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18 yr old So Disrepectful.

D. D. asks from Goodyear

My 18 year old (almost 19) son is living with us while he attends community college. He is currently taking 32 credit hours in one semester, and does volunteer work for a fire department. He also stocks at the local grocery store on the weekends. He paid for his own tuiti...

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Death of the Birthday Party

by Brandi Puga of "Big Fit Fam"

I have thrown 25 birthday parties in 9 years.

How I have survived I literally cannot fathom.

At first they seemed a right of passage, for both myself and my children. I surely deserved to celebrate the accomplishment of getting them through another year alive, and I felt that they should have a big to-do about not accidentally killing themselves. At first, I enjoyed proving myself a decent hostess and cook, I spent hours baking and decorating, we hemorrhaged cash on party favors, decorations and food…. More