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Could It Be Twins?

L. S. asks from Omaha

Moms, I know that the only way to know if I'm having twins for sure is to have my ultrasound, which is scheduled in two weeks (I'm 6 weeks along). But I'm growing more anxious by the day wondering if I'm possibly pregnant with two. Here are some things going on that I'd l...

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Middle school kids "dating", really?

S. r. asks from Scottsdale

I keep hearing my dd telling me that some guys and gals at her school (grades 7-8) are "dating"....(this even happened in elementary school.) Apparently these kids go to the movies and walk to places if close enough. I can't even imagine letting my middle schooler "date...

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Dyslexic 6 yr old

J. S. asks from Brooklyn

My DD was just diagnosed with dyslexia/ADHD/Social communication disorder and anxiety. She is currently in a public school with an IEP but it can't address her needs. Does anyone know of a good school in the area or Manhattan that may fit her needs (public or private)? ...

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