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Updated on January 27, 2012
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Mamas & Papas -

Any good resources for a PIRATE Birthday Party? Thinking ahead (way ahead) for our DS's 2nd b-day party. Looking for clever DIY sorts of things, game and activity ideas, decor and favors.

Probably a dozen kids and as many parents, indoors in our APT in early October.

Thanks a bunch.
Fanged Bunny.

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answers from Columbus on

Oriental Trading Company (on-line) - they have just about anything you would need at really good prices. I've done many "themed" parties - beach, cowboy, construction - they have licensed and generic - I was able to get everything I needed.

Good luck!!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

sensory bin with "buried treasure", eyepatches, there are a TON of pirate themed things at oriental trading. Black balloons for some type of cannonball game?



answers from New York on

Amazon sells a great construction-board pirate ship the kids could play in if you think you'll have room for it in your apartment. We got it for our daughters' 5th birthday.



answers from Houston on

My kid went to a great party where the boys went on a treasure hunt and had to follow a homemade map on parchment paper. At the end they got shovels and actually had to dig for buried treasure....just noticed you said you live in an apt...so I guess you can't do this...


answers from Dover on

I just did a Neverland Party (all things Neverland and/or piraty...Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Hook, pirates...all inclusive). For food we did cannon balls (grapes), fish & chips (goldfish crackers and potato chips), swords (pretzel sticks) and pirate punch (Hawaiin Punch, 7up, & Orange Sherbert). The cake was a pineapple upside down cake (island theme) with laminated Jake cutouts and cupcakes w/ icing and fairy dust (colored sugar). We had Jake and Fairy coloring sheets and mazes. We used papertowel rolls and decorated them to make spy scopes. We had "pin the tail" style X Mark the Spot games. The take home bags were brown paper bags tied w/ string with a Jake sticker that said "Pirates Treasure" and we wrote each kid's name on them. Inside were a pirates map, a compass, a crossbones ring, and gold/silver treasure (individually wrapped rolos and Hershey's Nuggets w/ and w/out almonds, and gold wrapped buttermints). The gold and silver treasure were also out with the food items. I decorated with long beads laying out on the counter and a treasure chest with the treasure spilling out (candy and jewels). We accented w/ red and black balloons and red paper products.

I made mine own invitations using clipart of Jake and Tinkerbell characters. I also noted kids could dress up as their favorite Neverland character if they wanted...some did and some didn't.



answers from Los Angeles on

I had a Pirate party a couple years ago. I got a bunch of gold coins (cheap at party city) and hid them all around. Like egg hunt but with coins. You could do this as simple or as complex as you want. I used the outdoors and actually made a map to go along, depends on the age group (this was a good exercise in map-reading skills for the school age set!) But it would just be fun to do it egg hunt style as well.
I think there was a parrot pinata, and also treasure boxes. Wish I could remember better. The birthday parties start to run together.



answers from Oklahoma City on

We had a fairy princess party for my granddaughter when she turned 4. Her baby brother was the frog prince.

It ties together, give me a minute....

I made him a lime green fake fur, could be fleece or even just a cotton blend, head to toe zip up the front suit.

The hands had a bit of a scalloped edge to them but they were not noticeable. I made the hood that goes with it and put some puffed half balls of fabric on top for the eyes. Then I stitched a girls bracelet on top for the crown. Frog prince he was....

Then I took the eyes off and the crown. The hood was green like the garment and I sewed on some craft foam parts to make a beak. He became a pirates parrot. During the Trunk or Treat party for Halloween he sat on my hubby's shoulder and said goofy stuff like he wanted goldfish not silly crackers.

So, if you have a brother or hubby dressing up it might be fun to add a pirates bird to the mix.

This is the pattern I used.


For Halloween we all dressed up in costumes that we from several different ones. Hubby used a mens renaissance shirt, really big off white over the head thing, usually worn with a kilt. Then he just wore his regular pants tucked into the tops of some old boots he had.

I wore a longish style skirt, one that has an elastic waist and pleats all the way down. It has layers, broomstick? maybe. Find a few hats around, at a thrift store or someplace and you have a great pirate look.

Here's what I mean.


The decorations could be as simple as hat crafts from Hobby Lobby to making patches and fake peg legs from cardboard. It can be lots of fun.


answers from Dallas on

We made a treasure chest out of a cardboard box, covered it with brown paper and painted a lock on it. We hid it outside and had the kids follow clues to find it. Inside the chest was their "booty" which was goody bags filled with gold coins, mardi-gras necklaces, pirate rubber duckies and of course, a little candy. I got all of the supplies at oriental trading. We dressed up our daughter as a pirate and everyone (adults included) got to wear either a bandana or a pirate hat ($1 section at Target).
I also made a "spotting scope" for her by taking a paper towel roll and covering it with black paper and putting pirate stickers on it. It was the cutest party ever. :)


answers from Lakeland on

I printed out pictures of pirates and hung them in the house, I did cut and paste my daughter face on some of them. My daughter had a pirate party for her 4th b-day. I did purchase a pirate cake from the supermarket, because I am not that good of a baker. Check on-line for games and things. I am sure you can make cut out hats and things like that.

Also keep an eye on the dollar bins (like the ones at Target). I found packs that had eye patches, plastic swords, and compasses in it. They were one dollar for each bag so I got them as party favors. The kids loved them. I used colored glass beads (that you find near the fake flowers) as jewels and plastic coins for pirate treasure. You can make a treasure box from cardboard.

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