The Empty Nest

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How Do I Deal with the Empty Nest When I Feel Rejected?

K.S. asks from Columbia

My youngest daughter got married in early November at the age of 25 after living at home still. I had thought that we had a pretty good relationship. I love her and...


Seeking Moms with Empty Nest Issues.

M.B. asks from Joplin

Time has flown by so fast! They told me it would, but I didn't believe untill it was to late. My Step-daughter who was three when we meet is now 19. I didn't deal we...


Empty Nest Syndrome (Sort Of) - Who Am I and What Now?

E.G. asks from New York

My one and only daughter is nearly 19 and attending community college. Although she still lives at home, she's rarely here except to sleep. She works, goes to school...


Anyone Facing Empty Nest or Gone Through It

C.W. asks from Little Rock

My oldest just left for college and my youngest will finish high school in 3 years. I used to think it would be thrilling but now I am sad. Is it normal to feel dep...


Feeling Empty Nest and the Kids Are 7 and 9 Yo

L.M. asks from Cleveland

I now it sounds crazy but i feel like they don't need me anymore for anyting that i want to be needed for. Driving them places and giving them money does not feel ...


I Can't "Get over It" "Empty Nest", Natural Hormone Replacement, Menopause

D.L. asks from Odessa

I need wisdom from Godly women concerning this "transition" in my life. I hate it and I am misrable, depressed, anxious, and afraid. My only child didn't leave for c...


Blending near Empty Nest with 7 Year Old Every Other Weekend

M.S. asks from Portland

I am 40 and had my 3 kids by the time I was 23, he is 50, he had his first and only child at 43, I am nearly done, he has just begun. His ex is convinced that I ...


Seeking Moms Why Went Througth "Empty Nest Syndrome" and "Middle Life Crisis"

I.K. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a connection with women for an advice on how to find yourself after raising a child. I am 40 and didnt grow up in USA , so i have a very difficult ti...


A Friend like You

R.H. asks from Houston

What is it about yourself or your personality do you wish you could find in a new friend? Example for me: I wish I could find another empty nest, divorced, 50ish fema...


Solo Road Trips

N.G. asks from Boston

Do any of you mamas enjoy taking solo road trips? How do you plan? What do you do when you reach the destination? How do you choose a destination? How long do you sta...