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Where can I take baked goods?

L. .. asks from Raleigh

Mamas, I love to bake. Love it. Especially around the holidays. But I can't keep it all for me because I would weigh 400 pounds! I was thinking about baking some muffins or cookies to donate somewhere but I'm not sure who would accept them. I thought I'd take some t...

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The Time I Encountered Refugees at Sea

by Kate of "365 Outside"

This is one of those stories that I have thought about sharing so many times. One of those stories that made me stop and think for a long time afterwards. One of those stories that changes the way you think about who you are and what your values are. One of those stories that makes you ask hard questions about yourself…. More


2nd grade boys in showers...

S. T. asks from Clemons

My son is a second grader. Recently he and about five of his friends, all in second grade, were in a shower room after a pool party. From outside I could hear that there was some misbehavior in the shower and that my son was involved. So I stepped in and corrected him - n...

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Stain stick for kiddos uniform cuffs

f. b. asks from Kew Gardens

Mamas and papas Any thoughts and suggestions? His are button down dress shirts poly/cotton and the cuffs are grey even after a wash or a wash after a soak in oxy clean. Kiddo doesn't have especially sensitive skin, nonetheless I'd prefer a mild or green product if it w...

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My kid wakes up too early

S. L. asks from New York

Hi, How to make my kid stay in his bed on saturday and sunday morning? He can't read a clock yet, he is 4 years old ... So around 6:30 am he's already up, but I wish I could sleep later in the week-end. Any ideas?

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