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Myspace Junkie

L.A. asks from Dallas

So, are there any myspace junkies on here? My sister got me hooked and I was soooo anti... but not as anti as my hubby, I kinda sneaked and did it b/c I knew he would...


Facebook Privacy - "Everyone?"

J.J. asks from Sacramento

Curious, for those with children who have a facebook account, have you reviewed the privacy features released? If so, how did your child respond to "everyone"? Is she...


Facebook Wedding Invitation???

B.P. asks from Abilene

i received a wedding invitation on facebook recently. It was one of those event invitations where you mark yes, no, or maybe. I did not attend the wedding since I fig...


Close Facebook Account???

K.J. asks from New Orleans

How many of yall have a facebook account? The reason I asked is because my huband and I both have one. This morning my husband told me that he delete his account off...


Ok..this Might Sound Stupid or Lame but I Need a New Myspace Display Name!!!

J.L. asks from Lima

I dont know if i could ask this quetion but i did *LOL* I use myspace alot cuz thats how ive stayed in contacted wit alot of ppl I graduated wit (Most of them went in...


Family Members on Facebook

K.J. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have their mother on Facebook who is in her 50's? Would you delete her if all she does is look is to see what you post every chance she gets? She asked me...


Why Cant I Be Left off of Facebook....

A.G. asks from Albuquerque

I dont facebook, i dont twitter i dont do any social networking...except this site. I feel this site is differant becasue theres not a lot of personal info. with th...


Anyone Delete Their Facebook?

J.K. asks from Phoenix

I decided to delete my Facebook account and found that it isn't easy. I had to go through an article that had a direct link to actually delete my account. I then re...


FACEBOOK.....beginning To Hate This Thing!

D.S. asks from Miami

My question is for anyone whose teenager uses Facebook or has a Facebook account. I need some advice on something that I just stumbled upon and I am not too happy abo...


Rules for Facebook for Young Teen

L.W. asks from Austin

Alright, my teen has a facebook account and understands the ins and outs of it (unlike mom) Are there any rules that your household has for using this, or general co...