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Removing 'Vicks Vapor Rub' from Nylon

I have a beautiful North Face nylon vest which now has a little footprint of Vicks Vapor Rub on it. I should of known not to wear it while getting my little guy ready for bed. Any suggestions on how to remove it? Thanks!!

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Try Grease Lightning...it usually works pretty good on greasy oily stains. Or Goo Gone... it works great on removing stickers and gum so maybe it will break down that oily base as well. Good Luck. Mom of 3 boys!

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I've had good results removing petroleum-based stains from clothes in the washer by using Shout stick stain remover. Also, if you can get the garment in the sink, you might try just a bit of dish soap in very warm water, scrubbing it in and then rinsing well before washing as normal.

Try liquid dish detergent full strength applied on the apot before washing as usual in the machine.

Try putting a little dawn dishwashing soap on the stain and rubbing it lightly by hand. You might have to let it sit awhile. Rinse it in the sink before you wash it by itself in the washing machine.

sounds like dawn is unanimous. that is what I would suggest. If you are a working mom that comes home in nice work clothes, hang a MOMMY APRON by the front door and wear it till you can change for the evening. babysat triplets and hated always looking smudged and drooled on but loved the babies.
good luck

Try Grease Lightning...it usually works pretty good on greasy oily stains. Or Goo Gone... it works great on removing stickers and gum so maybe it will break down that oily base as well. Good Luck. Mom of 3 boys!

Well that sounds like the sweetest stain ever ! :)

I think the Dawn would work, but one thing nobody else has mentioned is Grease Lightning (Walmart). I use that on clothes that have been washed & dryed to then find out the boys have a grease stain that is now set in. I put the Grease Lightning on it & let it sit a day, then launder (not dry if still there) and if still there put more on it, wait a day & wash. Don't dry until you get it all out. Anyways, this has worked numerous times on greasy stains that have been washed & dryed (thus set in). Just keep trying until you get it out & then dry.

Good luck

My solution to removing any oil stains from clothing is De-Solv-it. You can get it in the furniture cleaner/cleaner section of Wal-mart. It is completely natural and non-toxic. It is basically orange oil, and it WORKS! I have a bottle in my laundry room to spray on those pesky oil stained shirts, and it works everytime. I have never had to rewash after treating it. Hope this helps!

Try a little dawn it usually is great at removing greasy stains.

Oh the joys of children! I love finding little surprises from my son : ) I use dawn dish detergent on any oily stains like that. Let it sit a few minutes before you wash it. It works great!!


I use a product call "Goo Gone" or "Oops". They are both the same. You can get it at any hardware store. My 15 year old son left a tube of chap stick in his pockets and it got all over an entire wash of his clothes. I used the Oops and it ALL came out. It has worked for gum also.

Good Luck


I would think any solvent for oil and grease would work. Just be sure what you use won't take the color out. Things that come to mind are Dawn dishwashing liquid, rubbing alcohol, Shout.

Dry Cleaners is my best suggestion...if you take the jar (product that is on it) and the item they can look at it see the ingredients and tell you what they can do..I promise..I did this once when I had a coat that got paint on it from a building down town I called the company painting it they gave me the name of the paint I got the info on the paint took it to the dry cleaners and the coat they got must of it out...don't treat it before you go with it or it can mess it up on their process...that's what I started to do and that's why they couldn't get all of it out..funny the paint had some of the same color of the coat in it and no one could tell. Best of luck!

As learned in the cloth diapering world- DAWN dishsoap some warm water and a little scrubbing=-) Could also add a little baking soda to the mix butthe dawn should work like a charm!

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