but to the extent you can leave her with pads under her or something like that, as fresh air is best. Then after each dirty diaper, clean with warm water and soft cloth instead of Wipes (no chemicals), or use the extra sensitive wipes. Then cover with Aquaphor as it acts like a bandaid. good luck; ours was a nightmare that lasted almost a year; thank god we finally understood the real problem. stay away from fruit while battling diaper rash.



answers from Dallas on

I have never dealt with diarrhea for that long on my baby, but we have gotten some BAD rashes associated with it before. There seems to be some stomach bugs going around right now. Sometimes they get better and then re-activate before you get completely over them...

I made a home-made diaper spray with chamomile tea (a little over 1 cup) that I boiled for 5 minutes-I added 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil, 5 drops of lavendar essential oil and 5 drops of tea tree oil for germ killing and fungus and put this in a spray bottle after it cooled-smells nice and cleans well and isn't sting-y. Important for healing. Got the essenial oil/almond oil from sprouts. You could put this in a jar and dip cotton pads in it if you didn't want to go the spray route.

Also, I use neosporin ointment (not cream) once the bottom's clean-the ointment sticks better. Then I go over it with vaseline to seal out the poop so it doesn't get back into the sores.

I am so sorry, I hope your poor baby get's well soon!



answers from Dallas on

Poor thing! Perhaps you guys are passing some sort of virus back and forth between each other that just isn't showing up in the tests? As long as she's kept hydrated, she should be fine. But, if I were you (not that I'm an expert, just saying what I'd probably do in that situation), I'd at least call the doctor back every week that she's not better just to see if there's some sort of timeline that she will need to cross before getting more extensive treatment.

My kids have had horrible diaper rash in the past, and we've used Aquaphor on it. Slather as much on there as you can. It'll heal her skin and protect it from future "episodes."

Good luck...I hope she gets better soon!



answers from Peoria on

She's probably got a yeast infection from all the moisture in her diaper try lotrimin and then cover it with A&D cream for preventing rash. Works wonderful, my little girl is 1 and gets them everytime she has diarrhea and it does wonders. Also make sure your not using baby wipes they keep them raw, use warm water on a paper towel or wash cloth. GOOD LUCK



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I know eating chicken and drinking milk can make things a little more runny because it increases body mucus. Try keeping her away from dairy as best as you can! I substituted cow milk with rice milk. Rice Dream has an enriched formula that has the same vitamins and stuff as cow milk! My boys were having really bad diarea any time they had so much as bread that was made with milk! Once we kept them away from everything that contained milk, they were better and can now have regular milk again!

I wish you all the luck! I know how much it hurts a mother to see their child in pain! *HUGS*



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Try Pepto-Bismal. It worked for my nephew after months of diarrhea under a ped. care. Also worked for me a few years ago. I had the bad D for nearly 7 months before my doctor said to try Pepto. Newer products are supposed to be better but he had some patients that Pepto worked better for and I was one of them!!!

BTW--it is a great weight loss program if you have plenty of reading material in the bathroom! :)



answers from Dallas on

Other than the BRAT diet, I'm not sure how to treat the diarrhea, that usually works for my son.

For the diaper rash, after cleaning the bottom and letting it dry completely, cover the entire area with vaseline to act as a barrier against moisture. We used Neosporin ointment on any sores before applying the vaseline over it.

I hope she is feeling better really soon.

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