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Super Heros for a 4 Year Old

M.H. asks from Sarasota

My 4 year old son LOVES superheros. He got this from his friends at school. He had a spiderman and a batman party for his 4th birthday. He also likes iron man and ...


5 Yr Old Bday Party-donations Instead of Gifts?

A.L. asks from Lincoln

Has anyone ever asked for donations to a non-profit organizations instead of gifts? My kids have too many toys, and not enough room for more stuff they'll never play...


High Maintenance Friendships.

S.G. asks from Grand Forks

In my other question I mentioned that if the parents of one of my kids friends insisted I run all invites past them before inviting the child I would think them too h...


Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A.C. asks from Dallas

I am having a Halloween party for my nieces and nephews who range in age from 9 to 2. I would like to have a scavenger hunt as the main activity at the party, but am...


Birthday Themes?!?

J.H. asks from Oklahoma City

My baby's birthday is next month and I'm leaning towards a princess party, but I would like to know what else there is, because princess themes are done alot for litt...


Need Ideas for a Halloween Party This Weekend - Help, the 12 Yr Olds Are Coming!

C.W. asks from Kansas City

My 12 yr old daughter is having a few other 7th graders over for a little "get together" or halloween party...we're not sure what we are calling it, but it's this Sat...


2Nd Birthday

K.W. asks from Cumberland

My sons second birthday is coming up soon, June. We had a curious george theme last year.. I am racking my brain to figure out a theme for this year. I keep think...


A Few More Ideas Needed

J.S. asks from Springfield

Well, I got reservations made for my daughter's party. Now I'm stuck on what to do for gift bags for all the kids that come. There is no party theme, and there will b...



R.F. asks from St. Louis

Hello! My husband and I are trying to figure out what theme we want for our sons 1st birthday. It isn't until Feb. but we are trying yo start buying stuff now so we d...


Birthday Gift for 6 Year Old Boy

G.G. asks from Chicago

We were invited to a birthday party for a 6 year old boy and I am clueless as to what to get him for a gift. Can you give me any advice that would be maybe under $40...