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What Motivates Giving?

N. R. asks from Chicago

Middle school is a tough fundraising crowd. People are burned out on giving and now that kids are more autonomous, parents aren't that connected to the school, so an even harder sell. We really do need money from families able to give to support school programs that make ...

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North V. South And The Snow Storm

Those of us not on the East Coast have found ourselves watching in amazement as a monster snowstorm dumped literally feet of the white stuff in New York and the surrounding areas. Even southern snow rookies in states like Tennessee and Georgia found themselves scooting to the store to invest in a snow shovel and lay in a supply of bread and peanut butter…. More


To The Woman Who Criticized My Parenting

You’re fat. You’re ugly. You have an awful cheerleader voice. I’ve heard it all over the years. As a television news anchor, it comes with the territory: Not everyone will like you. It was a tough pill to swallow early in my career, but the older I get, the more confidence I have about who I am. Viewers often attack the appearance and performance of news anchors, but that’s about as personal as it gets. That was until now, in my case…. More