Change in Stool Color and Texture

Updated on November 20, 2008
L.S. asks from West Linn, OR
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Has anyone had this experience??

My son's stool's have changed from dark green and semi formed to
brownish orange and soft/wet in the last 3 days. He usually only has 1-2 small bms but now he has 3-4. It wouldn't be so weird if it didn't smell fishy and some days his bottom is stained orange. My husband has been feeding him more vegies ( carrots and squash) daily.. like 1-2 jars more a day.. but could this be the reason? He has no other symptoms besides taking longer naps. I'm stumped.
I will most likely take him to the doc but wanted to get some others feedback


PS Can you tell I'm a new mom;-))

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So What Happened?

Boy do I feel silly, especially being a nurse. My clients are in there 80's;-) I thought it might be the vegies but had no clue it could come out so smell and BRIGHT. The carrots even stained his bottom. I didn't take him in bc he was so happy and nothing else going on. Now I know. Thank you for the feedback

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Forgive my laughter but I couldn't help it after reading about the veggies. That is the culprit. When my son was an infant they still had the spinach in the Gerber jars of baby food. It was tasty (for him) going in, but the diapers after it came out were toxic. Both my husband and I would do everything we could think of to get the other to change the diaper.

I would cut back on the orange veggies and start introducing some others if you haven't already. When we started introducing solids to both my kids we'd alternate. Orange veggie for breakfast, green for lunch, orange for dinner. Then we'd add fruits and it'd be a fruit and a veggie for a meal, or they'd get some of the oatmeal's for breakfast. Or, yada yada yada.

Hope this helps,

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lol My son is also 10months and he is breastfeed along with food too! Whatever color veggies he eats his poop is that color too. If he eats Carrots, squash or sweet potatos then its orange the next morning. If its green veggies then his poo is blackish green. I also see actual chucks of food in it. I have 3 kids and he is my first to have the color of his poop change often. It's normal or atleast thats what the docs say:)

Hope this helps!

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This is nothing to worry about at all, it's just the food he is eating. As for the longer thankful the two are not connected. :)



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There is nothing to be worried. It is normal to have such bowel movement, because veggies have a lot of fibre in them. It is not necessary to bother about the stool colour unless it blood red in colour. cheers.

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