potty training for toddlers

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Potty Training and Constipation

I have stopped giving it to him for now cause we are potty training and I did not want to his stools to be too lose and go in .... Toddlers and Constipation ...

Pacifiers, Toddler Beds, and Potty training...which Order to Do It In?

Read all 5 responses: "My daughter is 16 months old and I'm getting ready to break her of some baby habits. She currently takes a pacifier at bed time and ...

My 20Mth Old Daughter Is Now Taking off Her Pants and Diaper Daily-what to Do?

Tricky toddlers.. Sounds like she maybe interested but not necessarily ready or vice versa... I would work with potty training and offer the pullups or ...

Potty Training Toddler Boys

Read all 7 responses: "Hello moms I need all the advice I can have on potty training my little guy. His 2yrs old and we are in the process of learning.

Seeking Potty Training Advice!

We used sticker charts and a reward box for Potty Training positive reinforcement. ... Next question: How Do You 'Reward' Your Toddler for Using the Potty? ...

When to Potty Train

I had a few "false starts" on potty training with both girls, ... that toddlers like to resist EVERYTHING, and just moving forward with potty training. .... Funny, I started potty training my 26 month old (5th child) this morning! ...

Constipation in a Potty-training Toddler

Read all 11 responses: "Hello, My 2yr 9mos daughter is having trouble with constipation. She broke her leg last December and was in a full body cast for 6 ...

Infant Potty Training

Has anyone tried the idea of infant potty training? I have recently discovered the idea and have been trying to research it a little online. ...

Potty Training & Transitioning to Toddler Bed

Read all 5 responses: "Hi!! My 18 month old daughter has suddenly shown the interest/need to begin a toddler bed as well as potty training.

How to potty train toddler twins?

How to potty train toddler twins? Any suggestions on potty training twin boys. My boys are two years and three months old. I'm beginning to wonder if we've ...
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  • can follow directions in 2 answers "First of all you want to make sure you child can follow directions."
  • baby sign language in 2 answers "... at other countries!!!! I highly recommend teaching your baby sign language ..."
  • prune juice in 3 answers "I would try to slip in some prune juice, maybe in like some oatmeal or something of ..."
  • started potty training in 2 answers "I started potty training my son at the age of 3."
  • feel more in control in 2 answers "... like drink, milk/nurse, eat, cat, dog,finished... they feel more in control ..."