6Th Grade Math

Updated on March 28, 2011
D.B. asks from Eastlake, CO
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DD got off to a really bad start with math 3 years ago in an ill-designed math program they tried to institute at our school. It's been an uphill struggle since then. She's an above-average student and has an above average IQ, but the mental attitude block she puts up when it comes to math is unbelievable. I've bought her math software, but the fact that she has to SIT THROUGH A TUTORIAL is a nail in the coffin. After looking into Sylvan, I found the Sylvan math workbooks and i must say they are the best out there. Real life applications of math techniques & they make it fun. Only problem, the highest level available is 5th grade. So she's working on this book now (with me holding her hand) and i need to have somethng lined up when this book is done. She's at least getting caught up with her basics in this book. Can anyone suggest a FUN and WELL PUT TOGETHER math workbook for middle school students? I should mention that we live in a very rural environment, so learning centers are not an option.

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I homeschool two of my children and we are using Teaching Textbooks. Each lesson can be taught either by book or DVD. The DVD lesson is short and simple. Math really shouldn't be so difficult. My daughter is in 3rd grade and the program is set up to grade her automatically. She's doing very well and so is my son in 7th grade.

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My daughter had struggled with math too! So my husband and I got a private tutor for her, even in the summer! She is now a math wiz! Thank GOD!
Have you tried to ask her math teach about websites that she can go on to practice? Or even a website that teacher's recommend for parents to purchase math books from? I have a website that my daughter's tutor had given me, the book's are FUN and COLORFUL so that will grab her attention! www.citycreek.com ... I haven't looked on to see what the grade level's are since my daughter used it acouple years ago but it's worth looking at. Good Luck!

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Scott Flansburg has some books called "Math Magic" and "Math Magic for Kids" they are the coolest confidence builders I have seen. I use them in the clsssroom all the time (5th and 6th grades), and I have given them to nieces and nephews for gifts. They love them. My daughter (18) flipped through a copy and said "Why the heck didn't they teach US that?!?"

There is a book and a workbook. The book teaches the "tricks", and the workbook allows for practice. VERY COOL AND FUN ACTIVITIES.

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Math may not be the problem of learning. But I would try LearningRX as they dont teach math as tutors nor practice it but try to deal with the issues of the brain how it can handle information and its goal is to improve it.
Our daughter is also above average IQ and was good at math. Except long word problems.... But her biggest issue was reading. After the Learning RX program she jumped about 1.5 grades ahead in her reading which meant she caught to almost the average student in her class which is good as the reading levels expectations of the School system are quite high. I am decent at math but trying to teach my daughter "my way" vs the "new" math way is like climbing Mt Everest! But I try to learn her way to see that is does give better number sense to equations which is good. And the best part the level of math skills does not matter as its goal is improvement of th ability to learn vs getting a problem right and understanding it.



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There's a website called ixl.com that you can subscribe to. It goes up to 8th grade math and provides practice in all math skills for each grade. It's like an online workbook, and kids often like working on the computer better than in a book. You can try it for free before subscribing. I also like the Kumon workbooks, but I'm not sure what grade they go to.

ps- I checked amazon.com and there are some 6th grade math workbooks made by Kumon. I have their word problem books for grades 2 & 3 for the students I tutor, and I think they're great.



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I bought my son a computer game that was all algebra when he was around the age of your daughter. He loved video games and he would work the problems until he passed. You might seeing what kind of video games are available that they have to work math to pass to the next level.



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I'm a teacher and I have been using a program called Mammoth Math. It's purchased online at mammothmath.com and you just print out the sheets. I have found it to be a very comprehensive program. There is also a supplemental workbook that incorporates real world math problems. The cost of the program is very reasonable and because it is bought as a download for your computer you can use it as many times as you'd like.

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