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Can anyone help me?

c. r. asks from Chicago

my daughter is almost 5 months and only weighs 9 pounds 14 oz at birth she was full term she weighed 7 pounds 3 oz. doctors are concerned why she isn't gaining weight they said she was lactose because she was throwing up several formulas. She has only gained 2 pounds and ...

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40th Birthday Gift

K. M. asks from New York

My husband is turning 40 soon. I am at a total loss as to what to give him. I wanted to do a trip, but he doesn't. I kind of want something special/unique/memorable because it's his 40th. I've asked him...he says he has everything he wants...just wants a nice dinner. ...

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Experiences with sexism...

B. P. asks from Chicago

This isn't to delve into sexism, please let's agree not to go there! But, I was thinking about my experiences with college guidance counselor asking: Well, what is it going to be elementary education or nursing? The senior partner in my firm saying: Well, o...

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What brought you joy this week?

B. P. asks from Chicago

I just like asking this question, cause it encourages me to think about the joyful aspects of my life, and not focus on the negative. What brought me joy this week was our son reading his first chapter book for pleasure, and asking for the entire series. Reading has alw...

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Tortillas, Tantrums, And Love

I’m part of an online mom’s group where we share parenting struggles and advice. We all have four-year-olds and there’s a trend that we’ve seen among the kids lately. They are starting to say things like: “You are the worst mommy ever!”, “I hate you mommy!” and “I wish Jessica was my mommy and not you”…. More


Teens vs. Toddlers

by Karen Rosenberg

When my oldest daughter turned two, someone sent us a one column cartoon that had pictures of parents in the hospital holding their newborn baby. The caption read, “Well, I guess that the hard part is over.”… More


Helping adult son to get over breakup

S. I. asks from Kearny

My 22 years old son was left by his girlfriend a couple of months ago. They were together for 4 years, both students, and they were living together for the last 2 years. He was studying in another town (he is finishing now) and he also has a part-time job there, but he co...

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