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First post-separation holiday is done!

J. B. asks from Boston

Hi Mamas, just wanted to share a small victory! I was surprisingly anxious going into this week, not knowing how my estranged husband and I would handle Thanksgiving (for those who don't know, he and his daughter moved into an apartment, myself and my three sons - two whi...

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When Your Kid is Bullied on Middle School

by Jennifer of "Earmuffs, Kids"

To My Son,

Tonight my heart broke into a million pieces. You were so upset and hurt and I couldn’t make it better for you. You don’t yet understand that when you hurt, my heart breaks too. When you cry, I cry too, in private. Tonight you were upset about middle school. All I could tell you is that “middle school is so hard”. And it is. It is so hard…. More


entertaining kids at a grown-up's party

R. K. asks from El Cerrito

hi all, i'd love some ideas of things i could set up for kids around ages 4-10 to keep them happy during a grown-up evening party. we will have food, music, dancing, and they'll be entertained by us, for sure :). but that may not be enough. it will be cold...

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The 10 Types of Sex Parents Have

It is a wonder that parents – being the exhausted, time-frazzled, uptight, rather un-sensual, snot-stained beings we become – EVER have sex. But miraculously, we DO manage to do it… even if it is once a month. Or less. But actually, when you analyze it, you realize that your odds of having sex are actually a little bit more perky than you may have thought…. More


How to deal with mom cliques

C. M. asks from Chicago

I need advice please about how to deal with being a new mom in a new town where my son's grade moms seem very cliquey. I have tried volunteering tons at his school in an effort to meet people one on one and attend every event for parents to get to know everyone. I have h...

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Ob-Gyn in Lombard/ Elmhurst

k. m. asks from Lombard

Looking for an OBGYN through Elmhurst Medical Group. I have been trying to get pregnant with my first child, and I would like someone who specializes in endometriosis, and has a holistic approach. I don't want someone who will rush to put me on medicine or make the deci...

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