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Wanting a mum's advice- breast tenderness/swelling, nausea and fatigue

1 hour ago -

L. B. asks from Saint Cloud - I have had super sore/swollen breasts for the last 3 days (like almost a cup size) and night sickness like pretty much on the dot at 9pm every night. I have been ridiculously tired for the last week like where I'm only awake for like a max of 8 hours before I'm exhausted ...

Blood Type

1 hour ago -

E. A. asks from Prior Lake - I have a four month old son and I just realized I don't know his blood type. I know they told me when I was in the hospital after he was born but everything from that time is such a blur. Is there a document that I can find that on? Also, in thinking about this I realized...

Tips and tricks for a fussy two year old?

3 hours ago -

T. F. asks from Laurel - Going to my inlaws for thanksgiving means that everyone has to wear formal wear. I decided to have the girls try on the new dresses again today before they were packed just to make sure everything still fit and that I knew exactly what was needed. My two year old is proba...


4 hours ago -

G. G. asks from Aurora - my daughter seems to get a lot of warts on her hands. Thoughts or suggestions!

6year old struggling with behavior in school

November 22, 2014 -

R. R. asks from Chicago - Hi moms, I'll try to keep this short. We just had our first parent teacher conference with my son's first grade teacher. We have had no communication with him previously outside of brief greetings at drop off and pick up. School work and tests being sent home seem fin...

Novasure after vertical C section or Hysterectomy? Help!

November 21, 2014 -

P. P. asks from Chicago - My gyno recommends I get Novasure ablation. I have been bleeding for 4 months straight with gushing (lots) until I finally got a progesterone pill from my new gyno (old gyno is a whole other story). I am 53 so I can't just continue taking the progesterone. I have multipl...
Photo by: Linda Wolfe

Which Do You Choose Ladies? Your Face, or Your Fanny?

November 22, 2014

I was at a costume party recently when a handsome young gentleman smiled broadly at me and remarked that it was “nice to see a woman eat and drink.” At the time I was holding a slice of pizza in one hand, a Vampire’s Delight (a wickedly delicious vodka concoction) in the other….More

Photo by: iStock

A Childhood Without Waiting

November 23, 2014

While many families with young children were fleeing New York City in the mid-1960s, my parents put their names on a waiting list for a two-bedroom, middle-income apartment on the Upper West Side. In 1968 they moved in and my older brother was born….More

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What I've Learned from Modern Dads

November 24, 2014

Several years ago, while talking to a stay at home dad at my daughters’ preschool, he told me about how he lost his engineering job when his company got purchased, and in the same week his wife landed a new, well-paying gig for an accounting firm. His youngest had three years until he would be in school full time. When they ran the numbers, they determined it made sense for him to make a career change. After joking about the initial feeling of emasculation, he said he willingly embraced his new role….More


Holding pee

November 18, 2014 -

J. G. asks from Chicago - My oldest two kids were completely potty trained, night, poop, pee, at 21 months. My current little one is 21 months and she is holding pee. She started waking dry from naps months ago, and I'd put her on the potty, she'd go, etc..but after a week, she just stopped. I'...

Tae Bo for weight loss & toning

November 18, 2014 -

N. R. asks from Chicago - Going old school here and looking at buying Tae Bo dvds. I remember a LOT of success stories about 15 years ago with this exercise program. I'm interested in the fact that it's aerobic, all over toning, easy to follow, 30-60 minutes, burns calories. If anyone has had succ...

Most Terrifying Moment as a Parent

October 28, 2014 - List

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