15 Month Old Potty Training Problems

Updated on August 15, 2009
D.A. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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I wasn't planning on potty training my 15 month old daughter until she was like 18 months old. However, we found a potty on sale and went ahead and purchased it. We opened it on Sunday and she has been pooping and peeing in the potty at home. At daycare yesterday, no one took her to the potty but she continued to potty at home. This morning when I spoke to the teachers, they stated that they did not have enough staff to take her to the bathroom. So I asked if the 2 year old teacher can take her when the 2 year olds go and I was informed that none of the 2 year olds are potty training. I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER RIGHT NOW. What should I do, how should I address this without creating a scene?

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So What Happened?

Due to the child care center not having enough funding to adjust the ratios and move my daughter up, I have began looking for other centers that can. I have found a Montessori school that starts potty training at 18 months. I am continuing to work with her at home and I hope we can work things out for these next few months. Thanks everyone for your responses and advice!

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i can see both points but since your provider can no longer meet the needs of u and your child I would look for an at home daycare if it was me. Lower ratios and able to help w/ the potty training.



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I am taking the centers side to give you another point of view. Keep working at home with your child. Good luck.

OK DHS regulations decide what ratio of workers there are to children in child care. Every place you look you are going to have the same amount of staff to children. In ALL child care facilities you are going to have a 6-1 ratio at the toddler age. That teacher is responsible for the 6 children in her care and must keep all 6 children in her constant care. She cannot leave them anywhere and go off in a closed room and no one watch the other children. If she takes your child to the bathroom the kids go too. Can you see the teacher herding 6 toddlers down the hallway to another classroom that is set up for potty training and waiting for your child while all 6 kids stand around in the bathroom watching her go? You wouldn't want the teacher to go off and leave your child in the bathroom unattended anymore than other parents want their children to spend the day in the bathroom.

To be honest most places aren't set up for potty training until the kids get in the 2 yr. old classroom. Research shows that most childrens bodies and brains aren't wired to do potty training until 2 1/2 to 3 years old. In my child care center we didn't even have a bathroom in the infant or toddler/2 yr. old rooms. Just sinks for hand washing. My staff was expected to go to the bathroom on their breaks.

So, you need to think about your choices. If you have been happy with the care and love she receives then just be patient until she until she turns 2 and can go into the classroom set up for potty training. She can't move up before her birthday, if she moves up it becomes another toddler room and the ratios change again.

Another thought too is that if you do start looking for diffent care then thay may tell you whatever you want to hear just to get you to enroll your child. You don't know if they really do what they say. You have a place to take your child that you know and trust now or you wouldn't be taking her, if they provide good care then stick with them.

It sounds like you have a wonderful little girl and I hope you will take a moment and think about things from your providers point of view. Also, how would you feel if it was another child's parent wanting your child to have to sit in the bathroom every little bit instead of playing and having fun.



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i have to disagrre with gina - sorry but if you had your child potty trained and then her care facility didnt want to take her to the bathroom when she had to go and just let her do it in her pants would you lik eit? no i dont think so, just think you dont have to put the child in diapers at home but do at daycare thats stupid. not every child potty trains at the same level, my daughter is 3 1/2 and is still not interested in pottying yet. but if the the room that does do pottying i dont see the big deal in taking along 1 extra its only to the restroom not to the regular room it self. girl if they dont wanna help you then find someone that does understand.



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That's great that your daughter is already potty traing poop and pee and so young.My son is 1 and a hlf and is just peeing for now.How did you get her to go #2.I agree,that is your child and you are potty training her than they need to do so too.T hat is teaching her to do it in her pants and that is another problem you DON'T want i woulfd be looking for another care center that will b/c her doing so well potty training is important.



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I have to agree, if they aren't willing to work with her, i would certainly be looking for someone who will...all kids do not start using the potty at the same time...sounds like they just don't want to be bothered.

Congrats on her potty training so quickly, some kids just come to it naturally...Way to go!!



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If they are not willing to help you, I would start looking for a new daycare.

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