Midwife or Doula for Prenatal Testing

Updated on November 29, 2012
M.S. asks from Rancho Cordova, CA
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Does anyone know a mid wife that will do prenatal testing within the Sacramento, CA area without attending the birth? If prices are know that would be great too. TIA. :)

Ok. I realize my original question is vague. I was fairly sure that was the case for doulas... thanks for the verification. I am very low risk, this is my 3rd child, no complications through any of the pregnancies or births. The only test I feel I need from this point on (I'm currently 24 wks) is the gram strep B screening. I want this pregnancy/birth to be as natural as possible without "extra" medical intervention; up to this point I have declined everything expect the general blood work screen they do at the beginning of your pregnancy. The one mid wife that I contacted said that a home birth (the route I would love to take) was around 5K (we can not afford this as an option). The birthing center here in Sacramento does not accept my insurance and is also approximately 5K (out of pocket). I have health insurance and a hospital birth is only 250$. I am very dis-satisfied with my OB right now, and am looking for other options. I feel as though a mid wife would be more understanding, maybe a mid wife is not as expensive if the birth is not at home? (I haven't looked into that option yet.). Thanks ladies.

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answers from Seattle on

Doulas are not medical professionals, their role is to support a woman before, during and after delivery. They do not do prenatal testing. and they not not provide medical prenatal care.

Midwifes may or may not offer prenatal screening like the first trimester screen and nowadays maybe even MaterniT21. They will usually refer you out for the Ultrasound though...
If you intend to have an invasive procedure like a CVS or an Amnio they will refer you to an OB.

If you just want prenatal care by a midwife but do not want her to be present for your birth it really depends on your circumstances whether or not they will be able to take you on as a patient. If you are high risk pregnant and must deliver in a hospital a midwife may decline you as they specialize in normal low risk pregnancies.
If you need prenatal care now, but maybe you plan on moving before delivery that is usually not a problem.
I would just call around a bit and ask...
Good luck.

Edited to add: If you want a natural birth in a hospital I would find a CMN (certified nurse midwife) with hospital rights that accepts your insurance and respects your wishes for minimally invasive prenatal care and birth. They exist! I had one and had a great experience throughout my pregnancy and birth. Your insurance company should have a list of preferred providers... start at A and call all the midwives on your list. Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Here in Minnesota we have hospitals that have a team of midwives. I saw only midwives during my prenatal visits and at my delivery was attended the whole time by a midwife. The only time I saw a Dr. was to do my amniocentesis. This was all covered under my insurance at the time.

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answers from Albuquerque on

I'm not in Sacramento.... but I can tell you that doula's don't do prenatal testing. They're there for support, not medical procedures. Just FYI. And if you include more info on what type of testing you mean, you might get better responses.

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answers from Chicago on

Not enough information. What kind of testing, is it bloodwork, rH screenings, ultrasound, etc.

Midwives generally do not take on clients unless they attend the birth, unless freak of nature happens and you have to goto hospital. Certified Nurse-Midwives don't mix and match either. You use them or a D-EM, or an OB.

Is there some reason you don't want a Midwife to attend to your birthing? They're very wonderful, and empowering. They bring down so many misconceptions about what can and cannot be done for pregnancy, nursing, delivery room ettiquette, everything.

I had a direct entry midwife, and a doula for support, but my son came too early, and my back up plan OB had to deliver. I was seen by both the OB and the Midwife, and the OB, she was fully aware that she was plan B, and accepted it.
Doulas are only there for support, a friendly face and voice to coach you through the last few weeks, sometimes even in delivery.

So yeah, more information please.

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