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I have a crazy mother.

O. L. asks from Long Beach

I'm convinced that my mom is crazy.She's one of those people who can hide it well because she "looks" put together. She dresses well, she lives independently, she's social, etc. But, since i was a young girl, I can remember her being intensely jealous of me, emotionally a...

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won't stack or throw a ball

a. c. asks from Fort Campbell

My daughter is almost 16 months and she won't stack blocks or throw a ball. She just drops the ball when we ask her to throw it or she goes to throw it overhead and it just goes backwards. Has anyone else had this issue with their LO's?

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Before I Can Accept the Life I Have...

by Toni Hammer

My life is good. Better than most I imagine. I have two smart kids. I have a husband who works hard. We have a roof over our heads and too many fruit snacks in our pantry. It’s a good life. But sometimes…… More


When Your Kid is Bullied on Middle School

by Jennifer of "Earmuffs, Kids"

To My Son,

Tonight my heart broke into a million pieces. You were so upset and hurt and I couldn’t make it better for you. You don’t yet understand that when you hurt, my heart breaks too. When you cry, I cry too, in private. Tonight you were upset about middle school. All I could tell you is that “middle school is so hard”. And it is. It is so hard…. More


Cyber Monday DIAMONDS!!!

Eleven years ago I saw a 60 Minutes episode which would change how I felt about diamonds forever. The episode was an exposè on the diamond industry and a select group of companies behind some very bad things happening to people in Africa. Of course, it was all to line their pockets with billions of dollars…. More