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Updated on August 18, 2010
M.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Has anyone else ever experienced this? I am 34 weeks along with my second pregnancy and have been experiencing for the past two days painful pressure in my vaginal area. I have been in pre-term labor for a few weeks now and am on medication that I take at home to stop the labor. I also have gestational diabetes. When I went into pre-term labor 4 weeks ago, the nurse at the hospital said I was 50% effaced but had not started dilating yet. I do have a routine appointment with my OB this afternoon. Is it just the baby getting in position? I never felt this with my first pregnancy.

FYI: The painful pressure is around my vagina but not inside. It feels like I fell on a metal bar and injured it or something although I haven't fallen at all.

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answers from Phoenix on

I felt this with my first but not my second (probably because things were tighter the first time around). I still get phantom pains or a remnant of that sensation once in a while when I go to the bathroom or stand too long (I am 8 months post partum with my second baby). THE JOYS OF BEARING CHILDREN! Hang in are so close!

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answers from Boston on

I had this at the end with my second. Oh the joy of shooting pains through the vagina. It's just about where the baby is putting pressure, I don't think that it's a sign of eminent arrival. Just mention it to your OB. Good luck with the new little one!


answers from Dallas on

Ahh! I think your baby is coming very soon!
Just let your doc know what your feeling.
To me it sounds like that little one is going to pop out any day though.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have had it with all of my pregnancies and a lot earlier too.... sucks! If it is any relief- my deliveries have all been easy and fast. Hopefully that reward is there for you too!



answers from Los Angeles on

the baby is probably getting ready and turning and if you were like me i worked up til the day of delivery truly our you on your feet all day thats alot of pressure even when not pregnant gravity always wins and thats even why our feet swell when we stand all day give yourself a rest and put you but in the air under alot of pellows including your feet get the pressure off


answers from Cleveland on

I know the feeling...
im 38wks with #2 and I've been having the SAME pains for weeks now.
Seriously feels like you're getting punched in your lady parts huh?
All I know is that I've had those pains for a lil while now, and I'm NOT in pre-term labor or anything like that.
Baby is getting bigger...pressure is fun
Good Luck!



answers from Toledo on

This is normal when the baby "drops". That means the head is in position for delivery, which may or may not be soon. You can temporarily relieve it by getting on your hands and knees (in bed, so you don't have to try to get up off the floor) and putting your head and shoulders down lower than your butt. Hang tough--- you're almost there.


answers from Detroit on

I felt that way with both of my kids that were both full term.

Feels like someone kicked you as hard as they could with a steel toe boot in the crotch. And I felt it for oh about 10-12wks.

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