Traces of Blood: Alimentum

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Blood in Stool and High Fever

E.M. asks from Tampa

My husband and I went to the emergency room early this morning with my 5 week old. she was running a 101 fever and had blood in her stool. They did a bucnh of testes ...


Blood in Baby's Stool

R.A. asks from Los Angeles

Dear Moms, I noticed a tinge of blood with my baby's (5 month old) stool. Since I'm breastfeeding, the doctor put me on a strict diet (No: dairy, eggs, soy, eggs, n...


Little Blood in Stool

C.C. asks from Albuquerque

I'm currently breastfeeding and my little one(2 months old)had a diaper that had trace of blood. We went to the doctor and she suggested to use formula for a week to ...


Similac Alimentum Stool/Bowel Movements and Increased Gas on Prevacid?

J.M. asks from Detroit

I have two questions here - Sorry - 1. Similac Alimentum Stool/Bowel Movements I recently changed my son over from Neocate (a special hypoallergenic formula for...


Does Somebody Use Similac Alimentum for the Baby? Does It Really Work?

L.P. asks from Chicago

My baby is 5 weeks old. I have heard about Similac Alimentum. Who uses it for the baby? Does it work? pLease help... My baby is gassy and fussy the nost time of the day.


Blood in Baby's Diaper

G.L. asks from Fresno

My breastfeeding two month old son has been having 'stringy' blood in his poop since yesterday morning. The Dr yesterday said she sees a very small anal fisher and th...


Green Poop & Blood in Poop of Breastfed Baby

K.W. asks from Atlanta

Hi All- I have a 4 1/2 month old who has had issues with green, mucous poops. Once, he had visible blood in his diaper also. The pediatrician said that the most co...


8 Month Old on Alimentum formula...Could It Be a Milk Protein Allergy?

C.W. asks from Topeka

Hi moms! So if you've been following my questions, my infant has had a rough go. Up until she was 5 months we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. Thought it ...


Blood in Diaper for 2Mths Now

C.A. asks from Anchorage

I know there have been questions about this before on this site but I can't find an answer... Since about a week after we got home from the hospital I noticed bloo...


Blood in 5 Month Olds Stool, Exclusively Breastfed

A.S. asks from Sacramento

Has anyone had this same problem? I have completely eliminated all dairy from my diet for almost 3 months now. That includes all processed foods. I have been extememl...