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Toddler screams and then seems out of air, cant catch breath?

8 hours ago -

S. F. asks from Ogdensburg - Yesterday my 2 1/2 got hysterical at the drop of a hat (overtired, hungry, shes 2) type of stuff. Anyway she literally went from 0 to 100 in seconds and she let out this insane scream and when I stood in front of her to let her come to me so I could soothe her or try to ...

has someone unfriended you on fb??

8 hours ago -

l. o. asks from Sterling Heights - I think I have been unfriended.. oh my.. someone who was there on my friends list.. is gone.. If she did unfriend me.. does that mean she disappears from groups that we are both members of??? or doesn't show up as a friend of mutual friends.. or maybe she just...

Separated...what now??

8 hours ago -

H. P. asks from Culpeper - HI All, So...hubby decided he wanted out in May, and we've managed to co-parent very well. We get along well and do things together with our son. Our son is handling it as well as he can; we talk with him openly about our split and let him know that we most likely will ...

Would you give the bike back?

9 hours ago -

A. J. asks from Milton - Over the weekend my daughter left her bike out in our yard. While we were not home, a neighbor kid came into the yard, got on her bike, rode it down our driveway, got hit by a truck in our back alley, went flying, and got a minor concussion. When we got home that night, ...
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How the Doctor Helped Save My Son from a Shark Girl

September 30, 2014

I have a teenage son. He is all about his friends and girls and hanging out and talking on the phone and staying away from “YOU PEOPLE,” his term of endearment for his dad and I. Evidently, we’re not as cool as we think we are….More

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What We Mean when We Call Our Daughters Pretty

September 28, 2014

“You’re so pretty,” she says.

I am typing into my broken-down Android, letting my husband know I am still at the clinic with my mother. We are waiting for blood work, and then we need to schedule an appointment with a social worker to help us navigate the corruption at her assisted living facility. My mother has dropped more than 15 pounds in three weeks. It’s time to throw in our cards and get some new ones….More


Ugh inlaws

September 26, 2014 -

D. D. asks from Prospect - Brother in law and sister in law live 700 miles away. Every September they drive up to New England for a week of sight seeing and then come back to CT for a week to stay at a hotel for a week and visit with friends (my sister in law grew up in this area and moved after s...
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My Husband's Split Personality: Dr. Jekyll and Corporate Guy

September 29, 2014

My husband works at home most of the time, but does commute to a big tall building about twice a week to attend lots of important meetings and business lunches. For this excursion, he transforms into someone who shaves, carries an access badge, and wears a button down shirt — freshly pressed by me of course. (Alright, I put it in the dryer on high, with a wet wash cloth, after having left it damp and wrinkling for 3 days.)…More


. Older kids catching up in sports?

September 25, 2014 -

J. G. asks from Huntington - My second grade son started playing soccer in kindergarten in the local Y intramural program and was the only kid who'd never played before (everyone else started in pre-school) and though he stuck with it through the end of 1st grade, he's always been the worst on the te...

Olives with stones

September 24, 2014 -

f. b. asks from Kew Gardens - Mamas & Papas- Any thoughts on what the "proper" awy to eat olives with stones (not the pitted ones)? Hubs and I each go about it differently. Neither of us is particularly impressed with our style of handling the pits, and we'd like to adopt, model and teach the "pro...

PINK line at Victoria's Secret

September 23, 2014 -

J. H. asks from Westfield - So I'm in discussions with my husband about the VS Pink line. My 7th grade daughter wants a pullover from there - it's very cute, not slutty, says "PINK" across the front (of course). My husband SWEARS that "Pink" is supposed to make you think of vaginas and I guess it...

Tips For Helping Your Child Master Reading

September 21, 2014 - List


Awesome Graduation Gifts

August 27, 2014 - List

Photo by: Methyl Lives

How to Get The Picture-Perfect Family Holiday Photo

New York:
December 12, 2010

Sitting in Central Park this weekend, I watched as a professional photographer brought her clients to a picture-perfect hideaway for the classic holiday card photo shoot. The little munchkins and their parents, all dressed up in holiday-wear, were positioned in just the right way and instructed to say “cheese” for the camera. Let’s face it. This photo is important. It represents an entire year of existence and growth for the family, as it is mailed out to close friends and family….More

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Take a Bite Out of Big Apple Food Costs

New York:
November 18, 2010

Even though New Yorkers pay some of the highest prices for food in the country, we are blessed with a few special resources that can help us chomp away at that giant grocery bill….More

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