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Updated on April 20, 2012
J.M. asks from Spring, TX
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My daughter went to private school since she was 2 and is not going into 2nd grade next year. I want to move her to public school I think she will get more out of it when it comes to after school programs. My question is at what age can they go into 2nd grade? We live in texas, I know that there is a cut off date for kinder and 1st grade. Is there a cut off date if she has already done 1st grade and is going to 2nd? Help please.

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answers from San Francisco on

I don't think age is a factor once they've started school. As long as she passed first grade, she should go into second grade next year, no matter what her age.

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answers from Chicago on

You would want to contact the public school where she will be enrolled and ask them. Typically if she has completed a 1st grade curriculum from an ACCREDITED program she would be allowed to begin 2nd grade, even if she wouldn't meet the eligibility requirement.

(for example, my daughter began 6th grade in Chicago. We moved to Missouri where her b'day is in August but the Missouri cutoff is June, so TECHNICALLY she would be the 'age' of a student in 5th grade. Since she had completed 5th grade and began 6th grade at an accredited school, she stayed in 6th grade in Missouri. They did tell me that if she would have started to have problems or perform significantly behind her class, then they would look at moving her back to 5th grade, but as long as she keeps up she will advance as a 6th grader.... make sense?)

Good Luck

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Kids are supposed to be:

5 and turn 6 in Kindergarten
6 and turn 7 in 1st grade
7 and turn 8 in 2nd grade
8 and turn 9 in 3rd grade
9 and turn 10 in 4th grade
10 turning 11 in 5th grade
11 turning 12 in 6th grade
12 turning 13 in 7th grade
13 turning 14 in 8th grade
14 turning 15 in 9th grade
15 turning 16 in 10th grade, earliest year they can take drivers ed.
16 turning 17 in 11th grade
17 turning 18 in 12th grade and they graduate as an adult.

Or the easier way to figure it out, take 5, that's the age kids should start kindergarten. Add the year or grade of school,

5 + 10 = 15 so they should be 15 to start 10th grade.

5 for kindergarten now entering 10th grade, need to be 15 to start 10th grade.

If their birthday is in the summer they will already be that age when the first day of classes start so the 10th grader would already be 16 when school started if they had a June/July birthday.


answers from San Francisco on

Call the school and ask them.



answers from Las Vegas on

Here in LV (Clark County School District) my cousin put her November baby in private kindergarten at age 4. I think she said she had to keep her in private school for K-1 and then public school would accept her into 2nd grade, at her age.

So a little off subject, but there are exceptions. Call your school district.


answers from Beaumont on

You do not say in your post but I am assuming that you started your child early into a grade and now they are young for the grade they are going into?
Otherwise there would not be a problem. They finish first and go into second.
If you are moving into public school and trying to get them ahead of their developmental age I discourage that. Public school is stressful enough and then when your child finishes high school a year early and is not emotionally ready to be away from home in college. The older a child is in a grade then the less stress they experience and the more successful they are. Otherwise they are around others that are always ahead of them. They can't drive when their friends drive, date, they are smaller for sports etc.
As a teacher I never understand parents pushing for this. Yes you may win the battle and get your child into second grade but is it really the right thing for your child? Does their teacher now feel that they are ready physically, mentally and emotionally for 2nd grade?



answers from Pittsburgh on

Just call the school!
My son was 7, turning 8 in the spring for his 2nd grade year.



answers from Seattle on

Most kids because of the kindergarten age requirements are 7 when school starts, some are already 8 if they were started late. If your child won't be 7 by the start date I imagine they will test him or her to see which grade level is appropriate, and check the previous schools records and transcripts.



answers from Washington DC on

Usually they will give her a test. If she has already passed 1st grade, they will usually just move her on to 2nd grade, if her grades support it.



answers from San Antonio on


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