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How do I get my 3 yr old to eat food???

K. W. asks from Thibodaux

My 3yr old only drinks milk, eat gerber yogurt and a handful of things but nothing like a meal. She will occasionally eat popcorn,graham crackers, McDonald's fries and of all things funyons. I cry at night because she doesn't and won't eat. Now she has started a preschool...

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Wart remover for Mulluscum.. Good or bad?

B. M. asks from Wilmington

My 5yr old has Mulluscum and has had it for about a year now. We've been to the doc and he gave us a little gel for it. My husbands brother had it when he was young too and they used a wart removing treatment at home. Is this a good idea or does it make the condition worse?

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Quick Healthy Meals for Kids

Cheri Bagley is a California-based, retired chef whose clients frequently demanded healthy food choices for themselves and their children. Bagley, who has four grown children of her own and a new generation of their kids to feed, says that cooking healthy is “All about flavor maximization and finding creative ways to disguise vegetables.”…”/voices/quick-healthy-meals-for-kids" class="more"> More


7 year old on Guanfacine for ADHD

B. S. asks from New York

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5. At age 7 started meds, Ritalin - she couldn't tolerate, had fast heart rate with palpitations but improved focus in school. Switched to Guanfacine And got even better focus report from teacher stated her to be more pleasant wi...

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