Prenatal Vitamins - You Liked Which Brand?

Updated on September 25, 2010
C.J. asks from Frisco, TX
9 answers

Oh, the inevitable "gift bag" of prenatal samples that the OBGYN likes to send home upon the announcement that you're "trying". My loot bag contains no less than 20 different samples.... Where to start?

I do like the fact that many of them contain a high content of DHA (up to 300 which is the maximum daily recomendation) but I am confused that some contain NONE.

So here's the question - what did you take? Why did you like it? At what time of day did you take it? Any effects (iron related specifically). I am not interested in OTC/drugstore vitamins as the folic content must be higher (seizure condition).

Thanks mamas!
- C.
Trying for baby#2
With the Shettles Method

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answers from Dallas on

With my ODS I used an OTC from Walmart (can't remember the brand, they don't carry it now). With my YDS, I could only tolerate the Target brand of the one-a-day prenatals. I tried all the dr's samples, and a couple different OTC's. They all made me sick. I also had to take vitamin B6 with it, and I could only take it at night immediately before bed.

My point is, it varies from person to person, and even pregnancy to pregnancy! Just try one, and see how you like it. I tried comparing labels to take a vitamin with the most of what I needed, but it came down to what my stomach could tolerate.

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answers from St. Louis on

Wellness Essentials for pregnancy by Metagenics

They are by far the best thing I've found but may be difficult to find and a bit pricey. They are available only through a licensed healthcare practitioner and I buy mine for $66 for a one-month supply. Here's the website to find a practitioner that sells them. I get mine from my chiropractor.

They are packed with vitamins and minerals, 1mg of folic acid, 600 mg of EPA and 500 mg of DHA (essential for pregnancy and nursing and there is a typo on the website for EPA and DHA amounts, I have the package in front of me)

There are 8 pills to take daily. I spread them out throughout the day and the 8 daily pills are are placed in one daily packet. Just pull out one packet in the morning and that's what you need for the day. 2 mult-vitamins, 2 calcium and magnesium, 1 choline, 2 EPA-DHA, and 1 DHA

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answers from Indianapolis on

No over the counter prenatal vitamin is approved by the FDA. It's an important thing to take into consideration because while they may have their ingredients registered with the FDA, there is no consistency in manufacturing from brand to brand.

Many pharmacies across the country have partnered with prenatal vitamin manufacturers (prescription) to provide free Rx prenatal vitamins.

I know you have one in your local area, I just can't recall if it's HEB, etc. Anyhow, it's usually a grocery store chain who is trying to increase their pharmacy business. You can't beat free, and you should feel trusted to get prescription grade which has very stringent controls over ingredients, manufacturing, recalls, and safety oversight.

I took Natelle Prefer with both kids, I get the free one now which is a generic Rx. It was recommended by my OB. I would definitely recommend calling them and seeing if they have a preference and why.

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answers from Amarillo on

Pretty much all the capsule forms of prenatal vitamins made me sick, but then again almost anything I put in my mouth at all while pregnant made me sick! My doc prescribed a vitamin called NutraNate to me because it was chewable. It kind of tasted like a vitamin C tablet. I liked it alot and continued my prescription for the entire year after while breastfeeding. Good luck!



answers from State College on

I think the ones I have now are prenatal plus. I haven't had any problems so I guess I like them. I had a different script originally, but the pharmacy could not get those any more and after talking to the doctor these are the ones they switched me to. I have not had any side effects or problems and take one every night before bed.

As a side note the ones I have are prescription, but I think they are probably the generic.


answers from Dover on

I recommend Oligo Prenatal Vitamins (I currently take the regular Oligo for Women). Best split between two doses (w/ Breakfast and Dinner). They are high quality and made for maximum absorption which allows you to get more benefits from the nutrients (even if the label shows the same content as another brand you get more out of it). They also reduce the free radicals in your body as well (rather than increasing them like some others do).

If you want more info, let me know.

Best of luck to you and your family!



answers from Dallas on

I used a Prescription Prenatal with my first and with my 2nd I used Spring Valley which I just got a Walmart. My OB said there was no difference in them other than the prescription ones were coated better. I didn't have morning sickness so it didn't bother me any time. Good luck. We used the Shettles with our first and got exactly what we wanted. It didn't work as we hoped the 2nd time but I wouldn't trade my 2nd little boy for any little girl. Either way you will be blessed :)


answers from Dallas on

I didn't take them but now I'm a Shaklee Distributor and women do take them. Check them out.



answers from Dallas on

prenate dha was what i had. i like had a nice coating on the pill that made it really easy to swallow. worked well for me.

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