Blood in Toddlers Urine

Updated on February 28, 2010
C.A. asks from Hamden, CT
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I have a 17 month old uncircumcised son. Monday morning I changed his diaper and noticed a nickel sized spot of blood in his diaper. I brought him to the pediatrician, they said if it happened again bring him back. They also wanted me to put a maxi pad in the diaper to collect the blood so they could test it. He did not have any other blood stained diapers the rest of the day. Tuesday morning he woke up and had another nickel sized spot of blood in his diaper. I brought him into the pediatrician, they bagged him to collect a urine sample. The urine sample tested clean, they were going to send it for culture anyways. They told me to wait and watch, and if he is still have the problem in a WEEK to bring him back!!! They are confused because it is only 1 of his diapers, the morning diaper. I should also add that he hasn't been sleeping ( up from 12-4:30 last night) and just started eating again. He had spots of blood in his diaper this morning. I am not comfortable waiting till Monday to find out what is wrong, my mother intuition just says something is not right. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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So What Happened?

The blood is definitely in his urine coming from his penis. It is at the front of his diaper. The pediatrician mentioned the idea of it being from food, however he has been on an eating strike. We actually had beets for dinner 2 weeks ago, but this can't be from that =) She also said kool- Aid drinks, we don't drink that either. The blood is light pink/red.

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Just another possiblilty of what it could be- it could be discolored from food he is eating. My son ate beets at around a year and I about freaked out when I changed his diaper and it was all dark pink. Is it dark like blood coming from a wound, or diluted like it would be coming from his bladder. I hope everything is ok. I just thought I would mention the food thing in case he ate something strange.

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Hi C.,

I don't want to panic you, but my girlfriends son woke one morning a day or two after Christmas 08'. He had a little blood stains on his diaper. She took him to the doctors and they sent him right away for blood work and an ultra sound on his Kidney. In a nut shell his kidney was removed new years day and treatments for her 3 year old started. Now he is four and doing great!!!! Please don't panic but I would difinately have more testing done. Follow your gut instink. All the best and God bless.....

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I would for sure be taking him to the emergency room. They will step it up a notch and give you some answers! Its probably something very minor, but incase its not they can start treatment now! poor lil guy~!

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I have a friend whose daughter was allergic to cow's milk and this would happen to her. I don't know if it was just the morning diaper but I know she had blood in her urine as a result. If you are concerned and don't want to wait call a urologist and get seen right away. I would put a pad in his diaper every night so that you can collect the samples they are looking for...maybe this will light a fire under them and if not just call the urologist. It will probably make you feel better anyway. Good luck!!!



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I can offer advice based on personal experience. I won't get into the whole thing because it is a scary story but I will say trust your instincts and if you feel you need to, bring him to a specialist. If it is nothing, then they can tell you l. And if is, then you have the right people paying attention. Good luck!



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Sometimes we mothers have to put our foot down and say to the pediatrcian, I am not satisfied waiting and not satisfied with you not getting to the bottom of this!!! I want to see the specialist and I want the information, name of the specialist and phone number. Get to the bottom of it. You're his advocate and stand up for him. Please let me know what happened and I will be praying for you and for your son. Are very sure it's in his urine? I was wondering how often do you change his diaper in the day. More frequent than over night right? I was wondering, you see in the morning because over period of hours of no changing, there will be blood. The longer the diaper is on, the trickle of blood comes out and will appear bigger over that period of time???? Maybe not enough comes out or not seen in 2 hours but yes in 6 hours??? I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU, C. AND YOUR SON!!!



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urinary or kidney infection? it shouldn't take that long... i'd find out where it gets tested and have them call...



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I have to agree with the other answers you have gotten. I would tell the doctor you want blood work done to check various things like the blood count and the sonogram of his kidneys. I would rather do it and have everything come back normal than not do it and find out later "if only we had known sooner". If the pediatrician won't do it, demand to see a specialist but trust your mommy gut.

I do hope you come back and post what the outcome was. I'll be thinking of you guys.

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