Acai Berry Burn with Green Tea

Updated on February 13, 2009
M.G. asks from Seminole, OK
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has anyone tried this ive looked on the net and they say this is the best one it has the green tea. im trying to loose the baby fat and im useing a excerise ball everynight, and when the time changes ill be walking with my daughter and then working
out so im doing pretty good. i just want to do eveything i can to cleanse and clean my body, but i dont want anything that well cramp me up. has anyone tried this or something better and can i buy it at like GNC store we have on in shawnee. any help would be great. im feeling better my daughter is 2 so i need all the help i can get i just turned 38. thanks alot!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I saw a thing on the news and this is a rip off and Oprah has announced that she is not affiliated with it at all. When you sign up for it, in the small print, it signs you up for a year or twos worth and the contract is set and you can't get out of it. They automatically take it out of your account. So, beware! You could see if they have any of this stuff at your local health food store, but don't buy on line!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Yes, I do know of something better! OsoLean targets fat -- not lean muscle. Normally when you lose weight you lose 50% fat and 50% lean muscle. When you gain it back, it's 100% fat. With OsoLean, you change the ratio to 70%/30% and with moderate exercise to 90%/10%. It specifically targets belly fat. I know it works because I lost 2 1/2 stubborn inches off my waist -- with an injured foot and at an incredibly stressful time! Plus, it is good for your bones. Two servings give you 44% of your daily requirements for calcium -- in a form that is totally usable by your body. I recommend it for all my clients. Check out my Web site at for more info. You can download my free booklet from the Web site and visit my Fat loss blog there, too -- for free.
S. Brown
Certified Personal Weight Loss Coach

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answers from Montgomery on

I had a girlfriend sign up for that Acai Berry because the sample was $5 and then she was going to cancel it. She didn't see any results from taking it and when she wanted to cancel there wasn't anyone she could talk too and they took 3 more payments out of her account before she could get it canceled.

I have 2 magazines that I love and one is FIRST magazine because they try a lot of things before they put the article in the magazine so you know if it has actually worked for someone. The other one is ALL YOU I like this one because everything is tried by the readers they even have a readers panel that try's products for their article.
In the first magazine they talked about Natrol Carb Intercept with phase 2 and a lot of people had results. You can get them anywhere and I bought some, I started to lose weight but I didn't think I ate alot of carbs and it says to use it for carb heavy meals so I started to eat more carbs which was the wrong thing to do. I went on one of those free weight tracking sites and realized I ate more carbs then I realized with just what I ate before so I am going to start taking them again and see if my results are even better then before.

Also the flat belly diet book is a good one and you can get that anywhere now and they have a flat belly cookbook but you can only get that at It uses the MUFSA fats to help you lose weight and they work.

Also OOLONG Tea is great in helping you lose weight and you can find that in the grocery store and it will help cleanse. Really any green or black tea will plus you get antioxidents.

Have a great day

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answers from Texarkana on

I would think what you are doing is fine but the person at the GNC should be able to tell you of something to cleanse and clean up your body I have heard a lot about the acai berry and green tea but you know most the time if it sounds to good to be true it generally is good luck

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answers from Hattiesburg on

I really love ALLI. If you can stand being in the rest room alot the first couple of weeks. I work a full time job, and still use it. It will extract 25% of your fat intake, and you actually see this, there fore it makes you think WOW if THAT is 25%, imagine the 75% that is still in there,. Hence you begin to eat a lil better,. Now mind you I am a single mother of 15 yr and 13 yr old very active boys, so I am on the run all the time. I'm not always getting the proper nutrients, but I do try to eat healthy. This really works. It’s a bit pricey but IMO very good. But be real sure to also take a multi vitamin at night before you go to bed while using it.
** Im editing my post for the fact that i read the responses, and i'm sure you are like me you want to here about results. I'm a realatively small person, My normal weight is 120 or so. In the last year I gained 20 pounds and I feel horrible, no energy at all, and this i must have alot of to maintain a household, a full time job, and two teenagers. I coach ball, and do alot of volunteering. I'm loosing weight,. mine you its not at a fast rate, but rome wasnt built in a day. I'm almost back down to my normal weight but my hardest thing to get rid of was my belly fat, which i am still battleing. I am realistic, I know i'll never look like i did when i was 19, however I do want to feel better, and I simply was not feeling good. With Alli I feel like the old me. NO jitters like with other diet pills.

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