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Desitin Stain

M.S. asks from Scranton

Hello, I'm sure most of you know the diaper change wiggle, so I'm wondering how to get Desitin out of my cloths. My daughter constantly wiggles and usually ends up s...


Desitin in the Carpet?!?

K.R. asks from Los Angeles

My son decided to play in the tub of Desitin this morning. Luckily he didn't get any in his mouth, but it is mashed pretty well into the carpet. Anyone had any luck...


How to Remove Desitin

I.C. asks from San Francisco

My son has carefully spread a very tick layer of Desitin on his brother blanket (and on his brother too). I have tried to wash the blanket every day for a week and th...


Advice for Getting Desitin Out of Carpet and Upholstery

D.B. asks from Atlanta

does anyone have any suggestions for getting desitin out of carpet? my 20 month old and almost 3 year old decided to paint their room with desitin!!


How Do You Get Rid of Desitin on Clothes?

A.L. asks from Atlanta

Hi there! My adorable almost 3 year old got a hold of a tube of Desitin, the overnight releif...very sticky and stinky! and decided to paint the walls and the leathe...


Need Help W/ Super Duper Diaper Rash

C.C. asks from Denver

hi moms, i have a 17 mo old little girl who gets a super duper red and painful diaper rash once in awhile. anyone have a quick cure? we use desitin but it doesn'...


What Items (Small) Could You Never Have Enough of When You Had a Newborn?

S.A. asks from Chicago

My daughter's teacher's wife just had her second baby. I'm trying to think of something clever and useful to give them for a gift. I'm sure they have a ton of cute ...


My 3Y/o Got a Bottle of Elmers Glue and Poured It All over Her Floor....

A.B. asks from Chicago

She cannot seem to leave bottles of creams and things alone. Luckily it's a hardwood floor, so it worked out ok, but last month it was any lotion she could get a hol...


Baby Product Must Haves?

N.H. asks from Boston

Hi Moms Just want to know what baby products you all though was something that you couldnt have lived without. I am having son nuber 2 in nov and just want to see wh...


Your Favorite or Most Useful Baby Gift

L.Z. asks from Minneapolis

I have several friends and relatives who are due in the next few months and am looking for some meaningful and/or really helpful baby gifts. It seems like everyone g...