I Need to Buy a New Sofa! Where Should I Go??

Updated on February 15, 2010
K.D. asks from Irving, TX
17 answers

ok Mommas, I need your experiences! I need a new sofa (sectional). The one I have was purchased through Rooms To Go. In less than a year it was broken in the middle. They won't help me replace, so I will NOT be going back! So where else should I go? RoomStore seems to be the same, so I don't want to go there either!

Do you have a sofa that has lasted through kids and spouses? Who made it? I heard Bernhardt was really good!
Have you had great customer service somewhere??
Tell me what your experience.....................good or bad!

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answers from Dallas on

We bought a faux leather (is that what people are calling microfiber?) and it has held up great. It is a sectional and we got it at Ashleys for a good price. My husband was not one that was excited about a not-real version....but the price was right, and it looks real...and even he has said that it was a great buy and we should now get something similar for another room.

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answers from Dallas on

Bernhardt does make great sofas. My mom bought one probably 20 years ago, that then went with me to college, my first apartment with my husband and now my aunt has it! I know that Bernhardt also makes some of the furniture you buy at Pottery Barn (that's where our current sofa/sectional is from...still working well and it's about 7 yrs old). I LOVE Pottery Barn, but they are a little pricey (I bought most of our furniture when I worked there for the discount!). I think they offer a 1 year warranty, but have been great about hunting down info for us. I would also recommend checking out The Dump, they have a HUGE selection and they are all closeout namebrands...not sure about the customer service on repairs though. We bought our leather loveseat there last year for a steal! Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Costco has great deals and their furniture is high quality. You're only limited to what they have online or on the floor, but if the style/color work with your decor, then you're in luck. I agree micro-fiber is the way to go with kids. Cleans up easily. Good luck.

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answers from Denver on

Hi K. - we've had a CRLaine sectional for almost 10 years now and it is as solid as a rock. It has all hardwood construction. The cushions are still in fantastic shape and the upholstery we chose has held up well even after 2 bouncy boys. I would call it upper middle as far as furniture brands go. You can look on the CRLaine website for retailers in your area.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi overstock.com has great prices and best of all the shipping cost is around $2.00!!


answers from Norfolk on

We got a comfortable sofa and some chairs at La-Z-Boy.



answers from Wichita Falls on

We just bought a Massoud yesterday. It is truly georgeous and the quality is unbelievable. Good luck.



answers from Seattle on

we bought our micro fiber couch at Macy's.. The micro fiber sectional is great and you can steam clean it too.. great for kids.. Macy's maybe called Dillards in TX.. Great prices as well.



answers from Las Vegas on

Hi there
My advice would be to go to a retailer that IF something happens to your sofa within a year , then the store will help you get it fixed. It's been my experience that SMALL boutique shops that sell furniture do not offer much assistance and once they bag the money, forget it. Believe it or not, Macy's has since upgraded their furniture department and that's a store where you know if something broke, they would offer to work with you. In addition, Ikea has many selections and depending how old your children are, the good thing about Ikea is that you can buy slipcovers that can be taken off and washed. I like their minimalist look ... so that might be worth looking into..
definitely, stay away from the boutique shops.. we bought ours from one , Tribeca and it was a TOTAL TOTAL headache.. very bad customer service and we had spent a LARGE sum of money to what get major attitude. go with a dealer who is reputable... seek out reviews. but I just think the bigger dealers are the ones who will back up their merchandise should something go wrong.. best of luck


answers from Dallas on

I'm in Plano, TX. We bought a Natuzzi leather sofa, loveseat, chair and 2 ottomans from DIllards in 2000. They all are still in great great shape, no issues whatsoever. Leather is easy to clean, especially with our dogs.

We also purchased a Natuzzi from Weir's about 20 yrs ago and it is in our game room in great shape.

2 yrs ago, we bought a sofa and loveseat from Leather Sofa Company on Inwood Rd in N. Dallas (off the tollway). They are in our formal area and beautiful. They custom make these to your specs, ie amount of cushoning for firmness, arm rests, feet, etc.

We love all of our leather and all of the companies we used. Always remember......You get what you pay for.....



answers from Dallas on

Thomasville! It may be a little pricey, but it is worth every penny. We bought our family room sofas there 20 years ago, we just recently had them recovered. Only the fabric had to be replaced everything else was sound. Any time for the first few years, they come out to clean them free if there is an accident. We had only had the sofas a few weeks when my daughter fell asleep and wet. They came right out, cleaned the sofa, no smell or stain.



answers from Kansas City on

I recommend a microfiber. (probably doest matter what brand. I think ours is Ashley). My grandpa had one too, and on both, spit up and occasional pee pee accidents wipe right off.


answers from Dallas on

I didn't buy my sofa here, but I did see some quality stuff.
The Dump



answers from Dallas on

Luxury of Leather, for sure! They have several locations so there should be one near you. They can customize your couch according to leather preferences, color, firmness of cushions, everything! Prices are really reasonable too, and leather holds up really well.

As your experience has already taught you, it is best to go with the highest quality you can afford when it comes to furniture.

Good luck!

P.S. I am building a team of 3-5 SAHMs earning 6 figure incomes with full insurance for their family. Know anyone looking for a change?



answers from Salt Lake City on

we just bought our first sofa set, we got a sofa, love seat and ottoman that is cute, new and comfortable for $750. they also had sectionals. its called best deals furniture and they are located in springville.



answers from Dallas on

broyhill has great stuff at good prices. when i buy furniture i buy real good so i'm picky. i love weirs (grt stuff and service), but couldn't find the microfiber fabric (definitely consider if ya have kids or dogs). broyhill had it for a better price. still looks like new years later. i've had a good experience with havertys too.



answers from Jacksonville on

My advice is to go to BIG LOTS, you have to pay cash but they are good couchs and they are cheap.

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