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Exercise / Weight Loss During Pregnancy

T.R. asks from New York

I recently joined Curves and then found out we are pregnant with our third child. I was in the process of losing the last 20 lbs from my last pregnancy and would lik...


Books for Girls (Sensitive Subject)

K.A. asks from Missoula

I was told about this book called The Care & Keeping of You. The body book for girls. I have all heard good things about this book. I just received it today and was w...


How Long Will the After-pregnancy Belly "Hang Around"?

A.V. asks from Seattle

Hello ladies! I just had my second child last week, another C-section. My first child is 3 1/2 years old and I cannot remember how long it took my uterus and belly...


Seeking Diet That Works

D.B. asks from Chicago

Hi tho all the moms, I'm desperate! I need a healthy diet that works. I don't believe in quick weightloss since you only pick everything up in no time! I love g...


Losing Weight

D.W. asks from St. Louis

I have tried everything under the sun and CANNOT loose weight. I have worked out everyday, HARD, and ate very small portions of food, skipping meals, etc. and did NO...


How Much Is Good? or How Much Am I Supposed to Be Doing?

M.M. asks from Dallas

Hi, moms! I have never been one to really excersize and diet but all of a sudden I am in this mood to get thin! I have been excersizing for 2 weeks already and am rea...


Help with Sister

T.H. asks from Topeka

Hi Ladies! Please don't judge me but here is my problem. I have a sister whom I love dearly. She is the nicest person & greatest aunt to my kids. She has been married...


Post Baby Weight

K.A. asks from Oklahoma City

I am a new mom to a 3 month old little girl. I was super fit before pregnancy, and felt and looked pretty good through it. I gained 35 total lbs. during pregnancy. I ...


Pregnant - When Should I Stop Sleeping on Back/stomach??

K.C. asks from Evansville

I am pregnant with my 2nd (13 weeks). Can't find my books that I read religiously with the first - lost in the move. Does anyone know when they recommend to stop sl...


Weight Loss Ideas

M.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I have tried every kind of diet possible. (cleasing detox, weight watchers, curves, ect....) I just seem to get bored with workouts and can't seem to know exactley ho...