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Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

J.M. asks from Dallas

I'm combining my 2 son's birthdays and decided on a pirate theme. I saw the recent post requesting monkey party ideas (we did that last year - great fun!) and everyo...


Need Pirate Party Ideas

K.P. asks from Detroit

I am having a PIRATE party for my son's 5th birthday party. There will probably be 5 or 6 add'l children, including at least 2 girls. - Looking for some type of tre...


Pirate Party Ideas

N.W. asks from Jacksonville

Hi Moms! I am planning a pirate party for my soon to be four year old! Any tips, advice, or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Please tell me what you did or wh...


Pirate Party for My Three Old Boy

M.K. asks from Tampa

My son will be three in may. and i am doing a pirate theme party at home and i am going to rent one of those bouncey things. i was wondering if any one has ideas for ...


Pirate Party and Venue in Lansdale, Collegeville, Blue Bell or Surrounding Area

A.B. asks from Philadelphia

My son would like to have a pirate birthday party. He is 4. The problem is that we need to invite his entire school class (their policy) plus a few of his friends whi...


Pirate Party Food

S.A. asks from Lewiston

Any ideas for food for a little pirates b-day party. We have a group coming and I'm looking for something fun and easy and maybe a little nutritious? Thanks S.


Pirate's Cove Theme Park and Rainbow Falls Waterpark Elk Grove Village

A.W. asks from Chicago

Has anyone been to Pirate's Cove and/or Rainbow Falls in Elk Grove Village? What did you think? Did your kids have a good time? Is it worth the money? We are thinkin...


Birthday Party

N.H. asks from Detroit

I want to hear from other moms who have choosen to have birhtday parties occasionally. How did you decide how frequently you would host a party? During the years wh...


Birthday Party

S.N. asks from Atlanta

I am planning a birthday party for my daughter who will turn 5 in August. I would love to have a Princess party (not at my house). Does anyone know of any good place...


Need Some Sewing: Superhero Capes or Pirate Vests

D.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms~ I wanted to see if there were any moms who sew and could help make some superhero capes OR pirate vests for a birthday. I am taking quotes and would love ...