Getting Chapstick Out of Daughter's Hair

Updated on January 17, 2008
L.V. asks from Carpentersville, IL
5 answers

Hi everyone! Any advice on how to get chapstick out of my daughter's hair? She took a tube of Carmex and beautifully rubbed it all over the top of her head. I have washed her hair repeatedly but it still looks greasy and oily. Does anyone know of a product that will get that out, or do I just keep washing it?

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Any dishwashing detergent works fine. Just wash as normal maybe leaving on an extra minute. Works for us everytime.



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I have used Dawn dishwashing liquid when I have had to get something greasy out of the kids hair. It works, but may take a few times.



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Try patting (not rubbing) some cornstarch onto her hair. Then wash as usual. I've heard this works for vaseline so it may work as well for chapstick. Good luck.



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Hi L.,

My daughter did the same thing with a tube of glitter lip gloss from bath & body works. I repeatedly washed/conditioned & got the same results. A mom in my moms group recommended Dawn dish detergent to get the "grease" out. I still washed repeatedly between Dawn & shampoo and it eventually went back to normal. Once the grease gets out, condition well.

Good luck



answers from Indianapolis on

Thank you for asking I wondered

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