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Question about Red Blood Mole On Body?

Y. J. asks from Huntsville

Hi, I want to know about some body deases if anyone could help me!!! I have 8 Red Blood Mole on my body. One is on my breast and 6 on my abdoman. and 1 is under the breast. I have read report about skin cancer on facebook. I am scare to go to doctor. if someone know about...

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MP doesn't love me any more!

S. t. asks from Sharpsburg

my daily email notifications have quit coming through. haven't had one since the 1st of the month. i checked my spam folder, not there. is there some other way to reactivate the daily notifications? as i'm typing this, i notice a new feature is popping up, a request to...

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troubles in my marriage, need advice

e. w. asks from Columbus

Hi mums, I am 32 and have been married for 10 years. We have a 5 yo son. Our relationship has always been rocky but lately it's hell. He is criticising me 24/7. Nothing I do or say is good enough.We both full-time but ne never helps around the house. I am the one doing it...

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When Your Daughter Wants to Dye Her Hair and Be "Emo"

by Sara Borgstede

When our daughter, Kiersten, was 13 and in the 8th grade, she started BEGGING us to dye her hair blue. My first reaction was no way Jose! and figured that would be the end of that conversation. To me, having a child with a head of hair that was totally blue was right up there with kids who get a head full of piercings to the point that when they take a drink, fluids come out of them like a sieve. They stay out all night doing bad things of which we don’t speak…. More


Why are some of y'all so rude?

d. l. asks from East Brunswick

I'm fairly new to this website, from my understanding it's used for advise, and getting help when you can not find it on your own. So why there are rude nasty comments on every single question of mine is beyond me. I'm not saying everyone is rude by any means I have gotte...

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Low income housing?!? HELP!

d. l. asks from East Brunswick

So my mother is getting a divorce from a terrible abuser. The house she lives in with my 17 year old sister currently was originally her house, until he moved in and his name was out on the deed. He had told her to quit her job when they got married because he wanted her ...

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RN nursing program?

d. l. asks from East Brunswick

Does anyone know of any RN nursing programs or schools for just the basic associates degree RN or a straight forward way to get a BSN in the central jersey area? Every time I find a school they want you to have your LPN first or a bridge type program where you pay to get ...

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