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Three year old acting out

1 hour ago -

j. k. asks from Los Angeles - My daughter who turned 3 about two weeks ago has been acting out since the beginning of the year when her brother was born (she was 2.5 at the time). My opinion is that her issues with having a new brother has gotten better. While she can still only tolerate him for sho...

when to landfill

3 hours ago -

M. L. asks from Conneaut - I am tackling closets today. My dd has a brand new looking winter coat, the zipper has broken. she wore a hoodie under it the last few months of winter, so it is usable i offered it on freecycle to anyone that might either really need a coat or might have the skil...

Is there a good time to ever euthanize..

3 hours ago -

l. l. asks from Campbellsburg - We've had our rescue dog for 6 years now. I have no way of knowing how old he is because he was found along side the road and one vet said he was 5 another said 9. It's hard to tell because he has the whitest teeth still to this day. We have two other rescue dogs and th...

Not a question, a warning for all parents out there to know your child's rights

4 hours ago -

S. P. asks from New Orleans - If you child is struggling in a public school, demand the school do an evaluation for learning disabilities - it is your right under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Your child is entitled to a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)- that means t...

Getting a fish?

7 hours ago -

M. M. asks from Chicago - All, My 7 yr old has been asking for a fish, and I think he's probably ready for the responsibility of taking care of it. I have zero experience with fish. What is a good, lower maintenance, hearty fish for a little guy? I don't want to do a big tank with several, just ...

Has anyone dealt with a person with borderline personality disorder?

July 30, 2015 -

A. D. asks from Chicago - Found out recently that my daughter has borderline personality disorder, although the diagnosis is unofficial since she has not taken the "test" for it. I asked the therapist she has been seeing for over a year for a diagnosis earlier this month, she told me she thought ...

More In Law Advice Needed....

July 30, 2015 -

A. D. asks from Chicago - Held a high school graduation party recently for my daughter, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law did not respond by phone, email, text or through Facebook. They ended up as no shows but did not even have the courtesy to respond that they were not coming. As much as the...
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From the Mom Who Has No Answers

July 31, 2015

As a blogger and freelance writer, I am constantly trying to find a balance between writing quality pieces, and writing pieces that get the clicks. Sometimes, I find the perfect combination of the two, and things go crazy for a while. And then I realize I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, after all….More

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When You Lose a Friend Because They Just Don't Care Enough

July 30, 2015

I read the email and felt like I had been physically slapped across the face.

“Allison would like to be permanently removed from your mailing list.”…More

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When Your Little Ones Ask About Touching Privates

July 29, 2015

Recently, my four-year-old daughter has become interested in genitalia. Not just her own, but other childrens’, too. While I’m not a prude, I do want to make sure I send her the right message. The one I never received….More


Anyone have experience with a pit bull labrador mix dog?

July 27, 2015 -

K. M. asks from Glencoe - I have experience with labs, but none with pits. I know they have a bad rap, typically, but I have no personal experience. Anyone have experience with a mix of these breeds? I can't really go up the bloodline for info, as it would be an adoption. Thanks all!

Bedtime Routine Obstacles

July 14, 2015 - List

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