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Business attire

2 hours ago -

N. S. asks from Mays Landing - I do not have to wear business attire for my job, but I am attending a party tomorrow where we are to dress "business casual" and I need input from you ladies. At my work I see many women who do wear business attire and I keep noticing that many of them are not wearing s...

Should we follow through?

4 hours ago -

S. R. asks from Kansas City - Ok long story short. My DD who is almost 17 (birthday at the end of the month) broke up with her BF of almost 3 years about six weeks ago. About two weeks after she broke it off with her BF she told me she liked someone she worked with but said that there was one proble...

School Guidance Counselor Feels DD Would Benefit from Therapy

5 hours ago -

S. S. asks from Jupiter - I was at my wit's end over the weekend with DD and her extreme "leadership" and how it creates drama with the neighborhood kids, so I emailed her school guidance counselor just to get some feedback. She wound up talking with DD a little bit yesterday and said DD really op...

2 year old holds urine for a long time

5 hours ago -

y. p. asks from San Juan - My 2 and half hold at some point of the day holds her urine for 12 or in some cases up to 18 hours (one time 22 hours). Let say she urinates normally some point in the morning 8 or 9 and a few times after that and then goes at 3 or 4pm until the next day. We have not s...

PINK line at Victoria's Secret

19 hours ago -

J. H. asks from Westfield - So I'm in discussions with my husband about the VS Pink line. My 7th grade daughter wants a pullover from there - it's very cute, not slutty, says "PINK" across the front (of course). My husband SWEARS that "Pink" is supposed to make you think of vaginas and I guess it...
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Why My Husband Doesn't "Watch" Our Children

September 23, 2014

I get this question a lot. People who ask this question do not mean any harm by asking it, and I know that, but it still drives me bananas. It’s a question that has been asked time-after-time during my 14 months of being a working mom. It can be constant especially when I have to work late or on weekends….More


pregnancy question

September 21, 2014 -

A. F. asks from Livingston - I had sex on 9/9 and ovulated 9/14 I took a test 9/17 and it was neegative. It is now 9/21 and I have exterem heartburn (never had heartburn before and I'm 25) could I be pregnant and just tested too soon?

Tips For Helping Your Child Master Reading

September 21, 2014 - List

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Mother of the Year Will Be Anyone but Me

September 22, 2014

Opinions. Everyone has them. They seem most abundant when women get together and begin measuring up mothering skills….More


How long do stitches take to dissolve?

September 19, 2014 -

D. O. asks from New York - I gave birth last week and had an episiotomy. One stitch has come apart and my skin has ripped away from each other, had an infection which I'm on anti biotics for and I went to the doctors and she told me that the skin will not close up by itself, she said to wait for i...
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Life is a Sticky Mess at the Bottom of My Purse

September 21, 2014

While I’m not exactly a fashionista, I do have to admit I’ve always been a big fan of purses. There’s something about an elegant bag on your shoulder, or a chic little clutch in your hand, that just feels good, especially when compared to an utterly unchic diaper bag which just feels, well, like poop. And given the amount of time I spend in Sherpa Mom mode, carting other people’s backpacks, swim bags, dance gear, rock collections and assorted arts and crap around, it feels downright zen to hoist something all my own, something not sold at Target, something completely untouched by the Disney marketing team, on my shoulder….More


3rd grade math

September 18, 2014 -

R. S. asks from Cooperstown - Hi , My son is in 3rd grade and seems he is having a hard time with maths at his school . As far as I know he is very good in addition , substraction , multiplication .. when i teach him he can understand the concept just like that . I don't know whats wrong with him ...

Awesome Graduation Gifts

August 27, 2014 - List

Photo by: Methyl Lives

How to Get The Picture-Perfect Family Holiday Photo

New York:
December 12, 2010

Sitting in Central Park this weekend, I watched as a professional photographer brought her clients to a picture-perfect hideaway for the classic holiday card photo shoot. The little munchkins and their parents, all dressed up in holiday-wear, were positioned in just the right way and instructed to say “cheese” for the camera. Let’s face it. This photo is important. It represents an entire year of existence and growth for the family, as it is mailed out to close friends and family….More

Photo by: Chevrestt for News

Take a Bite Out of Big Apple Food Costs

New York:
November 18, 2010

Even though New Yorkers pay some of the highest prices for food in the country, we are blessed with a few special resources that can help us chomp away at that giant grocery bill….More

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