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Helping adult son to get over breakup

S. I. asks from Kearny

My 22 years old son was left by his girlfriend a couple of months ago. They were together for 4 years, both students, and they were living together for the last 2 years. He was studying in another town (he is finishing now) and he also has a part-time job there, but he co...

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Careers which involve animals and science

B. P. asks from Chicago

Our 14 year old son has always adored animals. It is more than the usual liking dogs and cats and cuddly animals. He is a whiz at 20 questions, cause his answers always involve one of the 20 types of salmon or birds in Micronesia. My husband and I joke that he's going t...

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Question for bakers

M. F. asks from Cleveland

For my son's birthday party tomorrow I have made a cake that has three tiers on it and does not fit in my fridge. The cakes were baked last night and frozen and I plan on making the icing in the morning made of sugar, cream cheese, butter(I think) and marshmallow cream an...

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Why I Stopped Fast-forwarding Commercials During Kids' Shows

During our childhood, we had barely a couple of shows every weekend aimed at children. We would wait eagerly all week long. Then when the show times would approach, we would put sibling rivalries and play time squabbles on hold to watch the shows together. There was no pause button for live TV and no record button to watch it for later. So, if you missed a show, you missed it. There will again be the nail-biting wait till the next weekend before a one-minute recap will let you live the precious seconds of what your missed episode…. More


Rules for an almost 15 year old

B. P. asks from Chicago

Our son is now, almost 15. He's a good kid. Despite a learning disability, he works hard in school, turns in his homework and even asked for tutoring at home to help him with his schoolwork. However, we have the following issues with him: He'd rather spend his day wat...

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Four Ways To Keep Kids Safe This Summer

While summer is a time for us to be a bit more carefree, staying up late and sometimes having ice cream for dinner, it is also a time to be vigilant about child safety. Pools can be very dangerous and the littlest ones are susceptible to heat stroke and exhaustion dealing with the heat and humidity that summer can bring (I’m sure you agree with me on this one, fellow Midwesterners). Since we are like many other families that like to spend their summers out and about on adventures, I’m sharing four ways to keep kids safe this summer…. More


Have I Failed My Child This Summer?

Accepting the chasm between the imagined and actual reality is never easy.

I am in constant struggle with accepting the breach when it comes to scrutinizing both my own life trajectory, as well as my parenting life. And I’m not just talking about grand ideals on how I want to parent or my dreams of how my child should blossom. No, the reality is that it’s a daily struggle, a sense of guilt, if you will, when you picture what good parenting looks like in terms of day to day activities. This angst gets even more pronounced during the summer break…. More