Adult Only Halloween Party- Need Costume Ideas!

Updated on October 26, 2010
K.B. asks from Columbus, OH
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My husband and I are going to an adult only Halloween party this Saturday. We want to come up with something creative and funny, but not something that will be overdone (I've heard of quite a few people dressing up like the Jersey Shore kids). I love the idea of doing something pop-cuture related, our friends are dressing up like Elmo and Katy Perry which I think is HILARIOUS! My brother and his girlfriend are going too, so we could do a four person theme. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

One year...when we were younger, my husband made us costumes. I was the Plug in and he was the plug. He made them out of cardboard. He was a 3 prong plug that plugged into my socket. He rigged lights to flash when he plugged in.
It was lots of fun!

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answers from San Antonio on
Check out this website for cool easy to do costumes
Have fun!!

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answers from Dallas on

Have you thought of doing a flashback to something like three's company (with your fourth being mr. roper) or Laverne and Shirley with lenny & squiggy?
something like that could be cute, fun and harken back to TV Land times.
I was going to say Gilligan's Island or Scooby Doo, but those are bit overdone.
Best of luck!

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answers from Indianapolis on

By FAR the best costume I ever did was w/ me, a girlfriend and my brother and sister-in-law. We went as the big bad wolf and the three little pigs. I even sewed nipples on the front of pink sweatshirts to look like the nipples of a female pig (not that they were, it just added to being funny). I made ears out of pink pipe cleaners and pink felt. We bought pig noses and each of us carried either sticks, brick or a small bail of straw (you can find one they use for decorating.

We found sythetic hair to glue to my brother's hands, he wore plaid shirt and overalls (my famil lives on farms), he had a beard, anyway, made wolf ears - and you shouldn't have trouble finding a wolf mask if you want to use one.

Made a tail out of a brown fuzzy knee sock and stuffed it and pinned (heavily) onto his overalls. We were a HUGE hit!



answers from Dallas on

my hubby and I went to a party one year in our pj's and matching robes and slippers!! we were super comfy and the only was wit hthat costume!


answers from Richmond on

My BF was (a very creepy, not so cute and cuddly) Elmo last year, LOL. Who's 38 and fits into a 3T Elmo costume? HE DOES! I love the Elmo/Katy Perry idea, super cute.

Have you seen the 'shake weight' parody on SNL? Yeah... that's what I'm going as this year, LOL!!

Some of our friends a few years ago dressed as a protologist and patient... she was the 'dirty doctor' and he simply wore a hospital gown with a big fake plastic butt hanging out the back... the pictures were HILARIOUS.

As far as the foursome, any movie with 4 people would be funny! Ninja Turtles (they make really cute womens costumes), Larry, Curly, Moe, and Shep... or if you want to stick with you and your hubby, check out ... it's adult, but they've got some cute his and hers ideas ;) HAVE FUN!!



answers from Orlando on

Hmmm.. a cop & a prisoner? ... Or Superman and Louis Lane?



answers from Philadelphia on

I was going to have a halloween party this year. Too many other events. But, my husband and i were going to be Katy Perry and Snoop from the California gurls video. The outfit that is the candy dots...i was going to make a white tube dress and velcro dots. All you need is a blue wig. Snoop wears the candy suit...for that i was going to have my husband wear just the suit pants and vest (with shirt). I was going to stick candy all over it somehow :)

We used to have halloween parties all of the time. We have won a few contests :) One was adam and eve. I made outfits out of leaves from the craft store. Another year he was a lightning bolt (with a sensor behind that went off) and i was the victim. I tore a shirt and bunrt the holes, teased my hair... it was fun.

Hope you think of something! Have a great time!



answers from Cleveland on

Crayons. Dress all in one color, make a cone-shaped hat, and a label to wear on your arm.

Seems like there was another post recently on costumes, if you can find that, it might have more ideas.

K. Z.


answers from Dallas on

Brick and Brick layer

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