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Need help with a dilemna!!! Am I wrong for feeling this way???

35 minutes ago -

N. A. asks from Blue Bell - Hi mamas I have a situation that warrants opinion of others who don't know me. So I would like honest opinions and answers. Here's the thing, my husband is friends with a single woman with 2 teenage daughters. Now she knows he's married. I have met her on a few occa...

Babies visiting homes for holiday events with large dogs.

1 hour ago -

J. B. asks from Ankeny - I need some mama advice. I am trying to mentally prepare for Thanksgiving. We go to my sister's house and my brother brings his pit bull with him. We used to take our shih-tzus but last Christmas the pitt bull got a little aggressive with our male which made us uncomfo...

Gift Cards where face value is > cost

1 hour ago -

f. b. asks from Kew Gardens - Mamas & Papas- Can anyone direct me to a place where I can buy gift cards for less than their face value, and still get out ahead after transaction fees and costs? i.e. the sort of thing where I can pay $20, and buy a $25 value gift card, and possibly something like a...

Best Gift for Bright 7 Year Old Who Loves Robots (and Loves to Build)

2 hours ago -

S. M. asks from Portland - I am trying to find a challenging gift for my son, 7. He is a great reader, and loves to build. He especially loves robots. I see plenty of kids' robots on amazon, but most are pre-made (and many have horrible reviews). Where can I find a quality (not all pla...

Novasure after vertical C section or Hysterectomy? Help!

4 hours ago -

P. P. asks from Chicago - My gyno recommends I get Novasure ablation. I have been bleeding for 4 months straight with gushing (lots) until I finally got a progesterone pill from my new gyno (old gyno is a whole other story). I am 53 so I can't just continue taking the progesterone. I have multipl...
Photo by: Casey

5 Ways to Take Better Photos of Your Kids Without a Fancy Camera

November 21, 2014

It was the middle of a photoshoot with two adorably energetic little boys. I looked at the back of my camera and immediately exclaimed “YES! THAT PHOTO IS PERFECT!” (in my head, so as not to scare the children). I knew the image was a keeper so I flashed my camera for mom & dad to take a look. “Wow, you have a really nice camera,” was the response. It’s always the response. Nevermind that I strategically posed the boys, I was laying on my stomach in the dirt, and I was trying my best to say things that little boys would find funny (ahem, potty talk). No, it was most certainly my expensive camera….More

Photo by: iStock

When You Do, and Do, and Do for Them, and They Call You Names

November 20, 2014

There is nothing quite so sacred as the time honored family dinner. And because I recognize and hold this ideal close to my heart, it has become a goal – no, a MISSION to get my nuclear unit together for at least one square meal a day….More

Photo by: iStock

The Turkey Day Clusterfluck

November 19, 2014

In my humble mom-opinion, the Birdzilla holiday is definitely the King pin of all holiday clusterFLUCKS….More


Holding pee

November 18, 2014 -

J. G. asks from Chicago - My oldest two kids were completely potty trained, night, poop, pee, at 21 months. My current little one is 21 months and she is holding pee. She started waking dry from naps months ago, and I'd put her on the potty, she'd go, etc..but after a week, she just stopped. I'...

Tae Bo for weight loss & toning

November 18, 2014 -

N. R. asks from Chicago - Going old school here and looking at buying Tae Bo dvds. I remember a LOT of success stories about 15 years ago with this exercise program. I'm interested in the fact that it's aerobic, all over toning, easy to follow, 30-60 minutes, burns calories. If anyone has had succ...

Regular detergent in an HE

November 18, 2014 -

J. G. asks from Chicago - I just finished up a bottle of tide cold, and I noticed that the bottle, and the new one I grabbed out of storage, aren't HE. I've had an HE machine for 7 years. I'm stunned I bought regular detergent. My machine seems to be OK. I barely use any detergent when I wash. ...

Most Terrifying Moment as a Parent

October 28, 2014 - List

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