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Getting A&D Ointment off Clothes, Hair, and the Smell Out of the House

My adorable 2 1/2 year old niece just emptied an entire tube of A&D ointment on herself. While mom and dad were talking in the other room, she squeezed it out and rubbed it all over herself - from head to toe. Dad gave her a bath and washed her hair, but my sister says that her hair is still really greasy and gross. Her clothes are stained. Also, the smell is so strong that when you walk in the house, you are immediately hit with it! Anyone have any recommendations for my sis? How do we get my niece's hair clean again? Any ideas to get the smell out? Are the clothes ruined forever?

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Thank you so much moms! The dishwashing soap was the key! They washed my niece's hair with it today & her hair is back to normal after one washing. Thank you for all the tips!

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Try using Dawn dish soap. That is what they use to get oil off of birds when there is an oil spill. And it is also good for getting vasaline out of hair. A friend of mine had to do this after a prank. Hope this helps and good luck!!


Try cornstarch. Sprinkle in the hair and allow to sit a few minutes. Follow with a good clarifying shampoo, Neutrogena makes one. They may need to try this several times, but the cornstarch should help. They can also try baby powder and baby shampoo, but the cornstarch is supposed to work better.

A full can of Coke in the wash (after the washtub fills) removes grease, my aunt did this with my uncle's greasy work clothes for years. Good luck to them!

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Hi J.,
My 3 year old decided to do about the same thing with vaseline. We used head and shoulders shampoo, I'm sure any generic shampoo would work. We washed his hair with it and then used about a cup of it in a bucket of hot water and soaked his clothes for 24hrs then washed as usual.

Try using Dawn dish soap. That is what they use to get oil off of birds when there is an oil spill. And it is also good for getting vasaline out of hair. A friend of mine had to do this after a prank. Hope this helps and good luck!!


My daughter did this too... OMG, what a mess! What you could do and your daughter would love it... get her to wear a pair of goggles and wash her down in the tub with Dawn dishwashing soap. The goggles will prevent the soap water of getting into her eyes and will break down the greasyness in her hair. You can also remove the grease from her clothes by rewashing them with dawn.. but remember, a lil bit of Dawn, goes a long way.. especially if you have well water.

Please let me know how it turns out. I used it on my own daughter just 3 yrs ago and it worked wonders.

Take care,

Dawn dish soap. it's what they use to clean oil slicks off seabirds and is gentle, just be sure not to get in her eyes. use it on the clothing too, soak it w/dawn or try white vinegar on the clothing too. You can do a rinse w/the vinegar and water in her hair too.

I used dish soap and my bissel green machine to get it out of the carpet (it takes a while), I assume it would work anywhere.

Something I learned-put ointment up VERY high.

As far as the smell goes, whenever I have odors in the house, I just put some straight vinegar in a bowl and leave it out for a couple of hours. Works so well. You could but several bowls around the house! Try it and see if it works for you!

Good luck!

I don't have any ideas but hope u don't get mad at me but when i read that i laughed so hard i can picture a baby doing that that was a good one. I hope ma and dad laughed too if not when she gets older they will have a funny story to tell her

Wet the spots and apply dawn dish soap. Use an old toothbrush on spot then spray an OXY clean or such cleaner on the soapy area and use brush again. Throw in wash machine without rinsing first and make sure you do not use hot water to wash laundry. Hot sets in stains. If that doesn't work and you have to use items as dust cloths, you'll have learned a lesson and it will become funny after time. All kids get into something they shouldn't at one time or another. We parents will learn from it and not leave things where the little ones can get them. It may take a few shampoos but the cream will come out of the hair just as it comes off the baby with soap and water.

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