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Updated on April 30, 2010
C.L. asks from Overland Park, KS
6 answers

I am looking for a good midwife and a birthing center close to Overland Park, KS. I am trying to find a birthing center that is not inside a hospital but I am not sure that exists. Any referrals or info would be great. Thanks, C.

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answers from Kansas City on

Do NOT go to mercy and truth! They seem nice and answer interview questions correctly but i had a horrible experience with them, they made me got to the hospital to have my baby at the last moment and I really didn't want to but they left me no choice. the doctor they recommended was hardly there for my birth and NOT supportive of natural birth.
One of my biggest problems with mercy and truth was that there were so many people there helping me that one would say one thing and another would tell me something else. It was confusing and frustrating. they freaked out about small things and had me get lots of unneeded tests.

bottom line is that even with all the stress and hassles in the hospital my baby was fine and i had no complications, I just had an ob that was ignorant of natural birth and did more bad than good for me. She argued with me until i agreed to a c-section. I would have been better off home by myself. oh well it was a learning experience and will not happen again if I can help it.

I just really don't want another woman to go through this, learn from me and go to another midwife.



answers from Kansas City on

I also wanted to recommend Suzanne Ryan for a home birth. I am planning one with her in August. I am afraid you will have trouble finding a birthing center, so please consider a home birth. Studies show that it is as safe or safer than a hospital for low risk mothers.



answers from Kansas City on

I used A Sister's Touch out of Kansas City, Kansas. They have since moved to Overland Park, Kansas. The Midwife I had is no longer with them, but the one they have right now was trained by her I believe. Either way, they were just wonderful and if I ever get another spark of insanity and go for child #3, I would go with them again in a heart beat.



answers from Kansas City on


The only birthing center that I am aware of in the metro is Mercy & Truth (www.mercyand truth.com). I know a few moms who have had their babies there, and they all had wonderful experiences.

Another option is home birth. I had a home birth in Olathe two years ago (will have another next year... hoping to be preggers soon). My midwife was awesome, and I highly recommend her. Know lots of mamas who have birthed at home with her, and we all give her rave reviews. Her name is Suzanne Ryan, CNM (www.ksmidwife.com). She's a certified nurse midwife. There are also a number of great CPMs in the area for home birth. They all come with equipment that practically makes your home a birth center ;-)

Good luck, and PM me if you have any questions.




answers from Kansas City on

I have heard mixed reviews about Mercy and Truth, but I am sure that they would be worth checking out. If you are willing to travel to Topeka, there is a wonderful birthing center, that I have only heard good about there, http://www.topekabirthcenter.com/. I had my second child there. I have had relatively short labors, and with number 3 I am having it in a hospital again (my first one was too), because I just wanted the closest place that wasn't my home (I'm a little nervous about home birth, though all I hear is great, I've talked to people about it and everyone says if you don't REALLY want to do it, don't, but if you are interested in a home birth, there are many great midwives around here that I have heard of). I have had a fairly good experience with the hospital birth too, as long as you have a doctor/midwife who supports natural birth and I highly recommend a doula. A doula would be a great resource for a good midwife too, as they have seen most of them around. Check out the kansas city doulas at http://www.kcdoulas.org/. There is so much benefit to a natural birth, I say find your way to do it and do it. You'll be so glad that you have your birth your way.




answers from Kansas City on

Good for you! You will be SO gald that you make the effort!! I'm "new" here, so don't have the contacts, but i know they exist, so don't give up or give in to anyone's suggestiong that you have to be in a hospital. I had 2 of my births with midwives outside the hospital (1 birthing center, 1 at home) and 1 in the hospital and HIGHLY recommend being in a more peaceful and less "sterile" environment when possible. Your babies will probably have a happier, healthier mommy... CONGRATULATIONS!

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