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12th birthday, suggestions for girl

6 hours ago -

S. J. asks from Des Moines - My dd is turning 12. Probably too old for a "birthday party", so what do you do? She is at a new school and has made 3 close friends and still stays in touch with a couple kids from her old school. Any suggestions?

Help - 4 YO has near constant tantrums!

9 hours ago -

J. C. asks from Blacksburg - My 4 YO daughter has always been stubborn - but until recently she was pretty good natured so it was okay. Now she is having tantrum after tantrum and I am at my wits end. I'll use today as an example. At breakfast I offered her cereal or pop tarts. She asked for cer...

Property Tax Penalty Question

10 hours ago -

O. L. asks from Long Beach - I am ALWAYS on top of our property tax due date with the exception of this month. I'm so MAD at myself! Grrrrrrrr. We are a couple of weeks late... I've never been late in my life! Has anyone ever had success with getting a penalty refunded because they have an excell...

Breakfast for 5 year old

13 hours ago -

R. J. asks from Woodside - In search of breakfast ideas for 5 year old. TIA
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Women: Stop Apologizing, and Teach Your Daughters the Same

April 28, 2015

After I drop my daughter off at school, I come home, turn on one of the morning shows, and get my day rolling. So I often catch maybe 70% of a story as I pass by the television with a basket of laundry or while taking out the trash. One day a while back, I heard the hosts of a show talking about a Pantene ad about how often women apologize when they have nothing to apologize for. For example, a woman in a meeting says, “sorry, can I ask a stupid question,” instead of, “I have a question, can we…” I caught half of this discussion, and filed it away. It planted a seed because since then, I keep thinking about this notion. It has spoke to me louder and louder, especially as I related it to my teenage daughter….More

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The 5 Frenemies You Need to Ditch NOW!

April 27, 2015

I wrote recently about the 5 Types Of Friends Every Woman Needs To Have In Her Life. Since I first wrote that post, I haven’t stopped thinking about the flip side of those friendships. The friendships we all have in our lives that we need to remove from our lives!…More

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I Failed at Motherhood on the Very First Day: Now, 23 Years Later...

April 26, 2015

From the moment I became pregnant, I looked forward to breastfeeding. I read What To Expect When You’re Expecting forwards, backwards and sideways. I took prenatal vitamins, snacked on fruits and vegetables. As the due date approached, I bought all the necessary preparations – diapers, stroller, crib. But I told my husband not to bother with formula. I knew with absolute certainty that I would be a Poster Mom for breastfeeding….More


Preschool ratio in Illinois

April 24, 2015 -

s. s. asks from Seattle - Does anyone know the legal student/teacher ratio for 4 year olds in Illinois preschools for private schools? Also, where can my friend get/call more information on this?

Putting a pet down and when to get a new one

April 16, 2015 -

m. s. asks from Bellevue - Last February we had to put our beloved kitty Butterscotch down because of congestive heart failure and tumors. Two months ago we had to put down our much loved bull dog Buster after he was diagnosed with incurable cancer. We didn't want either pet to suffer or be in pa...

Issues with Accessing the Responses to Your Questions

April 9, 2015 -

M. M. asks from Bellevue - I've had a couple of people say they are having issues reading the responses to their questions. Is anyone else having this problem? I'm trying to isolate what might be the issue.

Using Member's Real Names: Warning

March 20, 2015 -

M. M. asks from Bellevue - Going forward, if you use a member's real name after they have changed it for privacy reasons, I will automatically delete that post. If you have a response on the forum which includes a member's real name after they have changed it, and you would like to keep that respo...
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