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I am so upset!!!!

R. W. asks from Flushing

My husband thinks I am making way too much about this but here goes: my husband, my daughter and myself just came back from a wonderful 3 day, 2 night vacation at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. We don't usually go away often and when we do, I don't always have the best ...

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A Mother’s Insomnia

Editors Note: Some of you may have received the Mamapedia Daily Digest email this morning featuring this article, but with a different byline listed. This was an error on our part. The correct author of this article is indeed Lydia Kirkland. Our apologies to her for the initial error, and to you our readers for any confusion. More


Friend's Sadness (Warning-Triggers inside)

M. C. asks from Chicago

I am at a loss with this. A friend I have known since high school lost one of her sisters a few years to drinking/liver failure. She had two little ones who then went to live with my friend's other sister. Last fall this other sister's son tragically died in a car acciden...

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