Pre-term Labor

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Umbilicord Had a Knot and Dr Induced Early Without

C.U. asks from Sacramento

My Dr scared the hell out of us , last month she enduced me to deliver because my babys heart was slowing with pre-labor contractions , turns out there was a knot in ...


Seeking Stories from Those of You Who Delivered at 36 Wks, Planned or Unplanned

P.B. asks from Dallas

Hi, I'm trying this post again because it was apparently pulled and I don't know why. This pregancy has been rough. I've posted a couple times about the issues ...


Similar Pregnancies and Deliveries?

L.B. asks from Seattle

We are prego with our second child due in late March. I was wondering if you mamas had experienced similar pregnancies to your first (or second, or third, etc.) or i...


Traveling 4 Hours Away for Funeral at 37 Weeks Pregnant?

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

My husband's great-uncle passed away yesterday and the wake is Sunday, funeral Monday in Indiana - about 4 hours from where we live. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and had an ...


Great High Risk OB on Long Island (Nassau County)?

C.E. asks from New York

I am looking for a great high risk OB GYN on Long Island- Nassau County. Would prefer someone associated with NS/LIJ or Winthrop Hospital. Need someone willing to li...


Coping in the Hospital While Toddler at Home

M.L. asks from Austin

I'm been in the hospital for a week now for preterm labor with twins (3-4 cm dialated). I am a gestational carrier for my sister and am 31 weeks pg with her twin bo...


Seeking Mothers of Multiples Advice

S.N. asks from New York

I'm seven months pregnant and have been having contractions for two days doctor say not dilated. Shower or tylenol not working how can I get comfortable.


Belly Pain and Pressure

N.B. asks from Minneapolis

Ok, so I know all about round ligament pain. However, today I have been feeling so much pressure at the bottom of my belly. It makes me feel like i have to go to th...


C-section at 37 Weeks

L.P. asks from New York

UPDATE: I think a few of you mentioned being on blood thinners. I am also on a blood thinner- lovenox shots- because I have MTHFR which is a clotting disorder. I ac...


Fears/concerns over Being Pregnant Again?

A.L. asks from Kansas City

Has anyone experienced fear over their second (or subsequent) pregnancy? I am am mom of an adorable (almost 18 month old) child. My husband has been ready to "start t...