Has a Cold and Diarrhea

Updated on November 01, 2009
T.D. asks from Meridianville, AL
10 answers

wat can i do to keep a two month old from dehydration when he has bad diaherrea. he also has cold.

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answers from Phoenix on

nurse nurse nurse! no water that young..
I recently got a horrible flu & my 20 mo old got nothing more than a runny nose since she had the immunity from mommas milk =)



answers from Flagstaff on

If you breast feed, that would be the best thing to give to your baby.

I did give mine some pedilyte, but I make my own since I don't like giving my child aspartame.



answers from Phoenix on

Do not give a 2 month old water! It dilutes their system and flushes out their electrolytes and they can actually die from it. I would ask your pediatrician for a safe formula/dosage of an electrolyte booster and nourishment.



answers from Albuquerque on

Nurse, nurse, nurse and then nurse some more. There's nothing better for a sick baby. Not only for the nourishment, but because you've probably been exposed to the same bugs and can pass along the antibodies via breastmilk.

Then check for signs of dehydration to determine if you need medical intervention:



answers from Phoenix on

Nurse on demand, and as much as humanly possible. My daughter just had 8 days of throwing up and diarrhea (she's 11 months) but I nursed her like crazy and she didn't get dehydrated.



answers from Phoenix on

I think that at that age, your pediatrician should be your advisor on how to keep your baby healthy or from getting worse.




answers from Phoenix on

pedilyte and water.



answers from Santa Fe on

Hi T.,

To be safe, you might want to check with your doctor and get their advice.

Are you still nursing? I believe that if you are and he is nursing (he hasn't stopped for some reason), then it is very difficult for him to get dehydrated if he is nursing regularly. I took my son to the ER once because I was worried about dehydration, and as soon as the doctor realized I was nursing he asked me what I was doing there!

If you are not nursing at the moment, if you are willing, you could start! Check out this website: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=2008032309410....

Though the suggestion above is more for your baby's overall health in general. If you are concerned about dehydration now your doctor would be able to tell you what exactly to do and what signs to look for in your baby if he/she is dehydrated.

I know breastfeeding isn't easy (I breastfed 2 children and had emotional support from La Leche League during the whole process (check out: www.lllalmsla.org/) but the health benefits for the baby are incredible, even if you only do it for a few months. And there are benefits for you (e.g., helps to bond with your baby, easier to breastfeed in the night as you can go to sleep while breastfeeding, and, the longer you breastfeed, the more chance you have of losing excess weight gained during pregnancy as it takes alot of energy of your body to produce milk. etc.)

Best of luck to you and your baby,
Shirl H.



answers from Huntsville on

i called the a nurseing line for my hospital and they told me to stop feeding him his formula and give him pedilyte so we did and he doesnt have diaherrea anymore and his cold is gone too. thank you for yalls advice!!!



answers from Phoenix on

My son got the flu when he was only 5-6 months, the biggest thing to keep them from getting dehydrated was to nurse him. My pediatrician said that nursing is even better then the pedialite. If you aren't nursing, I would call your doctor and talk to the nurse on call

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