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A Mother’s Farewell

A few weeks after we were married, Billy and I strolled into a coffee house in Alexandria. There on the bulletin board was a sign advertising beagle puppies born on our wedding day. If ever there was a sign, this was it. It seemed serendipitous to start our new life together with a little ball of fur to whom we were forever joined by a sunny day in January. We named him Charlottesville, in honor of the place where we met and fell in love…. More


I have a black eye - help! :(

J. H. asks from Westfield

Wow - I haven't been on Mamapedia for a while! Yesterday my dog wrapped her leash around my legs and I fell, eventually hitting the ground with my browbone. I immediately got a goose egg (totally giving me a misshapen head - my kids were slightly horrified!). That swel...

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