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Potty Training--How do you go from little potty to big potty?

1 hour ago -

V. T. asks from Chantilly - I trained my daughter on the big potty so I didn't have this problem. I thought it would be easier to train my boys on little potties so they could go at the same time. It looks like we finally go them where they go on their own without even asking or us having to tell ...

For all the moms of special needs kids

2 hours ago -

D. F. asks from Monmouth Junction - My son is 6 and is autistic and has adhd. He has always been a very difficult child but since he was born I fought for him every day. I have fought with therapists, doctors, teachers all to make sure he gets everything he needs. I have always put him before myself and hav...

Why is this child so unappreciative?

3 hours ago -

K. C. asks from Houston - Watch this video starting from 5:53, and you will see this 2 month old baby cried when he got his vaccinations. Why can't he just be grateful that serious diseases are prevented? What's also disturbing is after the shots, his mother...

storing board games without boxes

3 hours ago -

J. G. asks from Chicago - We have multiple game boxes that are basically unusable. How do you store board games without their original box? I'm thinking of bigger storage boxes and paper clipping bags with game pieces to the boards? I'm sure one of you smart ladies has already figured out a ...
Photo by: Linda Roy

To the Parents Hung Up on their Cell Phones

January 28, 2015

Maybe this bothers you too. God, I hope so, because I want to commiserate.

Let me give you an example. At one of my son’s soccer games, a woman sitting next to me spent the entire hour or so on her cell phone….More


Men Vs. Woman On Online affairs.

January 27, 2015 -

L. L. asks from New York - I have come across it many times. Men go online, chatting with other woman, not always in appropiate ways, and just going a little too far, and alot of them think it is fine as they see it as not a real affair. Where as most women consider it cheating. They had a poll rec...
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Grace and Hopes in Dirty Carpets

January 27, 2015

It started with shoes and carpet.

On the main floor of our old house all we had was tile and hardwood. Over several years of living there, all of us got used to just walking into the house with our shoes on. Sometimes, I got sick of the mud and dirt tracked in, but it wasn’t anything some soapy water couldn’t fix. Basically, my requests for ‘shoes off’ fell on deaf ears….More

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Dear Son: Farts Aren't for Sharing

January 26, 2015

The other day my four-year-old farted on me as a defense mechanism while I was tickling him, like a squid inking a predator or a skunk dropping a stink bomb when he’s afraid. He thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever done and then decided to repeat the hilarity until his eyes watered with the effort of squeezing out the last molecules of gas from his small body. He laughed, and I composed this letter in my head….More


middle school hurdle

January 22, 2015 -

n. l. asks from Cranford - my once popular son who is such a great kid...truly...he is smart , athletic and mostly kind, once he started middle school has been ignored by all the boys he grew up with and felt so comfortable with, as i did with their moms . they dont include him in anything , but a...

Allergy bra

January 22, 2015 -

D. B. asks from Brooklyn - Is anyone allergic to bras.\? I usually wear Maidenform but have to put tissues in the cups to prevent itchiness. Just bought a great fitting Warner bra, wore it once five days ago, and have been suffering ever since with itchy red welts under my breasts. Any suggestions?

Most Terrifying Moment as a Parent

December 23, 2014 - List

Photo by: Methyl Lives

How to Get The Picture-Perfect Family Holiday Photo

New York:
December 12, 2010

Sitting in Central Park this weekend, I watched as a professional photographer brought her clients to a picture-perfect hideaway for the classic holiday card photo shoot. The little munchkins and their parents, all dressed up in holiday-wear, were positioned in just the right way and instructed to say “cheese” for the camera. Let’s face it. This photo is important. It represents an entire year of existence and growth for the family, as it is mailed out to close friends and family….More

Photo by: Chevrestt for News

Take a Bite Out of Big Apple Food Costs

New York:
November 18, 2010

Even though New Yorkers pay some of the highest prices for food in the country, we are blessed with a few special resources that can help us chomp away at that giant grocery bill….More

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