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Where can I take baked goods?

L. .. asks from Raleigh

Mamas, I love to bake. Love it. Especially around the holidays. But I can't keep it all for me because I would weigh 400 pounds! I was thinking about baking some muffins or cookies to donate somewhere but I'm not sure who would accept them. I thought I'd take some t...

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The Time I Encountered Refugees at Sea

by Kate of "365 Outside"

This is one of those stories that I have thought about sharing so many times. One of those stories that made me stop and think for a long time afterwards. One of those stories that changes the way you think about who you are and what your values are. One of those stories that makes you ask hard questions about yourself…. More


2nd grade boys in showers...

S. T. asks from Clemons

My son is a second grader. Recently he and about five of his friends, all in second grade, were in a shower room after a pool party. From outside I could hear that there was some misbehavior in the shower and that my son was involved. So I stepped in and corrected him - n...

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How to deal with mom cliques

C. M. asks from Chicago

I need advice please about how to deal with being a new mom in a new town where my son's grade moms seem very cliquey. I have tried volunteering tons at his school in an effort to meet people one on one and attend every event for parents to get to know everyone. I have h...

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Ob-Gyn in Lombard/ Elmhurst

k. m. asks from Lombard

Looking for an OBGYN through Elmhurst Medical Group. I have been trying to get pregnant with my first child, and I would like someone who specializes in endometriosis, and has a holistic approach. I don't want someone who will rush to put me on medicine or make the deci...

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