Birthday Party Activities for 3 Yr Old Party

Updated on July 01, 2009
L.O. asks from North Platte, NE
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I was just wondering if anyone has any great party ideas for a 3 yr old's birthday party. Guests coming are between 6 and 2 (not counting babies and 1 yr olds) yrs of age. I have NO ideas. It was going to be a play outside in the sprinklers party but now it looks like it might rain. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Provo on

My sil just did a pirate party. So make some fake boats out of cardboard, have water guns and then duct taped up balls of paper painted black for cannon balls. Hide treasure for a treasure hunt, things like that :D



answers from Pueblo on

I just went to a party for a 3yr old and the mom did crafts because it was so hot outside. She had big sheets of white paper and let the kids paint a setting for a bucket of dinos. She also did take home sand art in little baby food jars. For the little little ones not old enough for the paint , she did organic pudding paint( it was a bit messy but so cute). Hope this helps



answers from Provo on

if you want a more hassle-free party, you could hire a magician. my step-dad did my boys' party when they turned 5 & 3 and it went really well. ("Mont Magic", i can give you his info if you want.) i had a new baby and no energy to plan or orchestrate a party. he even had goody bags for the kids. so all i really had to do was provide a dessert and occasionally bring the one wandering 3 yr old guest back to the party room. the kids had so much fun. and the 7 yr old guest made up a balloon game for them while they were waiting for me to serve the ice cream. there are so many things you can do with balloons. for my oldest's 3rd party we did a pirate theme and they sword fought with long balloons. we put a 2x4 on the floor for the kids to "walk the plank" and gave them gummy sharks when they got to the end. we did a pin the pirate on the map game and whoever got closest to the X won. if you do an outdoor water party, walmart has a slip n' slide thing for only $5. have fun!



answers from Denver on

Hi L.,
I know you aren't in the Colorado area, but here is a link to a local directory for birthday parties- it might give you some ideas for things in your area.



answers from Denver on

I have one coming up to and I copped out and I am having at a rec center so more power to you. Anyway, prior to my copping out and things I have done in the past is consult the websites. We usually have a theme so I find ideas for the theme on websites. There is a great one called (I think it is .com).
One year we did Wiggles and I put yellow circles on the green tablecloth to look like dorthy. We had a special punch (rosy tea). We had a treasure chest that I filled with goodies and the kids found things and that is part of what they took home. The only thing I found was do not use styrofoam peanuts with 2 year olds....they put it in their mouths...ahhh. Anyway, there are tons of ideas out there.
Good luck


answers from Pocatello on

My Sis in law did a barn yard theme birthday party and one of the games was to round up the "cows" into there cage. So she had a ton and I mean a ton of black and white balloons blown up. Those were the cows and the kids had a blast running around in a room full of balloons trying to catch them and keep them in a confined area (which was the cage). It worked out great because she had kids as old as about 6 or 7 who were really trying to round up all the balloons and then there were kids as young as 1 there, so they just had a blast playing with all the balloons. It's a great idea. And even if your not doing barn yard you could call the balloons anything to fit the theme of the party.



answers from Denver on

Check out - it's a great resource!

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