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Therapy for a 4 year old

I. G. asks from Sacramento

I've been trying to get a therapist for my son for the past month and none of the therapist return my call or emails. I think I've exhausted all of my near by options. The reason why I seeking one in the first place is because I recently saw my son doing inappropriate t...

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44 cycle day. No period. Negative tests.

S. D. asks from Lake Geneva

My fiancé and I have protected sex when I'm fertile and don't use protection on my non fertile days. My period is usually between 32-35 days. I've never been this late before except when I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 4. I took a HPT 5 days ago and yesterday ...

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losing a kitten!

J. G. asks from Chicago

We got our children two kittens some 4 months back. They are now 6 months old, and the sweetest, most gorgeous kitten you'd ever meet has FIT. Soon we will need to put her down. How do we best handle this with our children? Thus far we have been honest about talking ab...

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An Open Letter to the Nap Time Expert

Dear So-called Nap Expert,

I’m not surprised you elected yourself to serve as resident sleep specialist. There seems to be one parent in every bunch. You know what I mean: the one who reads a handful of parenting books and deems themselves an authority. The one who acts as if they hold a Ph.D. in breastfeeding, teething, or discipline. The know-it-all. More


What brought you joy this week?

B. P. asks from Chicago

I'm trying to focus on joy...just in general. Also, it gives me an opportunity for an unveiled brag! Our son, who has learning disabilities, just came back from his second time at a specialized camp It was up and down. However, the Executive Director of the camp has o...

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Moms of teens, send me good vibes!

B. P. asks from Chicago

I've posted before, so bear with me! Our son is 14 and going into high school. He just came back from almost 30 days at sleep away camp, where there was 4 hours of academics, structured meal times and only 15 minutes of screen. Since he has learning disabilities, the n...

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