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Updated on May 31, 2012
K.J. asks from Picayune, MS
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How many of yall have a facebook account? The reason I asked is because my huband and I both have one. This morning my husband told me that he delete his account off or pre-delete his account off. He told me how he doesn't get on that much and I guess isn't his "thing," I think back in 2009,when my husband and I got our first computer it opened other worlds. Of course we both had a myspace account then got tired of that and moved to facebook. Now I guess he's tired again? I admit facebook is kinda nuts in ways. Like on my account I have some family members and friends but have them"block" off my wall and etc. Some of them likes to talk.I don't write a whole alot of stuff. Now its hard for me to give my account up. KInda like a addiction. I pre-delete my account off and the next day I'm back I like to see all of my friends and family and what they are doing and see pictures of my friends kids etc. How many of yall actually have a facebook accout still and how many actually close their facebook??? Do you honestly like having a account of is it a pain the butt?

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answers from Chicago on

I like my facebook account, but keep my friends to a minimum - I don't want to be friends on FB with everyone I've ever come in contact with or people I used to know but don't talk to anymore - only family and people I'd actually pick up the phone to talk with. I wouldn't be friends with someone I didn't want to see my stuff.

My husband has an account, but he is literally NEVER on it.

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answers from Atlanta on

I don't have a facebook account. My wife does. She gets on once or twice a week.

Too much drama. Too much 'stuff'. I know my family would love it if I opened a FB account to "keep in touch". They can call me. Or e-mail me. My wife tells me if anything "important" is going on. Other than that? No thank you.

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answers from Sherman on

i adore it!
i keep in touch with friends and family all over the world!
I love having a piece of their daily lives i can peek in on, whether it's my sister in Sweden having a bad day, or my friend in Chicago's baby photos! I love it! it keeps them all at my finger tips!

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answers from Denver on

We both have FB, but I think it is just an adult way to pretend to still be in high school. Nobody wants to see you in your bathing suit on the lake. Nobody wants to know that you couldn't sleep at 3am! LOL! My point is, I finds it a very convenient way for many passive aggressive adults to get their "digs" in on family and friends by posting all sorts of things that they wouldn't dare say to their faces. Like the random, cryptic comments that sound something like, "Don't take people for granted. One day you will turn around and they won't be there for you." While true, just talk to the freakin' person who is taking you for granted!
I FB-stalk about twice a week but rarely post about myself. I do get a laugh or two from the people who live "FB-perfect" lives. Like someone else said, they post very sanitized versions of their real life to make themselves feel better, look better, etc. Rather than live it on FB, I'd prefer to just LIVE it.

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answers from Phoenix on

Your post is a little hard to follow, but I will just answer your question...I'm of FB all the time, I randomly check it and post and comment on things many times a day. I like to be in touch with friends and family and see what everyone is up to. However, I do NOT play any of the games, open any of the apps or have anything public. Years ago when I first got on FB I answered one of the questions and it gave me a virus. So no more. I have no desire to delete my account. =)

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answers from Dallas on

I love my fb account. My family is spread all over the States and it's an easy way to stay in touch. I have never had to block anyone. I am also only friends with people I actually know. I don't play the games or use the apps. I also don't click on random links or videos. I also make sure I don't post anything that I wouldn't want on the front page of the newspaper. FB has never caused any drama in this house.

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answers from Norfolk on

I have a FB account but I might as well delete it.
I took a look at what people were using it for and I never sign in anymore.
It's too boring and for many that are into it, it's a huge waster of time.
I don't care for the games, and a few friends I've totally lost respect for since reading a few rants I'd never have suspected could possibly be spewed from their mouths (preserve a few of my illusions, please).
I don't trust their privacy settings and I know more than a few people who have lost jobs due to social media stupidity.
I've heard of a student who was almost suspended from school for 'jokingly' saying on FB she wanted to shoot a teacher for a grade on a paper she felt she didn't deserve.
It's better to be thought a fool and remain silent than to speak up and remove all doubt.
And on FB, there are a lot of people who have removed a whole lot of doubt all over the place.

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answers from Hartford on

I still have one and have had it since the first week they opened it up. I think back then you had to be invited to join. ;-) I didn't start using it consistently for a couple of years, though.

