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cultivating the housecleaning habit

J. G. asks from Chicago

I've been hitting myself on the head for not encouraging group cleaning sessions from when the kids were smaller. I've always encouraged them to put away their messes, etc. and in the last two years, I've been gradually moving them towards more and more contributions arou...

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How to care for a massive scrape on kid

S. r. asks from Scottsdale

My dd was skateboarding, fell and has two major scrapes on hip and arm. Fortunately, no bumps to the head (was wearing helmet). Anyway, the mother of her friend (whose house she was at) cleaned it, sprayed with Neosporin and put a big bandage on it. Now what? These ar...

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Beauty service client question...

N. H. asks from Canton

Hi, I'm currently working as a nail tech and was just wondering for those out there who get their nails done, is there a tactful way to tell my clients 'no', I'm sorry, I cannot do that w/o pissing them off? I seem to constantly get clients in there expecting us nail tech...

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An Open Letter to the Nap Time Expert

Dear So-called Nap Expert,

I’m not surprised you elected yourself to serve as resident sleep specialist. There seems to be one parent in every bunch. You know what I mean: the one who reads a handful of parenting books and deems themselves an authority. The one who acts as if they hold a Ph.D. in breastfeeding, teething, or discipline. The know-it-all. More


Helping adult son to get over breakup

S. I. asks from Kearny

My 22 years old son was left by his girlfriend a couple of months ago. They were together for 4 years, both students, and they were living together for the last 2 years. He was studying in another town (he is finishing now) and he also has a part-time job there, but he co...

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