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Updated on January 25, 2011
S.H. asks from Harvest, AL
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My daughter's 5th birthday party is going to be Saturday, Feb 19. It's going to be a Scooby Doo party, and I'm going to make the invitations myself.

We are going to invite her Pre-K class - about 30 kids, though I know not too many will come. I was thinking about giving these in the class on Thursday the 10th. That would be a week and a couple days from the party.

Then I remembered we have a crazy schedule the week of the party and my daughter will actually be out of school the entire week before her party (the 14th - 18th).

As far as RSVP, I wanted to make it as convenient as possible for the parents to give a response! I wanted to let them know that they could leave a note in my daughter's cubby or take home folder. But, they won't be able to do that from the 14th - 18th!

Would it be too weird to give them out the Monday or Tuesday (7th or 8th) and maybe have a small card included with the invitation that they can easily leave in her cubby/folder? I could put the child's name & then blanks for them to say how many kids & how many adults attending? Then I would have to say it must be left in her cubby/folder no later than Friday the 11th, otherwise use another contact method...

Then also offer my phone number to call or even text, as well as an email address.

Am I overdoing it?? haha

EDIT: Card could also include a "Sorry we can't make it" option... lol

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of the replies! Phone & email it is :) And I think I like Monday the 7th for giving them out.

I will ask her teacher how they would prefer the invitations be given out. Either the teachers can do it, or they will probably let me put them in the kids' folders. Their "take home" folders are manila folders in pockets hanging on the wall. This is where the kids' put their drawings & worksheets from the day, and take them home in their bags at the end of the day. We've gotten invitations in there before.

Thanks again! I've got to start working out the details of the actual party too! Especially since we will be gone the week before (out of town & out of state! haha).

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree with the other posters-just email and phone number. I have never heard of invitees needing to send in their response for a kids party. And knowing how bad people are with rsvps you probably would not get much compliance anyhow. Give the invites out Monday 2/7.

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answers from Topeka on

Don't count on RSVP's they will either call,show up or not show up however have plenty of food & drinks for as many people you planned on inviting.The cubby/folder thing will take class time away & I don't think the teacher will appreciate it making sure they all get to your daughter.

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answers from Pensacola on

I would still hand out the cards on the 10th like you planned but just put a phone number or e-mail for RSVPing since you won't be at school the week before the party anyway.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would just offer your phone number and email. Email is most convienient anyways. Then you dont have to worry about checking her cubby, or if one was put in there afterwards.
Have a fun party.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I would just offer an e-mail and/or phonenumer for contact. I would hand out the invites next week (Jan 31 - feb 4) and make the RSVP deadline by friday the 11th, it is valentines week after that anyway so everyone is going to be busy. This gives everyone at least two weeks notice and time to reply by your deadline, I know in my family that we are booked two weeks out so only the week before means a no from us.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

People just show up they rarely respond so if you want to have a better guess then call them and ask if they are coming. They still won't show up and others will decide at the last minute to come.



answers from Cleveland on

i say hand them out by next friday and make the RSVPs by the 11th and just give them your phone number or email to let you know this way that is one less thing that has to be remembered to take to school



answers from Eugene on

I have also like the rsvp by a certain date.



answers from Honolulu on

... Ever since Preschool, per my daughter, (she is now on 3rd Grade), it has been the Teachers "RULE"... that party invitations are given to the Teacher first... to disperse. So that.... it does not disrupt class or class time.... and is usually given at a time that is best for the class. PER the Teacher. Usually, before school lets out.

For RSVP's.... most all parents I know... leave a phone contact number AND an e-mail address. That is... most convenient, for parents.
Not all parents, can leave a note in the cubby... or in their take home folder. They are at work. Therefore, leave a phone contact number AND an e-mail address, for them to contact/RSVP you. Directly.
That is what I would do. I would not, personally... make a paper RSVP... for the parents to leave for you... and a child that young... cannot be counted on to do it for the parent... and leave it in your daughter's cubby. THEN, what if it gets lost? Which does happen. And/or the child will even FORGET to give it, to your daughter or her cubby. Then the Teacher.. has to 'help' find it etc. THAT has happened... before... in my daughter's classes. It is.... not reliable.

Most invitations, per myself and other parents... have dispersed invitations even 1 month... PRIOR to the birthday, date. Because, parents are busy.... and their children have weekend classes/activities/obligations too.
So for me, personally, I would disperse the invitations... earlier.... not 1.5 weeks prior to the birthday party, date.
AND put the birthday "RSVP by" date on it.... AND the party's start and end, time. So it is defined.... because parents, per their hectic-ness... need to know when a party is ended.
ALSO... you need to specify... IF it is a "drop-off" party... OR if the parents can stay... so THEN.. you need to ask, on the invitation... HOW MANY parents will also be attending with their child.
THEN, that will also, impact your party/headcount/food you need to provide... and accommodations....

all the best,



answers from Birmingham on

Sooo many folks now just don't seem to RSVP very well and it makes party planning difficult. It seems like the heaviest way to get a response is through email. Always include that as an option. I would not count on many invitations getting returned to the cubby and I've been known to even find invitations stuffed in a bag that I didn't know existed until cleaning all the way to the bottom. Give a phone number and email address and ask for "regrets only" or something to that nature so there's no question as to who you want to hear from. I think some folks now don't know if they should respond if they ARE or are NOT going to attend a function (the RSVP idea is to get a response from everyone no matter what ... attend or not ... but that rarely happens these days!).

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