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Need Pirate Party Ideas

K.P. asks from Detroit

I am having a PIRATE party for my son's 5th birthday party. There will probably be 5 or 6 add'l children, including at least 2 girls. - Looking for some type of tre...


Pirate Party Ideas

N.W. asks from Jacksonville

Hi Moms! I am planning a pirate party for my soon to be four year old! Any tips, advice, or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Please tell me what you did or wh...


Planning Party- Pirate Theme

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

co party for my one year old boy and 4 year old girl while traveling to see family. I let my daughter pick the pinyata and was going to base the theme from there. A...


PG-13 Movie for 9-Year Old Birthday Party

N.S. asks from Chicago

My soon-to-be 9-year-old SD wants to have her birthday party at the movie theater when her favorite movie comes out, Eclipse. She is totally into the Twilight movies ...


Birthday Party at Home for 9 Year Old?

R.L. asks from New York

I have never hosted a "kid" party. I am considering hosting a (BBQ or pizza) party at my home but am not sure about entertainment, games and I am nervous about having...


7 Year Old Birthday Party

K.B. asks from Cincinnati

So here's the deal, my son is turning 7 in a month. We are having five 6-7 year olds and four 3 year olds over (the 3 year olds are his cousin, half brother, brother ...


Seeking Small Group Birthday Party Ideas for a 7-Year Old Girl

J.M. asks from Washington DC

Help! Need an idea for a birthday party activity for a 7-year old. It's a small family party with her 9-year-old sister, 4-year old and 2-1/2 year old cousins, her ...


Birthday Party Ideas - Please!

J.M. asks from Detroit

I need ideas for 2 birthday parties. A boys 6-year-old party and a boys 8-year-old-party. I've never let them have parties before, just family get-togethers. This ...


Backyard Birthday Party for 8 Year Old

J.C. asks from New York

Hi Moms, I am having my daughter's birthday party in my backyard. I would rahter go somewhere but she has her heart set on a party at home. It will be co-ed! ...


Need Place to Have a 6 Year Old's Birthday Party

A.R. asks from Dallas

My son is turning 6 next month and has his heart set on a pirate themed party complete with a treasure hunt. The problem is that we're putting our house on the marke...