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Trying Out Cloth Diapers, Trouble with Folding

I got the flat fold cloth diapers and can't figure out the folding. I was unable to find cloth diaper covers at both of the stores I went to (Target and ...

Cloth Diapers

I want a diaper that can accomodate newborns through toddlers without having to buy more. Do I need inserts? Do I need diaper covers? ...

Which All in One Cloth Diaper to Ues?

You do need to keep buying larger air flow diaper covers as your baby grows which are not that expensive and also work really well- we rarely have a blow ...

Daughter Pulling off Diaper

Someone has suggested using diaper covers with snaps at night and that is an .... New diaper covers are not always fun to buy, but if you sold a couple of ...

Cloth Diapers Convenience and Cost Effectiveness

We LOVE cloth diapers. I think it is one of the best choices I have made ever! We use prefolds with Thirstie diaper covers, and snappis and then we also ...

Cloth Diaper Questions

I like these covers because you can reuse them if they are not soiled. You have to use a different All-In-Ones each diaper change....seemed to pricy for us. ...

Advice on Changing Diaper Brands Due to Plastic Sensitivity

I can go over all the different types of diapers, covers, washing etc. .... They have a flushable insert that is enclosed in a washable diaper cover (it ...

Waking up with Soaking Diapers and pj's....HELP!

I also thought about buying the plastic diaper covers, but do not remember seeing them in any stores, so I do not know if they're even around anymore? ...

Has Anyone Tried G Diapers?

Hi, I've never used the G diapers, but I do use cloth diapers & I love them. I use prefolds with a diaper cover on my son & he leaked less with them than ...

Making the Change to Cloth Diapers

I got a package with different size diapers and covers so they last until potty ..... I used diaper covers called "Rubber Duckies" (they are NOT rubber), ...
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