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Leaky Diapers

Both of my girls had problems with leaky diapers at night (even while using Huggies Overnight diapers), so we now buy "Diaper Doublers". ...

Diaper Size Question

My son is almost 22 months and moving into a size 6 diaper for during the day. ... They have different versions for boys & girls and they are way more ...

Bad Diaper Rash

Sometimes reoccurring diaper rash is caused from a yeast infection. ... We have used it will both our girls and will use it with our next one as well. ...

Diaper Wetting

My girls always stopped wetting their diaper in the night at an early age. My 2.5 year old usually wakes up dry even though she isn't potty trained. ...

Diaper Rash

I have a 6 week old baby girl with very bad diaper rash. .... They are fairly common in girls and don't respond to normal diaper rash treatments. ...

Which diaper brand has forgiving cut in the thigh and wont leak

I've been using Pampers Swaddlers with my 10 wk old baby girl. She's not a big baby (only 11 pounds), but the diaper seems to be too tight around her legs. ...

2 Year Old Won't Leave Diaper On

Does he leave his diaper on during the rest of the day? ... I have never had this problem with my own girls but a girl I babysat for did this all the time. ...

Diaper Help

My mom babysits my son and 2 other girls (one uses Pampers and one uses Kirkland brand). We have found that if any of the babies wear a diaper other than ...

Diaper Rash

Both of my girls had horrible diaper rashes when they were teething. I prefer using A&D ointment, it creates an excellent barrier. ...

Diaper Rash with New Diaper

Often times babies, boys and girls, get really bad yeast infections when on antibiotics, and the diaper creams only make it worse not better. ...
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