Gestational Diabetes and Pre-term Labor

Updated on August 21, 2010
M.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Does or has anyone had both at the same time? I am a few days shy of 35 weeks and I was diagnosed a week or so ago with gestational diabetes. It seems my diet has controlled it according to the numbers I am getting after pricking my finger 4 times a day.

I have also been having pre-term contractions for about 4 weeks now (have been in the hospital twice). I am currently on medication to stop the contractions and ease the pain but my OB told me he was going to take me off of them at 36 weeks and just let me go into labor.

My doctor has been so up and down (not very happy with how busy their office has been and the lack of listening they have done with me as a patient) and hasn't really said if he will or will not be taking the baby early. First they said 35, 36 weeks and now they say they are just wanting me to get past Labor Day weekend. I HAVE had a recent conversation at the doctors office with the nurse manager and also the OB doctor about my feelings and it seems that it hasn't really had an impact on the way they are handling me as this past week my husband and I went to my weekly appointment and were rushed and I felt I wasn't getting any answers to my questions. My husband even thought the whole experience was a little odd. My doctors have been throwing so many things at me the last few weeks that I have no idea what THEIR plan is at this point. They talk about letting me go into labor and then they also talk about inducing me.

Did anyone else have both of these issues and if so did the doctor induce you early if you didn't progress into labor on your own? My husband travels for work and we don't have family in the area so we are just trying to figure out when my husband needs to stop traveling and when family should come to town to help without 3.5 year old daughter. Yes, I understand that we should just pick a date for my husband to stop traveling but with the economy and he being 90% commission I would hate to have him stop traveling which means stop working if we still had a few weeks left. Anyone can understand that. My mom lives 6 hours away and was just here helping, had to go home and will be coming back. She doesn't work so she can come any time and we do have friends to help in the mean time.

I am just really confused right now.

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answers from Indianapolis on

First off, sounds like you have the diabetes under that is for the do you feel? What do you want? Get on the internet and look up somethings.....educate yourself on what is going on.....I've never had pre-term contractions, unless that is what they called fake labor back in my day...............then you decide.......obviously you don't want to hurt the baby.....but you also don't want it to be born to soon..........

This is your body and baby, take control of your health and welfare......get the information, so when you talk to the doctor, you can show him you know what is going on and understand what he is telling you. Also, if you don't think they are listening to you or doing what they need to do, tell them so.......I think it's a little late to change Dr.'s but you can tell them you would not be recommending them to anyone and why. (after your baby is born of course)

Take care and maybe you should make a date for this so your husband can get off the might want him to do that anyway due to this issues you are having.......hopefully you can get someone to watch your daughter until family can arrive if necessary.....

Good Luck and congrats on the new little one.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I had gestational diabetes but never any issue with preterm labor. I was three days past my due day and they decided to induce me. Tell the doctor how you feel and the impact it has on you and the fact that you need to make arrangements to have family members since they do not live near by.
You should have been diagnosed much earlier with gestational diabetes. I had it diagnosed when I was around 24 weeks along after I did the glucose test. If you are not happy with the way things have been then you need to speak up,if not for you the baby. Take care and good luck



answers from Houston on

I'm sorry, I'm surely not understanding this. You are having preterm labor, on meds to keep the contractions away, but they are talking about inducing you? That doesn't make sense to me.

GD is no threat to your baby as long as you are eating well (please stay away from sugar and high fructose corn syrup!)

Prematurity IS a threat, however. I have had 4 born at 37 weeks and sooner. Every day that they are in the womb the better. I realize that the meds are horrible (I took them for 10 weeks) but leaving your baby in the NICU and going home without the baby is worse. A baby born at 37-38 weeks is 120 times more likely to be considered deficient of surfactant and require mechanical ventilation than a baby born at 39-41 weeks.

Induction isn't needed if you're already having contractions. What is more likely that they would do is just have you stop taking the meds. I would not stop them prior to 36 weeks. Also, induction increases the chances of having a cesarean section.

I highly suggest that you get a doula to help prenatally, birth and following. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate!

