Milk of Magnesia on a Diaper Rash? Three Year Old with Diarrhea. Help!

Updated on September 09, 2010
S.L. asks from Brownsville, TX
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My 3 year old has had diarrhea since yesterday and I've been looking for some kind of relief for his terrible rash. I read somewhere that milk of magnesia directly on the bum with cornstarch powder can soothe the acid burn. Has anyone tried this? Can anyone offer any remedy? He screams when I change him and I feel helpless. I have been using Penaten butt cream and even the prescription strength Vusion but he says it burns.
And if anyone has advice about how to cure the diarrhea, I would greatly appreciate it. We are using the BRAT diet today but he is still flowing!
Thanks Moms!

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answers from Columbus on

Yes, I believe you can use Maalox directly on it (use a sterile non-stick first aid pad, so it won't stick at all to his sore skin), or mix Maalox with Aquaphor until it's a paste and smear that on his bum.

I would call the dr. about his diarrhea, though, to see if they have any suggestions or if they feel that they need to evaluate him in the office.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Yep, heard it works. My son had exzema so I used Aquaphor. You have to make sure his butt is dry before you put it on or it will trap the moisture but if he is dry, it will keep out the moisure and acid. I used the aquaphor and then baby powder. Even when taking prescriptions he didn't get a rash. You can also try A&D but once again, make sure he is dry before you put it on.

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answers from Chicago on

Yes it is wonderful but I only used the milk of magnesia make sure to get the plain/original formula. Good Lcuk

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Awwww...poor little guy! I have not heard of the milk of magnesia thing but I know if you can keep his butt dry and in the air it might help.
Are you sure it's not a yeast infection?

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answers from Indianapolis on

Bag Balm, it's in a square green metal container. Ask your pharmacy they can tell you where it is, some places keep it behind the counter. It's literally what they use on cow utters, but it works miracles.



answers from Austin on

Boudreaux's Butt Paste works great for diaper rash.



answers from Houston on

Our doctor has us do a Mylanta and Cornstarch paste. It's nasty and gooie but it seems to work.



answers from Norfolk on

My three-year old occassionally has very acidic diarrhea that leaves burn-like marks on his bum. I try to throw him in the bathtub as soon possible after discovering it. (Aveeno used to make a Baby Oatmeal Bath, but I haven't seen it on the shelves in some time. I am now using the regular stuff.) That helps to sooth the burn and get him good and clean. I read that using wipes can irritate it worse and that in the absense of being able to provide a bath, keep a spray bottle with warm water and use a soft washcloth. I have used Neosporin to great results, and it doesn't seem to bother my son as much as A&D ointment and the like.

I also read that the BRAT diet is no longer recommended for toddlers experiencing diarrhea because it can be nutritionally insufficient. Rice milk is still recommended as an addition to his regular diet, but unless you know for certain which food caused the acidic increase, the diet should be kept mild, but as close to his regular diet as possible. (Otherwise a whole batch of other issues can crop up and you won't know for certain what to associate with what change.)

I wish you the best of luck with your son. I hope he feels better soon.


answers from Minneapolis on

Years ago (I do home childcare)..a parent brought me a prescription tub of stuff...they said it had Maalox, MOM and some other normal sort of ingredient in it. Guess what the prescription label said? Poop Goop....yup thats the pharmacys technical term! LOL It was sloppy-like and all white.

I have another current family now who brought me a similar prescription...called Poop-paste on the script label...but this one is more of a tan color and is very paste like..thick!

When my daughter was little (shes 16 now) she has major issues with yeast infections and sudden awful tummy issues resulting in flaming tushy. Back then the Dr said to paint her up with plain yogurt to sooth it, then we put her in cloth diapers when we were at home..loose and no plastic pants. For her, the breathing skin was a big deal. I think diapers are a bit better now tho???

You can ask your Dr or google it.

Good luck!



answers from Austin on

If you've still got some around, I've used lanolin on a diaper rash with pretty good results.


answers from San Antonio on

Looks like you have already gotten some pretty good advice.
Check out this website. I use it all the time for whatever ails my family.
Just click on ailments. Everything is alphabetized. Easy to use and some great home remedies.
Good Luck and God Bless!!



answers from Detroit on

Brown some flour in a with nothing in the pan and use a non non stick Natural type pan. Then make a paste. Powder has talc which isn't good for us so I don't advise using anything with that in it. You can also use Cornstarch (organic only) and put that on it is very soothing. If you can get him to drink some organic buttermilk that will stop it also, my daughter always got it while teething one time so bad nothing the DR. gave her to stop it helped then I gave her buttermilk and it stopped right away. For further issues I suggest Arbonnne's ABC diaper ointment, it is natural, coats well and wipes off easily. If you lived closer I would give you a sample to try. PM me for my info to purchase the diaper rash ointment.



answers from San Antonio on

Sorry to hear... having 2 girls of my of my own (2 and 1 year old) I have tried them all too .. when I was at my wits end with diaper rash grandmother recommended good ol plain VASELINE.... just wash with soapy warm water (no wipes) .. pat/air dry completely and apply plenty of vaseline to the entire area. It has been working for me, I have invested in tubs of the stuff!! Hope it works for you too!!



answers from Dallas on

Gosh, my RN gave me a home remedy that I think had MOM mixed with talcum powder to form a paste. Try mixing into paste then using it to sooth.

Try to let him go diaper/underwear free for as long as possible.

Poor baby...I can't imagine how it must hurt.


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