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questions about baby quilts?? my facebookpage is [email protected] karinhowell

K. H. asks from Midlothian

..the question about baby quilts have been booted..reason, unknown ..please contact me on my facebook page for details on the baby quilts..thanks

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I read a blog post

S. W. asks from Birmingham

Hello All, I read a blog post on this site some time ago and it's sticking in the back of my mind. I thought I'd throw it out there for opinions. Basically the poster stated that she, and she was far more articulate than my summation will be, was sick of people compl...

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What is a Doula?

by Kathryn Walsh of "Mamapedia"

Like an epidural or a never-ending supply of ice chips, you don’t technically need a doula to have a smooth birth… but it sure can help. The assistance of a qualified doula can make every part of labor easier. Partners get overwhelmed, doctors and nurses have to attend to other patients, but your doula will always be by your side and focused on you. We talked to Christine Herrera, a birth and postpartum doula working in Syracuse, NY, about what a difference a doula can make…. More


Boys voice change-puberty

T. S. asks from Woodbridge

My 11 year old has been hoarse for a couple days can this be the beginning of his voice changing??? The hoarseness is coming and going. He has had other signs of puberty body odor since last year hair/peach fuzz increase in size downstairs. He has complete privacy but we...

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