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Diaper Rash

Read all 23 responses: "My son is about 4 weeks post op and was on antibiotics for two weeks he now has a diaper rash that wont seem to go away.

Diarrhea & Awful Diaper Rash

Read all 11 responses: "My son has had constant diarrhea since friday. My husband and I just got over what we think was a stomach virus so we think he might ...

Aquaphor & Mylanta for Diaper Rash????

Read all 13 responses: "I read in either Parents or Babytalk that you can use a mixture of Eucerin Aquaphor and Mylanta on diaper rash and that it works ...

Rash from Strawberries?

May 16, 2009 ... Read all 7 responses: "My 1 year old ate strawberries this morning for the first time and later in the day he had a rash on his butt that ...

Severe Diaper Rash/Yeast Infection in Toddler That Won't Go Away!

Read all 58 responses: "Hi everyone, This request is my desperate attempt to find some help! My 19-month-old daughter has had a constant diaper rash of ...

Advice on Toddlers Face Rash

Read all 83 responses: "My daughter is 20 months and she has this rash on her lower part of her cheeks on both sides, has anyone ever come across this?

Yogurt Causing Diaper Rash?

Read all 6 responses: "My daughter is 10 months old and I gave her yogurt ( YoBaby) for the first time and the following day she had a diaper rash.

Acne/Rash From Soy Formula?

Read all 19 responses: "I've had to supplement with formula as I'm not producing enough at the moment. I gave my daughter a soy formula (earth's best brand) ...

Cracked Bleeding Diaper Rash?

Read all 32 responses: "My daughter suddenly has a cracked, bleeding diaper rash . We have always had a problem with diaper rash while teething, ...

Sun Rash ??

Read all 23 responses: "Today after my 10yr old daughter came in the house after being outside most of the day with us, she showed me a rash on her hands ...
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  • beaudrouxs butt paste in 2 answers "Then we added some diaper rash cream called Beaudroux's Butt Paste."
  • why you went straight to soy in 2 answers "I too wonder why you went straight to soy and lactose free options."
  • dry skin on his cheeks in 2 answers "... for sure but my 1 year old started to develop redness and dry skin on his cheeks ..."
  • bath with baking soda in 2 answers "It was painful and we were in the bath with baking soda at 2am almost every night ..."
  • diaper rash cream in 5 answers "I also use aveeno diaper rash cream and baby wash."