The trick is really not to involved in everyone else's drama. Oh, husband's Cousin Bigot is a raging homophobe and racist but it will cause his wife angst and family drama if I delete him? Hide his status updates or just don't add him in the first place. Wait... Auntie Dramaz Kween likes to post weird and dramatic things on my wall? Limited profile and no posting privileges.

Then I just don't think about them again. I set my profile to private and set the privacy settings tighter than Fort Knox in a combination coded chastity belt.

My husband won't even open an account even though all of his cousins want him to open one. He figures that whatever he wants to say or see, everyone goes through me anyway. Plus he's not tech savvy enough to figure it out. :-p

Anyway. I don't find it too difficult to take breaks if I find I'm getting too involved with FB or being online too much in general. When my friends and cousins take breaks, they "delete" their accounts so that people don't send messages and such for them to catch up on when they reopen their account.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have a Facebook account. I love it. I do NOT like the "timeline" - it makes it VERY cluttered and unorganized to me.

If you have had to block family from your wall - why not just delete them?

Why do YOU need to give up your account just because your husband does? I don't get it. My husband has a FB account. I think it's been 2 weeks since he has been on. Just because he doesn't "like" it doesn't mean I HAVE to give it up.

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answers from Raleigh on

I have had a facebook account since 2005, when it was only open to university staff, faculty, and students. I wouldn't dream of closing my facebook account at this point- I have senority- lol! It was kind of nice back then because people didn't freak out over it or create so much drama around it. My latest aggravation is motivational posts. Ugh.
Anyway, if you like it , don't give it up. Just keep your privacy in check from time to time. That's really the only maintenance it needs. That and the occasional unsubscribe from someone posting motivational sayings. :)

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answers from New York on

I don't mind having a Facebook account. I rarely post because I really have nothing to say. I'm a pretty private person, and I don't like for my business to be out there. I like it because I can contact family members or friends that I may otherwise have a hard time finding. This is the only reason why I keep it open. I take what people post on Facebook with a grain of salt because the majority of it sanitized and edited. I'll say I go on it about one or twice a week.

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answers from Dover on

I have FB, so does my husband & we use it regularly. I don't get into the whole arguing/cattiness/bullying that I hear goes on a lot. There was one woman, someone my husband had gone to high school with who clearly didn't care for me & every time I commented on something my husband posted she had a snotty comment right behind mine. He & I both deleted & blocked her, easy peasy. I have a couple of family members who are the type to post 25 videos from the 80's on any given day, yeah, I just hid them so I don't have to be bothered scrolling past their nonsense to get to stuff I actually want to see. No big deal. If a problem arises, I find a way around it without getting my feelings hurt or hurting anyone else in the process (with the exception of the lunatic high school woman, but who cares about her feelings anyway, she was a weird-o).

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answers from Oklahoma City on

If you enjoy it and get on even occasionally why does your hubby deleting his account have anything to do with yours?

If I wanted to be on the computer it would not matter if anyone else wanted me to be on or not. It's my time and accountability.

I also have some relatives I enjoy seeing posts from. I have my relatives divided onto lists, one is XX family and the other is OO family. Their posts don't always show up on my wall. I can go see what all my family is saying when I feel like it.

I like playing Gardens of TIme and FarmTown. My hubby will get mad at me if the dishes aren't done or something and snap at me that he thinks I should give up Zinga for a week. I say okay, my games are not by Zinga...

He is retired and the dishes are his job. If they don't get done he only has himself to blame. I don't cook in a dirty kitchen so he has to do the dishes if he wants to eat...if I am on the computer while he is working then so be it. He made his choice to not load the dishwasher and turn it on.

I guess my point is, If you want a FB account there is no reason to not have one. No one should be able to determine what you do with your time.

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answers from Cumberland on

I have a Facebook.account. its how I keep in touch with friends and family. There is nothing wrong with depends on what your using it for. I don't understand your post either but I have no desire to delete NY account.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have a fb account and like it. I like it to stay in touch with family and friends. Although it has caused hurt feelings among family members and such.

Hubby doesn't have one. Doesn't want one. Thinks its a waste of time.

