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Before and after school childcare

M. J. asks from Sacramento

Does anyone here use a nanny for childcare? If so, does the person cover before school AND after school, or do you have two different people help out with those time frames? And does the same person (or people, if you have two) cover summer? I've very reluctantly had t...

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Gardening question-need Hosta alternative

E. B. asks from Sour Lake

Working on our landscaping. Love the bold dark green/white foliage of the Hosta (also love the low maintenance) but unfortunately, the area I have in mind gets full sun and that plant won't tolerate it. Have asked the local nursery but wanted to see if you guys had more...

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Just need a big third trimester hug

R. S. asks from Chicago

This pregnancy has been rough. After I got whooping cough back in December, everything weakened my body...I am picking up every virus. Doesn't help that my kids have been coughing all winter, snot, etc. we are diligent about hygiene...but it hasn't helped. Monday afterno...

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No, My Kids Don't NEED Their Own Rooms

I know that we’re all in the parenting club so we all think it’s a fabulous idea to give each other unsolicited advice. I’m sure I’ve done it to other moms and I’m sorry. But I seriously don’t need to be told that my kids NEED their own room. I have more children then bedrooms, that doesn’t mean that I’m doing them some massive disservice…. More