S. in TX, Birthspring Doula Services



answers from Chicago on

Looks like doc might need a little time off himself. Is it actually the doctor who is giving the run around or others on the staff? I am sure this is not making you feel good, and it sounds rather unprofessional. But we are all imperfect human beings. Since you have a round about time frame (sometime in the next year-teehee-oh please I am trying to make you laugh) wait it out a little bit more. I am assuming that wasn't your last doctor visit. Perhaps it was just some odd day, or something else happened within the office that saddened or made the rest of the day terrible for the workers and you happened upon it at a terrible time (someone's miscarriage perhaps, the doctor's own family loss,etc. On the other hand, if they are just a bunch of disorganized goofs who really don't know what they are doing (although that better not be the case) then get assertive and ask straight out one more time. Write a letter, an email, call, etc.Most of us did not know exactly when we were going to have our babies and they continue to be born. See if you can line up someone to assist until family gets there such as a neighbor or call your church and see if there are a few people on a list that can help out in a pinch. Hubby shouldn't have to take off and then sit there for a month, with or without the economy being this way. I remember so many years ago when I thought I had everything all worked out, my favorite doctor, the exact times, etc. and then some other guy showed up (he was very nice-they pulled him off a golf course so of course he was in a good mood) and then my second child came out c-section. The point is no matter how much we plan, schedule, etc. we must always in life be prepared for the unexpected. Of course you are confused and shame on them for making you feel so insecure. I could tell you horror stories about hospital visits, etc. but once it is over some of that means nothing once you look at your baby. On the other hand if it continues to disturb you report them.


answers from Dover on

Be aware that as you get closer to full term your diabetes may be harder to control so don't be surprised. Typically, they will induce around 38-39 weeks for GD. I think you should have a frank discussion w/ your doctor.


answers from Chicago on


I went through the exact same thing last summer. I had both gestational diabetes and pre-term labor. I was in the hospital 6 times before it was actually time. I was diagnosed with GD when I was about 29-30 weeks along, and I was in the hospital with early contractions at 32 weeks. I was given medication to stop the contractions until I got to 35 weeks. They said if I went into labor after 35 weeks they would no longer try to stop the contractions, but that they would not induce me until 39 weeks unless I would consent to an amniocentesis. ( I was surprised because my friend had GD and her OB wanted her delivered by 38 weeks so that the baby wouldn't get too large. I just assumed all doctors had the same philosophy about that). When I was 36 weeks + 5 days I was having regular contractions and went to the hospital. They had me walk the halls, kept me overnight then sent me home when my contractions died down at 6:00 AM. They said if I would have been 37 weeks, they would have given me pitocin to get me going. I was 2 days shy of that. Ugghhh! I was so frustrated. I went home and amazingly everything quieted down. When I was 38 weeks, I asked the OB to strip my membranes to stimulate labor. She agreed since I was 3cm dilated and 50% effaced, and it worked! I went into labor that night at 2:30 am and had the baby four hours later. I would definitely recommend having your membranes stripped. It is a bit more uncomfortable than a regular exam, but totally worth it if you're desperate to be delivered. Just make sure you are prepared to go to the hospital because it has a pretty high success rate.
Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I have had 3 insulin-dependent GD pregnancies and was considered "high-risk" for all 3. The first I had pre-term labor and on medication/multiple visits to hospital to stop labor.

Be careful with you, if you notice contractions - call your Dr. Watch your sugars don't get to high, its very important, don't try to sneak donuts or candy and think its okay...especially this close to the delivery - VERY IMPORTANT!

They would induce you only if they think the baby is getting too big and it's time, so that you won't have c-section...but they NEED to wait until lungs are fully developed. They don't know week to week how your baby will progress until they do the ultrasounds to see the lung function. That could be why they are unsure of what next week holds.

I'm not sure if you found out gender or not, with mine I chose not to know. However the genders do differ on when the lungs are fully developed.

I ended up going into labor on my own, checked into hospital and was all ready to deliver, then my labor stopped. They decided baby was ready and induced me, 5 hours later I gave birth to my first baby girl...I was only at 36 weeks, but had been on bedrest since 26 weeks.

It was rough pregnancies but all 3 of my babies are healthy and there is nothing in the world more important than a healthy set of lungs on a brand new baby. You don't want to have them in NICU, you and your doctors both want you to be able to take that new little one home without any complications. Rest easy little momma, they have your best interest even if they don't have alot of time to explain it to you.

Good luck with everything and try to relax, these things have a way of working themselves out :)

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