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using BCAA supplements during pregnancy

m. t. asks from Nashville

I have always been very active in my exercise and yoga prior to my pregnancy , and i have taken a BCAA supplement to combat muscle aches and repair. So I am wondering, as my first doc appt is several weeks out, is it okay to continue to take that? It is just an amino acid...

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Why a "snow day"?

C. W. asks from Nashville

OK ladies, I was wondering if anyone could help me shed some light on this. I can't for the life of me figure out why my granddaughter's day care provider needs to take a "snow day" or adjust to a "snow schedule". SHE RUNS THE DAY CARE FROM HOME!!!! So all she has to d...

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Is parenting stressful?

O. L. asks from Long Beach

I'm going to start my question over because perhaps I am talking about parenting, but I am also talking about how you manage yourself in your relationships (whether that be with your kids, your spouse, etc). The reason I ask is because I find myself on a road of unhap...

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No, My Kids Don't NEED Their Own Rooms

I know that we’re all in the parenting club so we all think it’s a fabulous idea to give each other unsolicited advice. I’m sure I’ve done it to other moms and I’m sorry. But I seriously don’t need to be told that my kids NEED their own room. I have more children then bedrooms, that doesn’t mean that I’m doing them some massive disservice…. More


Water Play, Yay?!

-Originally published in Golden Gate Mothers Group Magazine – July/August 2015

After I delivered my third baby, a hospital nurse carefully, almost reverently, passed me a “sitz bath,” a plastic tub that sits on top of a standard toilet seat with a bag of water connected to it by a tube. You know, so that a new mama can submerge her beleaguered lady parts in warm water without hoisting herself into the bathtub. Since the gravity-powered nether regions soaker didn’t float my boat the first two times around, I tossed it aside. “Wait!” my husband cried, “Stuart will love that.”… More


Dyslexic 6 yr old

J. S. asks from Brooklyn

My DD was just diagnosed with dyslexia/ADHD/Social communication disorder and anxiety. She is currently in a public school with an IEP but it can't address her needs. Does anyone know of a good school in the area or Manhattan that may fit her needs (public or private)? ...

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