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4 year old tired with no appetite

S. G. asks from Brea

My 4 1/2 year old was sick with a stomach bug & vomiting all day Tuesday. She was better yesterday & vomited once during the night. I'm just wondering if it's normal for her to have no appetite & be tired a lot of the time. She is drinking plenty. She just doesn't want to...

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Is the grass greener?

O. L. asks from Long Beach

Are people really happy with their lives? Or, does the grass feel greener on the other side? I often wonder. Maybe it's my personality? I wish I was one of those people who wasn't so impacted by others choices or behaviors. Can anyone else relate to being super affected b...

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Just need a big third trimester hug

R. S. asks from Chicago

This pregnancy has been rough. After I got whooping cough back in December, everything weakened my body...I am picking up every virus. Doesn't help that my kids have been coughing all winter, snot, etc. we are diligent about hygiene...but it hasn't helped. Monday afterno...

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No, My Kids Don't NEED Their Own Rooms

I know that we’re all in the parenting club so we all think it’s a fabulous idea to give each other unsolicited advice. I’m sure I’ve done it to other moms and I’m sorry. But I seriously don’t need to be told that my kids NEED their own room. I have more children then bedrooms, that doesn’t mean that I’m doing them some massive disservice…. More