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Realistically, how long to get my husband out of my house?

8 hours ago -

J. B. asks from Boston - So ladies, I think I've finally reached a breaking point in my marriage. Husband has just been a combative ass lately. My spidey senses were going off so I checked his phone, which is normally locked but for some reason wasn't, and he's been trying very hard to hook up wi...

Tubal Ligation

8 hours ago -

L. D. asks from Anahuac - I have had two c-sections and with this last one I had a tubal ligation at the age of 21 . It's been eight months since I've had c-section and tubal ligation and still no menstural cycle ... Plus no sexual desire, hair loss, and mood swings ! Is this normal after tubal li...

9-Year Old's Behavior Feels Disrespectful

9 hours ago -

O. L. asks from Long Beach - My 9-year old son is disrespectful at times around adults. While I'm talking to another adult, he'll demand that we leave or go home from where we are at. Usually, it's after school while I'm talking to other adults. Or, tonight while I was talking to a friend, he kept sa...

Washing chlorine out of swimsuit

10 hours ago -

S. r. asks from Arvada - Any laundry tricks to get chlorine out of a swimsuit? I swim a lot and it seems like I'm always having to buy another suit because the chlorine eats it away. I usually buy nice one piece suits, not cheapies, but they still fall apart.
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Having Difficulties Teaching Your Teen Social Media Safety?

May 27, 2015

I’ve had a successful, private, psychology practice for almost twenty years. Half of my clients are adults and half children and teens. It is not uncommon on the first visit to encounter a motivated parent and a resistant teen. And by “resistant” I mean sullen, unfriendly, and sometimes outright hostile….More


Awesome Graduation Gifts

21 hours ago - List

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Letting Go of the Things That No Longer Serve You

May 26, 2015

I am not a bug person. I get squeamish when I see spiders and I’d rather not touch slugs if I can help it. I know spiders and slugs aren’t technically bugs, but whatever, same difference….More

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13 Things Moms of Boys Should Know

May 25, 2015

Having two daughters in no way prepared me for the birth of my son on the 3rd go round. The dirt, the mischief, the Urine. Dear God the urine. The best way to describe my handsome little beast would be to morph Dennis the Menace and Curious George. Buttons must be pushed, doors must be opened, remotes must be taken apart. Things must be broken and smashed merely to find out if they can be. Like a moth to a flame, if it is dangerous or it has the potential to be life threatening, he will be drawn to it….More


Need help coping with the loss of my dog

May 21, 2015 -

W. V. asks from New York - First off, I'm not a mama but was a very proud papa to my dog. I apologize if this community is for women only but I couldn't find anything else plus I prefer to talk with women anyway. My dog was 14 years old. Despite his age and a few medical conditions, he was still ...

SAHM Daily Routine

May 20, 2015 -

R. S. asks from Woodbridge - Hoping I can get some examples of SAHM daily schedules. How do you conduct your day? When do you play with your kids, run errands, clean, etc. Share if you would like. TIA!

Grandma's fingers in baby's mouth

May 8, 2015 -

O. V. asks from New York - Love my MIL. She is helping us a lot with kids. Hate that she constantly puts her fingers into my 6 months old baby's mouth. The baby has been teething but she has a bunch of teething rings and sophie the giraffes. I have been saying - oh, lets give her a ring etc....

Help! I need advice about dividing my family up due to job across the country.

May 2, 2015 -

S. L. asks from New York - My husband got a job offer in LA and we live outside Boston. We are recently married and share 5 kids between us. I have a three, my oldest is 25 , lives in the general area and soon to be married , starting a family of her own. My other two are 15 and 12 . They live w...
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How to Get The Picture-Perfect Family Holiday Photo

New York:
December 12, 2010

Sitting in Central Park this weekend, I watched as a professional photographer brought her clients to a picture-perfect hideaway for the classic holiday card photo shoot. The little munchkins and their parents, all dressed up in holiday-wear, were positioned in just the right way and instructed to say “cheese” for the camera. Let’s face it. This photo is important. It represents an entire year of existence and growth for the family, as it is mailed out to close friends and family….More

Photo by: Chevrestt for News

Take a Bite Out of Big Apple Food Costs

New York:
November 18, 2010

Even though New Yorkers pay some of the highest prices for food in the country, we are blessed with a few special resources that can help us chomp away at that giant grocery bill….More

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