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shooting pains in shoulder blades

3 hours ago -

B. D. asks from Pittsburgh - So all I was doing was cleaning the bathroom, no heavy exertion. The pain was on both sides, it was stabbing, and it hurt to move certain ways. I only feel a slight residual something now. The only time I think I had something similar was when I had a respiratory infec...

Oh no! Grandparents day at school!

3 hours ago -

V. S. asks from Coatesville - My son't kindergarten is hosting a grandparent's day in early April. Why does this upset me so? Well, he does not have a grandparent to bring. My father is deceased, mother lives 3 hours away and is 90% homebound due to crippling arthritis and a heart condition, mother-...

Paying a homeschool Mom

5 hours ago -

E. B. asks from Sour Lake - I will be needing to homeschool my 13 year old son who has learning as well as behavioral issues. I won't be able to do it myself. If I were to pay a retired teacher or homeschool Mom to do it, how much would be appropriate?? How much time is involved?? My understandi...

14 Month Old Terrified of Outside and New Things All Together

5 hours ago -

C. D. asks from Bellevue - So, I can partially blame myself for this. Being a new mom with mostly the advice of family over the phone I was told babies should stay inside as much as possible due to the dangers of getting sick and their little immune systems and the potential to stress them out easy...
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Stop Procrastinating Pull Up Lovin' Parents and Potty Train!

February 26, 2015

If you’re a parent that’s using Pull Ups… STOP. Just STOP right here. You don’t need to read on. Because you’re obviously scared. You’re obviously putting off the P-O-T-T-Y because you don’t want to deal with the disgusting, ugly, filthy, stinky truth about Potty Training….More

Photo by: Stacey Gill

Why Is Teen Fashion So... Ugly?

February 25, 2015

I recently spent some time at the mall. It’s something I vigorously try to avoid, but I have a teenage daughter and that complicates my efforts. It seems teenage girls’ life-blood springs directly from the mall… or they can buy it there or something. I don’t know. I try not to get too involved. I just know teen girls must go to the mall frequently or they’ll “die”. And, considering we were having mid-winter break (because two weeks of winter break apparently isn’t enough), and The Kid racked up a good amount of gift cards over Christmas, I agreed to take her….More

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Why Adult Men and Women Can't Be "Just Friends"

February 24, 2015

When I was a teen and in my 20s, I had a few close guy friends. Had you asked me then if men and women could be friends, I would not have hesitated to answer: abso-f#@king-lutely! After all, those were the days when we thrived on complication. It was the time to blur those lines, to dive into the unknown and to entertain the what ifs and why nots as we so fancied. Those blurry-lined friendships were a rite of passage. They educated us on the kinds of relationships we’d have throughout our lives….More


When to start wearing make up

February 18, 2015 -

J. H. asks from Westfield - Especially for mamas with pre-teen and/or teen girls, when did your girls start wearing make up? I can see a lot of my daughter's friends are wearing makeup, but the amount of makeup is across the spectrum - most wear just a little bit but a handful wear way too much f...


February 14, 2015 -

S. H. asks from Holmdel - ...... OK y'all can stop being So Judge mental how do you all know I wanted another baby? And I was on birth control. And no the father of my 2 youngest had a deises that my children caught and the drs are just now saving this baby and myself from it. I just found this ou...

Mulluscum Contagiosum

February 10, 2015 -

M. W. asks from Flushing - My 5 year old daughter has mulluscum. It is highly contagious among children and can last for a fairly long time. I cant keep my daughter away from other children for months. My daughter's pediatririan said just to make sure she doesnt bathe with any other children. I sho...

6 year old - bedwetting advice

February 9, 2015 -

M. I. asks from Bloomfield - Hi all. My son hasn't had a dry night yet. He turned 6 in early December. He has been daytime dry since he was like 3. There's definitely a hereditary thing going on with our family...however, his cousin was definitely having naturally dry nights by 6 years old. We swi...
Photo by: Methyl Lives

How to Get The Picture-Perfect Family Holiday Photo

New York:
December 12, 2010

Sitting in Central Park this weekend, I watched as a professional photographer brought her clients to a picture-perfect hideaway for the classic holiday card photo shoot. The little munchkins and their parents, all dressed up in holiday-wear, were positioned in just the right way and instructed to say “cheese” for the camera. Let’s face it. This photo is important. It represents an entire year of existence and growth for the family, as it is mailed out to close friends and family….More

Photo by: Chevrestt for News

Take a Bite Out of Big Apple Food Costs

New York:
November 18, 2010

Even though New Yorkers pay some of the highest prices for food in the country, we are blessed with a few special resources that can help us chomp away at that giant grocery bill….More

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