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What brought you joy this week?

B. P. asks from Chicago

I just like asking this question, cause it encourages me to think about the joyful aspects of my life, and not focus on the negative. What brought me joy this week was our son reading his first chapter book for pleasure, and asking for the entire series. Reading has alw...

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How did this happen?? Freshman year

S. W. asks from Birmingham

Hello Moms and Dads, This isn't really a question but I would greatly appreciate input from the more experienced. My darling son will turn 15 in roughly 2 weeks. The summer is going by like quicksilver, as they always do. He's been to several computer coding cam...

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Help me get our kid out of the house!

B. P. asks from Chicago

Our 14 year old is complaining about being bored. Since coming home from camp, here's been doing 2 hours of tutoring a day (he has a learning disability so this isn't a punishment...he needs tutoring), he does chores willingly, he practices piano. Otherwise, whatever we...

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Teens vs. Toddlers

by Karen Rosenberg

When my oldest daughter turned two, someone sent us a one column cartoon that had pictures of parents in the hospital holding their newborn baby. The caption read, “Well, I guess that the hard part is over.”… More


Helping adult son to get over breakup

S. I. asks from Kearny

My 22 years old son was left by his girlfriend a couple of months ago. They were together for 4 years, both students, and they were living together for the last 2 years. He was studying in another town (he is finishing now) and he also has a part-time job there, but he co...

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