Blood in the Diaper

Updated on October 21, 2010
S.G. asks from Indianapolis, IN
5 answers

My 9 month old grand-daughter, had spots of blood in her diaper and what looked like a blood clot being passed when I checked further. Her mom took her to the doctor, who stated that she was fine and everything looked normal but I am still concern. Any feedback?

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answers from Peoria on

There was a recent article in our local paper about a newborn with blood in the diaper. Their problem was solved with probiotics. The initial diagnosis was that the baby was allergic to the mother's breast milk, but it turned out to be a lack of healthy bacteria. They went to a pediatric gastroenterologist and he solved the issue with probiotics for mother and child. Worth a try. Since your granddaughter is a little older, she could get it through feeding her a little yogurt with the probiotics in it or with probiotic tablets in her cereal. If the baby was recently on antibiotics, his healthy bacteria may be deficient. Good luck! Tell us how it goes!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I would probably call and talk to the doctor myself. I would be concerned. Has anyone outside of family been watching her?



answers from Indianapolis on

Blood is not ok:( It's a classic sign of food allergy, maybe milk? She needs to have some blood drawn and an allergy panel done on the blood.



answers from Seattle on

If her doctor checked her out and determined that she is fine, I think it's ok to stop worrying. Babies can have small amounts of blood in their diaper, for example if they are constipated. Also, what sometimes looks like blood, does not necessarily have to be blood. She might have eaten something, that when passed looks like blood. I almost freaked out when changing my daughter's diaper the first time she had beets, her pee and her BMs were bright red...
Good luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

I'm not trying to cause panic or anything but please have your grand daughter taken to a children's hospital ER right away. It is not normal for any person let alone a baby to have blood in their stool.

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