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Friend's Sadness (Warning-Triggers inside)

M. C. asks from Chicago

I am at a loss with this. A friend I have known since high school lost one of her sisters a few years to drinking/liver failure. She had two little ones who then went to live with my friend's other sister. Last fall this other sister's son tragically died in a car acciden...

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Rash around my daughters eyes

N. D. asks from Marion

My daughter developed a rash around her eyes when she was three months old. My pediatrician said it was eczema. We have tried Aveeno lotion and she put her on a steroid. when the steroid was all gone she got the rash again. Next she said it could be allergies and she now ...

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The Day My Son Got An EpiPen

My toddler son sniffled and wrestled off the padded table. He was relieved to be done with the test and we were relieved to get the results. After looking at the grid marked on his back, the nurse informed us egg was the offender causing his skin to rise into red hives…. More