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Seeking Solutions for Grease Stains on Shirts

My son works as a server at a restaurant. He is provided only two shirts. Most of the the people he works with and himself have grease stains on the front of their shirts that they can't get out. Any laundrying ideas for this dilema? Thanks in advance I love mamasource.

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I have used WD-40 to "reactivate" the grease, once wet I then use dawn dish liquid to remove the grease from the clothing.

I didn't believe it at first, but after trying it I won't wash any other way.

Best of washing to you,
V. D.

Dawn dish soap. My children love Ranch dressing but if you have had any experience with it you know it leaves greasy stains on clothing. I took a shirt the other day that had a very old grease stain from this and put a few drops of Dawn on it. I then took an old toothbrush, got it wet and went to work. Then I through it in the laundry and the shirt looks as good as new! Give it a try, and good luck!

My son worked at McDonalds for about a year. I would put dish detergent on any bad stains and just squirt some in with the washer filling. We usually have Dawn. I have used this on regular clothes that have had food oil stains on them and it usually works. You may have to do this a few times and let it soak in if the clothes have been washed and dried over and over again.

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There is a product called Fels-Naptha soap. It should be availabe at Wal-Mart or Dollar General. If not you can order it on line for $1.50 plus S&H. It works awesome!! You just get the area wet with cold water, rub the soap over the stain, and it should come out. Launder as you normally would. If you go to the website there is all kinds of things you can purchase from the company. I dont have the web address handy but just type the name in the search bar and it should come up.

im thinking presoak with dawn? tide has a new product including dawn....other than that i can just say some of the stain removers, maybe some specialize in certain stains.

I worked at a Briggs and Stratton there is alot of oil and grease there I used dawn soap it always works. It works on most stains. Just rub a dime size in the spot or spred on the top of the whole wash it will work.

Have you tried dish washing soap? Try to pre-treat it with "Dawn", it's supposed to take the grease out;-) I've used it in the past and as most stuff, it's hit or miss.
Good luck!

Each time your son takes off his shirt pre treat the stains with dawn dish detergant. And use tide to wash shirts.

Most people I have given this little hint to have never heard of it, but it works!! Buy a can of WD 40!! Spray it on the stain and wash like you normally would! It will take the stain right out!! I used to do this when I was married to my ex, who happened to be a mechanic! Grease spots all the time.
Hope this little trick works for you too!

I have used Dawn, but I'm not sure how well it would work on older stains. Can't hurt to try it though. I would just put it directly on the stain, scrub it in, and wash as normal.


I have little ones that are very very messy! I have really good luck with the spray and wash stain stick! It even takes out old grease stains. Good Luck!!

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