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Hiring a Doula!

Hey Ladies! I've decided to hire a Doula and I'm curious as to what kind of questions I should ask her when interview her. :)


Midwife or Ob/gyn?

I am a first time mom-to-be and would really like my pregnancy and delivery...

Midwife or Doula

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Pain Meds. for Labor- What Did You Like?

Hi Moms, I would love a buncha information from you all on what everyone used to relieve the pain of labor (other then an epidural). I am hoping to do a totally unmedicated birth at Poudre Valley Hospital birthing center(doctors and nurses will attend); my mom and many other women who I know have had successful births w/o anesthesia/ pain meds. and I have a doula so I feel positive about this working out...but I started childbirth classes this week and I am getting nervous! I've been thinking about getting a back-up plan prepared;...