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answers from Mobile on

Nope. Don't have one. I'm busy enough and on the computer too much as it is!


answers from Seattle on

I use FB for everything work related. By work I mean my Art line has its own page. My Occupy Federal Way has it's own page. And then I have my personal account.

I use it to get my Art work out there. That is my main reasoning for keeping it....Also the fact that I stay in contact with my family out of state and country....

I have to be realistic I would probably never delete my FB account...I have had to delete and rebuild a few times due to people harassing me. I just could not go without having the connections I have built with having it though.

It is not for everyone. I just dig it:)



answers from Tallahassee on

DH has one but I don't, although he never posts anything. We laugh about a friend's wife who is always taking pictures of her food when they eat out - and they eat out a lot. About once or twice a day she posts pictures of her restaurant food. We even know people who have set up accounts for their dogs and and their babies. My mom has a facebook account and I log on to her account once in a while, with her permission, to see pics of some family. When I'm on my mom's account I can see some of the silly things that family members post and I think it's ridiculous to feel a need to share that much information with everyone. I've thought about signing up for an account, but there are some people that I definitely do not want to find me (my stepmom and my dad's whole side of the family - don't even know if they have accounts though). Even if I had an account I don't think I would post anything. I'm a pretty private person and just don't want my info and thoughts out there. I do have to say that it would be fun to get back in touch with a couple of old friends from long, long ago but I don't even know what I would say to them.



answers from Dallas on

I have one my husband does not. He's really not into that type of thing. But I have a lot of family that live across the country that I can keep in touch with on it and have actually connected with some family that I have never met. I love it. If I don't want someone to see my stuff more than likely they are not going to be my friend on there.


answers from Dothan on

I LOVE my FB! I only accept friends & family that I enjoy & we never, 'block' one another, we have had a few friendly disagreements but it was about politics so no biggy...As with all things, it is what YOU make it! :)



answers from Cleveland on

my guy deleted mine last november, and i dont care to have it, not a big deal to me it was at the time but i can live without


answers from St. Louis on

I had a FB account. I deleted. My family and REAL friends contact me anyway by phone, e-mails and we visit each other some way. FB bored me a lot, every day the same thing, nothing new, and besides that, you may get any virus or you actually will never be able to "delete" nothing you posted on FB or any other site online (my husband is an expert on this matter, so he knows). But..actually I deleted my account just because it was bored! I rather get together with my friends/family, go to the store, to a restaurant or the pool, it is so much fun!!!...I like the REAL thing!



answers from Missoula on

I love my account. My family and most of my friends live on the other side of the country, so it is the most convenient way to keep in touch. It's not a pain in the butt for me... I have an app on my phone, and I get online a few times a day. Probably more than I should, but it only takes a few minutes each time. :)



answers from Philadelphia on

I love FB. I keep in touch with many family and friends. I got to "meet" some family from Italy and also my other side from across the US. I love to see everyones pictures and to share mine. I am connected to my older children, which has its positives :)

My husband rarely gets on his. Men are not into it like women.

So my answer is, i honestly like having an account :)


answers from La Crosse on

I have one and use it to keep in contact with my family ( most live hours away) and friends who have moved.

I enjoy sharing the pics of my kids for everyone to see how they have grown and changed. I love seeing pics of my nieces and nephews and my cousins kids that I normally wouldn't see more than once a year if that.

Yeah I post little things going on with us but I rarely have had to deal with drama on there.



answers from Boston on

I love it. I work on a computer so I am literally at my laptop 8-14 hours a day. I check FB when I'm waiting for other work applications to do their thing. I probably post things a couple of times a week. For me, it's a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, especially those far away. I have really made some nice connections with some of my dad's younger cousins who are closer in age to me than to him. It's nice to see people at family functions and not have to spend the whole time playing catch up and re-introducing ourselves because we're already sort of caught up and can actually talk about things that are interesting in-person. To me, there is nothing painful about it. I block apps that I'm not interested in (Farmville, Cityville), play Words with Friends, and see what's fun an interesting in the lives of people I know. I don't have any friends or family who bring their drama on line.


answers from Chicago on

My family and far-away friends and I love connecting on facebook. I see pictures of kids and hear updates about people I normally would not have contact with. I would never get rid of my account. I would miss seeing and hearing from all those people.

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