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no period for 2 months

M. s. asks from Columbus

Hi everyone! I am 32 yo and in the last 2 months I didn't have any period. I am a little concerned because last year I had to have one ovary removed due to a cyst. It was ok until 2 months ago. I was very sick during these 2 months, I had flue, than urinary infection and ...

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Is Isabella a good name for baby girl?

A. J. asks from Allerton

I am hunting for a meaningful name for my baby. After weeks of discussion, Isabella and Olivia are two names which I liked. I participated in an online poll and found that most of the people have given negative votes to the name Isabella, so just wondering is that really ...

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An Open Letter to the Nap Time Expert

Dear So-called Nap Expert,

I’m not surprised you elected yourself to serve as resident sleep specialist. There seems to be one parent in every bunch. You know what I mean: the one who reads a handful of parenting books and deems themselves an authority. The one who acts as if they hold a Ph.D. in breastfeeding, teething, or discipline. The know-it-all. More


Helping adult son to get over breakup

S. I. asks from Kearny

My 22 years old son was left by his girlfriend a couple of months ago. They were together for 4 years, both students, and they were living together for the last 2 years. He was studying in another town (he is finishing now) and he also has a part-time job there, but he co...

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