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Changing out eyeglass lenses-Henderson NV

L. S. asks from Henderson

I was wondering if anyone knew of an eyeglass place that is cooperative with families or has a plan that will work with you changing out eyeglass lenses possibly a few times a year? I know I am not the only parent that has to do this. Insurance only offers lenses every so...

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What Motivates Giving?

N. R. asks from Chicago

Middle school is a tough fundraising crowd. People are burned out on giving and now that kids are more autonomous, parents aren't that connected to the school, so an even harder sell. We really do need money from families able to give to support school programs that make ...

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No, My Kids Don't NEED Their Own Rooms

I know that we’re all in the parenting club so we all think it’s a fabulous idea to give each other unsolicited advice. I’m sure I’ve done it to other moms and I’m sorry. But I seriously don’t need to be told that my kids NEED their own room. I have more children then bedrooms, that doesn’t mean that I’m doing them some massive disservice…. More


Water Play, Yay?!

-Originally published in Golden Gate Mothers Group Magazine – July/August 2015

After I delivered my third baby, a hospital nurse carefully, almost reverently, passed me a “sitz bath,” a plastic tub that sits on top of a standard toilet seat with a bag of water connected to it by a tube. You know, so that a new mama can submerge her beleaguered lady parts in warm water without hoisting herself into the bathtub. Since the gravity-powered nether regions soaker didn’t float my boat the first two times around, I tossed it aside. “Wait!” my husband cried, “Stuart will love that.”… More