Best Prenatal Vitamins???

Updated on September 12, 2010
J.W. asks from Green Bay, WI
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I have been TTC for about 3 years. I have been taking an OTC prenatal from Walgreens for the past year. We are going to be starting fertility treatments and I feel like I should be taking a better prenatal! Any suggestions or recommendations?? I have heard that the ones with DHA (omega-3's) are good. I appreciate any input!

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answers from Dallas on

Use a brand name prenatal vitamin with DHA. Generics are not the same. They only have to be 80% of what they say. I went through fertility treatments and only use a brand name rx. I am now pregnant.


answers from Dover on

I suggest Oligo Prenatal vitamins. They are more absorbable than the standard brands and they do not increase the free radicals like other brands.

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answers from Madison on

When buying vitamins look for the USP verified mark. It's what tells you that pharmacist have checked that product and found it to have the amount those products claim to carry. Also remember that store brand isn't what it used to be. Back in our grandparents day they used name brand because it was simply better. Now many generics are just as good if not better. Everything study I've read about omega 3 actually suggests that for pregnancy it's best in natural form. So eating fish 1-3 times a week (watching the amounts of mercury) is much better than taking a pill with it. Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi J.
Great question and yes what you heard is correct on the omega 3's. Your baby will deplete that from you and it will take you 3 years to restore your stores without supplementation- and when you're PG you have to limit several of the natural sources.
As far as suggestions, we have a great supplements with herbalife products and if you want more info you can email me directly at If you want otc- I'd go to GNC and Costco/Sams actually have daily packets that are fairly good.
One more thing you can look at- read the book The Yeast Syndrome- just check it out at the library. It's rather old, yet I know several people who previously did not have success conceiving- including me- who ate for pH and were finally successful. I added caprilic acid to my diet and now have beautiful twin girls.
SUCCESS with your fertility program.

About me: 49 yo perfusionist, wellness coach also doing a nationwide online biggest loser for $, mom with almost 9 yo fraternal twin girls.

B. J



answers from Minneapolis on

Shop your local co-op/whole foods store. The additives they put in standard OTC and Rx vitamins is ridiculous. I've also heard of people having difficulty conceiving due to yeast overgrowth. Wouldn't it be wonderful if by changing your diet and loading your body up on real nutrients, you could conceive without the constly expense of fertility treatment. Not sure if it's that simple-but worth a shot!
I hope it all turns out well for you!


answers from Minneapolis on

I can put you in touch with many gals that have used Reliv as their prenatal and even used this as an option when having issues with fertility. These products give the body all the nutrition (vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals,omega 3's etc.) it needs to balance and perform the way God intended :) I used this while I was nursing and 4 years later my son still uses Reliv and has never been to the Dr. for a sick visit. Wish I would have known about it for my first 2 children.
Blessings to you and your future baby :)



answers from Minneapolis on

i always took the one ob prescribed guess they were suppose to be the best



answers from Green Bay on

My nutritionist recommends Shaklee's Vitalizer and also OmegaGuard. Type them into the search box of the website below. Shaklee products are: Always SAFE. Always WORK.

PM me through the website if you have any questions or want to learn how to get 15% off.

If you want, take the label and info to your Dr. and ask if he sees any reason for you NOT to take these! ;)


answers from Kansas City on

you need to avoid buying over the counter. those things are so loaded with fillers and even though they have 100% on the bottle, your body is not capable of ABSORBING them. hence why your pee turns bright yellow or green. it just passes through you as waste. Your best bet is going to buy online. Have you already gotten rid of all of the chemicals in your home that may be messing with your body chemistry? buying naturally based stuff? if not, you may want to look into buying all of your stuff online. Thats what i do. I buy from an online club, they just ship me everything so i am not messing with chemicals that disrupt my body function. I dont take their prenatals, but i take 3 other vitamins through them and they are AWESOME. i dont know if you are comfortable buying online at all, but if you are, let me know. Ill get you the info.



answers from Indianapolis on

I would definitely ask your OB/GYN for a prescription.

Several pharmaceutical prenatal manufacturers have begun to offer them free of charge to patients through select pharmacies. You may want to start asking in your local area. They're usually local chains vs. big retailers like Walmart, CVS, etc.

Here's where I stand on Rx vs. OTC vitamins - there is a strict oversight with any Rx product via the FDA which includes recalls and warnings (as we saw with the Johnson and Johnson recall of several products a few months ago). OTC products are generally FDA registered, but there's little oversight regarding the standardization of their ingredients.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I paid the $25/month for the Rx product at my OB's request. I paid the $35/month with my second child when the price increased. I pay $0/month now, despite not being pregnant, because they're simply a better product and free.



answers from Alexandria on

I used prenatal nutrients by pure encapsulations.
This is one that is not a prescription but you either have to buy it online or in a professional's office. It is one pill a day and very gentle on the stomach. It is all natural and not a synthetic product. It was a great vitamin that I took while trying to conceive, during pregnancy and while nursing.
My doctor initially did prescribe me one, but it really upset my stomach. i couldn't take it.
The more natural it is the less likely your body is to react with stomach aches to it!



answers from Harrisburg on

Yes, you are right, the ones with the DHA omega 3 is best for brain development. Make sure it's really clear oil and made from cod fish versus other kinds. I would ask your doctor to recommend one and prescribe it versus the OTC.



answers from Boise on

I would talk to your fertility specialist. Mine sent in a prescription for vitamins for me.


answers from Minneapolis on

a prescription doesn't necessarily keep you away from all the fillers that are in the over the counter stuff. I would stay away from the brands that are in the big box stores (walgreens, target, walmart, etc) I would go to a health food store, co-op or whole foods. Look for a brand like Rainbow Light, they will be expensive, but when it comes to your fertility you want a clean product that doesn't have junk in it.

If you are going through fertility treatment there are specific supplements that are better for fertility as well. I teach yoga and workshops to women going through fertility treatment, if you want some extra help, just send me a private email.

Best of luck to you!!!



answers from Dallas on

Have you thought about geting a prescription. I took Neevo while I was pregnant and it was great because it was just one pill and some prenatals require a combination of 2 pills. I was on OTC prenatals until I got pregnant, and I used Target brand and I did take an fish oil supplement for the omegas I needed. However, this time around I have a different doctor and he told me to call him and get a prescription when I decide I'm ready to start trying again. What ever you decide you're right about the DHA.



answers from Sheboygan on

OTC prenatal vitamins are just fine. You can add a DHA supplement if you would like, but it isn't necessary. You can ask your dr. for a prescription for a prenatal vitamin with DHA, but it's 2 pills to take (with food if you don't want to get sick), and is expensive. I believe my prescription for it was $44.86, after insurance. Full price was well over $100. And I got sick from it, whether or not I took it with food. My dr. told me I could just take a Women's Centrum (or equivalent) along with a folic acid supplement, and I would be just fine, so that's what I did. Consult with your physician for his/her recommendation.

Good luck!



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I am currently pregnant & have 1 child & have tried OTC prenatals, including the one you're on, but none work as well as Shaklee's Vita Lea + Iron. It's not cheap, but it's WORTH it! You get 100% of most vitamins and minerals it offers, and it actually helped with my bipolar disorder a little bit too. I don't sell, but here's the website, and you can find a distributor in your area too: The plus thing is that this is a regular multi-vitamin that you can keep taking. Feel free to take it into your OB. I'm sure he or she will approve.


answers from Minneapolis on

I'm learning about 100% natural remedies that are scientifically proven to be effective. Fertility is amazing. If you are interested please contact me.

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