The Empty Nest

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When Do You Delete Acquaintences from Your cell/FB?

R.R. asks from Houston

I find that I tend to mainly be the one reaching out to acquaintances on FB and via texts all the time. After about 2 unanswered texts/messages, I erase them in my FB...


Adult Child Who Plays Dumb and Acts Entitled

C.J. asks from San Antonio

I guess I pretty much know my own was quite accurately pointed out to me by my wiser older sister recently. It is never going to end until my husband sets...


Advice on Grown Kids Living at Home

T.B. asks from Grand Junction

My husband & I were supposed to have an 'empty nest' right now. However, our daughter, who will be 23 in Nov, was told by her boyfriend of almost 4 yrs, that he wante...


Single Mom 41, with 16, 17 Yr Olds.

A.R. asks from Tampa

My question is... Am I weird? I have been single for over 13 yrs. The kids are now 16&17 and am already feeling the empty nest syndrome. Kind of excited but more scar...


Professional in Home Day Care

T.S. asks from Columbus

I am a Professional Home Day Care Provider. I am seeking parents in the Gahanna/New Albany area who have child care needs. I have over ten years experience, and pro...


Another Dog Snapping Question from a Different Angle

V.N. asks from Harrisburg

I've been dealing with this for a while now and I don't know how to handle it. My parents bought a german shepard puppy and she is like their baby (I guess to fill t...


Elusive Sleep - Help!!

J.P. asks from Houston

I've had sleep issues for years. I am a mature adult with an empty nest. I seem to just not require sleep. I don't have anything on my mind during my rest periiods ...


'The Catholic Mother' Guilt Trips... My Mother Is Killing Me Here...

R.D. asks from Richmond

2 questions in one day, maybe I'm the one losing it ;) Anyway, my mother has a VERY hard time understanding that her children are all grown with families of their ...


Why Are People So Hard to Understand Sometimes?

L._. asks from San Diego

I'm making some kind of random observations... As a parent myself, I've loved being a mom. Being a mom is extremely rewarding. But even with the best kids in the...


College Kids, downsizing...what to Do??

M.R. asks from St. Louis

I am a mom to four girls and all but one is now in college. My oldest are twins and they are Juniors in college, the middle one is a college Freshman and our youngest...