Vitamins & Supplements: Preschooler

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Prenatal Vitamins

S.H. asks from Huntsville

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my obgyn gave me huge prenatal vitamins. By the end of the pregnancy, just the size of them were making me nauseous and throw it...


Prenatal Vitamins

M.R. asks from Salt Lake City

Every time I take prenatal vitamins I just get really sick. I've tried different brands and taking them at night, nothing works! I read an article about women who do...


Is It Really Bad If You Forget to Take Your Prenatal Vitamins?

J.G. asks from Dallas

I know that they give you all the nutrients the baby needs to grow, but I seem to forget all the time about them and I feel bad. We have been sick with a cold all wee...


When Does It Get Easier? 6 Week Old Baby and 4 Year Old and Little to No Sleep

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 6 week old baby and a 4 year old. The baby hasn't ever slept for more than a 3 hour stretch at a time (I breastfeed), and the last few nights has been sleepi...


Introducing Vitamins

A.V. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 6 months old and just starting solids. Because he is breastfed, our doctor suggested that we give him vitamins for added iron. We tried Enfamil drops, and t...


Issues with Vitamins

L.K. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, I have a question regarding vitamins. I was always able to take a muti-vitamin with no stomach issues. I have a pretty sensitive stomach, and HATE (like mo...


Vitamins for Toddlers

A.S. asks from Chicago

My son is 16 months old. When I went to his 15 month appt I asked his pediatrician whether he should be taking vitamins. He didn't give me a direct yes or no, but s...


Taking Supplements While Breastfeeding

S.U. asks from San Francisco

I was wondering if any of you know if it's ok to take supplements while nursing? i've been working out and i really want to get in excellent shape. Anyway, my husband...


Vitamins, When to Start (Still Breastfeeding)

M.B. asks from Phoenix

I don't have a doctor appt. for another month or so for me 17-month-old & have begun wondering about vitamins. When do you start giving kids vitamins? I haven't sta...


Help! My 3 YO Niece Never Sleeps!!!

L.R. asks from Austin

My sister and her two daughters - 3 and 4 live me. The 3 YO doesn't SLEEP! All hours of the morning she's roaming the house! I'm talking 2AM, 4AM, etc. Sometimes ...