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slow cooker recipes...

10 hours ago -

s. w. asks from Birmingham - Hello Moms and Dads, I love using my slow cooker/crock pot but am coming up short on recipes. Can you please share any favorites? No restrictions, allergy or otherwise, but the fewer the ingredients the better. Also, longer cook times on low work better for our curr...
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Insults and Insights from My Three Year Old

September 5, 2015

My day today started with opening one eye at the crack of dawn to see Little Man staring at me about an inch away from my face….More


Cub Scout Popcorn Prizes

15 hours ago -

G. . asks from Springfield - What are some fun prizes for Boys aged 6 to 11. I'm helping with Popcorn sales this year, and our pack wants to come up with some prizes to offer incentives to the boys. I'm drawing a blank. What would they want that they don't already have? I thought maybe a lanter...

15 month old has explosive diarrhea for almost 2 weeks. smells like strong fish

17 hours ago -

d. l. asks from East Brunswick - My daughter is 15 months old, she has had very explosive watery diarrhea for about ten days if not longer. she has had no fever or no signs of abdominal discomfort. i have not noticed any mucus in the stool. however this morning when she woke up the BM smell filled up the...

Swollen gums and braces, 10 yr old daughter

17 hours ago -

A. L. asks from Revere - My 10 year old daughter has had top braces for 8 weeks. I bought her a Sonicare tooth brush and she uses it twice a day. At school after lunch, she brushes most days when she has time with a regular manual toothbrush. She flosses every night with Oral B threader floss ...
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Stop Terrifying Pregnant Women with Your Unsolicited Remarks!

September 4, 2015

Unsolicited advice and pregnancy are like drunkards and a frat party, you can’t have one without the other. When I was pregnant with my first, it felt like my physical presence as a pregnant woman triggered everyone’s desire to reminisce about their darkest and craziest pregnancy/parenting stories….More


Preparing for the last decade of your parents life

September 3, 2015 -

J. G. asks from Chicago - My parents buried my father's last sibling yesterday, and we just found out this afternoon that my mom's last sibling went into hospice today. My folks are 76 and 78. Their siblings all mostly lived to around 90. I'm curious, how do I mentally prepare for this nex...

6th birthday guest list - lots of kids

September 3, 2015 -

W. D. asks from Chicago - We love parties. I come from a family that is very social and we love hosting a party. My daughter seems to have gotten that same party gene. ;) For those of you who have larger families with kids the same age.....and large guest lists....what do you do? How big are yo...

Good Idea or Not?

September 1, 2015 -

l. c. asks from Downers Grove - I have a gynecologist appointment for my annual pap, etc. I was going to bring my 4 yo daughter with but then I thought she might be freaked out seeing what goes on. I can get a baby sitter and not bring her and that's what I'm leaning towards. What do you think?? Too ...

How to Back Up Data on a Free Internet site

September 1, 2015 -

M. A. asks from Chicago - Hi moms, Any tips on how I back up my PC computer files onto a free internet service? I've heard of the cloud, etc., but I'm kinda clueless. I lost a lot of documents last year due to a virus and we now have a new computer. Figure I should finally back up documents, p...
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Why I Hate Homework: It's Not What You Think

September 3, 2015

My son just started third grade two weeks ago. Barely two weeks into the school year, I’ve already read Facebook posts from parents of the other third graders complaining about the amount of homework these kids are given. I get it, believe me, I do. I would much rather go for a root canal than sit with my son and lecture him on what needs to be done NOW instead of later and that he needs to do it PROPERLY and never sloppily. I wish we could just sit side-by-side peacefully watching our respective favorite YouTube videos, or have him play Minecraft while I research where I could pitch my writing. But no. I have to dread 4 p.m. every weekday and brace myself for frustration and tears (and I’m not admitting whose they are)….More

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